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  1. I personally like how Marvel Studio most of the time manages to balance the subgenres in their releases within a single year. I think, it's part of their longevity strategy and an Ant Man movie coming after an Avengers one seems always like a nice way to go back to basics and refresh things a little bit after the heavy main course...and Infinity War is the best experience in a cbm i had at the theater. I haven't seen this one yet (it comes in Belgium in a few days....plus i am enjoying my pregnancy right now as well as watching the World Cup) but I really liked the first one. It was one of those very entertaining and good time experience at the theaters where everyone is laughing and comes out of it still smiling. I am sure this one is too, so i can't wait to catch it when it comes out in here.
  2. Worldwide numbers through wednesday : https://www.screendaily.com/news/jurassic-world-fallen-kingdom-races-to-393m-international-gross-update/5129986.article
  3. Thanks Olive ! Miss you too. Happy to be back !
  4. Ent

    SMH Under SM3 WW $890M

    It will depend on South Korea, Japan and China. It seems to perform more akin to IM3 than other cbm not called Civil War or both Avengers in South Korea, so it's a good start for the asian market performance. Spider Man has always been the number one cbm character in Japan but it needs to really do at the very least TASM1 numbers to have a shot. For China, it will need to perform like a cbm with an IM boost. China is really the key and it can perform either way. Ultimately, i think it will end up very close to Spider Man3 and personally, before China first OD i would not be able to chose between IN or OUT.
  5. I don't know if it will be able to reach one billion worldwide but as i have said many times, unless you are TDK and outperform MASSIVELY at home, there are no cbm entering the billion's club without playing massively in Asia with great numbers in both China and South Korea,at least good numbers in Japan and very good numbers in all the rest asian markets. Great overall asian numbers are the key for any cbm to have a shot at reaching the billion's club. Both Avengers movies, IM3 and Civil War all perform far above the other cbm in asian compared to other cbm released around the same period of time.
  6. Wasn't IM a risk ? Hell they even had to freeze some assets to do it and took the risk of hiring RDJ. Wasn't the MCU itself a risk ? Now every other studio is trying to emulate it riding on Marvel's success with CBM and shared universes with the lesser risk since Marvel already tested it before anyone else and with A listed characters or mega popular ones whose popularity is already tested otherwise....something Marvel didn't have and had to start from scratch building popularity out of obscure or less popular characters.
  7. Wrong ! Spider Man3 grossed $554m+ overseas in 2006, without 3D and without an expanded chinese market. I definitely believe had it been a great movie with a 4th sequel two years later, a Raimi Spiderman4 would have been the one hitting $1b worldwide effortlessly before TDK, which had been rereleased worldwide a few months after vbeing out of the theaters to give it the ultimate boost to hit $1b. Spider Man has always been a monster overseas regardless of the movie being good or not.
  8. Spider Man Homecoming has just hit 200 reviews posted in RT with a perfect 94% (7/7 average rating) equaling the first IM movie. I don't think it will go below 91/92 % now.
  9. Back at 94% in RT (average rating 7.6) with 93 reviews posted, 6 of which rotten.
  10. It's now certified fresh with 93% and 82 reviews posted.
  11. The Dark knight, Spiderman 2, IM, Winter Soldier and Avengers are really special to me. If Homecoming can come close to them, it will be fantastic ! But i will settle for it being at least top 3 Spiderman movies with the first two Raimi ones !
  12. Fox has no financial problems and doesn't care that much if their Marvel projects don't explode BO wise like their MCU counterpart. They don't even care enough to try to renegotiate the whole profit sharing and merchandising conditions. They can't generate profit from merchandising without Marvel consent which has a share in it and have to share the profit they make from movies with Marvel studios. Xmen movies are usually critically well received and i believe, so far, Fox can live with that even if profits are on average ususally lower than those of other studios, merchandising including, since they don't benefit from any merchandising..
  13. It does with most of the Xmen related characters but i am glad, Elektra and Daredevil are back at home. The FF4 would also fit Marvel Studios style better.

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