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  1. Well deserving ! Congrats to Endagme for closing this MCU chapter with a bang ! For a former small company set above a garage, that was still on the verge of bankrupcy when IM was released on a loan, while bigger studios were publicly laughing and mocking the very much idea of the MCU featuring B/C characters who could potentially rival the likes of Batman, Superman and Spiderman, that success is the ultimate revenge. The MCU is the modern fairytale of rags to riches made by one of the most dedicated team out there. Congrats to the whole Marvel family, Feige and the MCU fandom for staying dedicated and focused !
  2. It mainly shows that Star Wars has had 40ish years of cinematic presence/pop culture in the domestic market versus 10ish years for the Avengers movies. Two generations of people were born and grew as adults during the Star Wars movies contributing to the building of its massive fanbase, especially domestically while the Avengers movies are not even a generation completed old. Also, TFA was the first iteration of the current Disney Star Wars movies after a long hiatus. The hype after a long period and the december release helped the gross to hit those numbers. Its sequel didn't. If anything, all these shows how global a phenomenon the MCU in general and the Avengers movies in particuliar have become in a record time, growing their fanbase/grosses substantially (with the exception of TA2), at each release despite the summer release and its competition. No franchise today comes close in terms of global fanbase wether in numbers or in growth rate, with massive universal hype in a record number of markets for each Avengers movies. Personally, i am convinced that if Marvel decides someday, somehow to release an Avengers movie featuring the original six members, a few years from now, it will oblitarete Endgame.
  3. This ! As some critic said, IW is the brawn while EG is the brain. To me, IW because of the structure of the movie : relentless chase, somber thriller, a bit like the Terminator was really entertaining while its follow up, the resolution was more emotional because it focuses on the characters, the emotions. I can't separate the two. They are two parts of the same movie. The first part focusing on the chase, the other focusing on the dealing of the consequences, the aftermath, the pain. One was bound to be more rhytmic and punchy while the other more emotional and reminiscence of all the journey leading to it. It's like seeing one movie where the punchy part is all concentrated on the first part, while the second part focuses on more calm moments where you can breath, reminisce and get into emotional nostalgia. I don't see how we can separte the two from one another. I will always put them together in any ranking. IW+EG are the highlights and the best movie of the Infinity Saga.
  4. I don't know for other countries, but the Dark Knight was indeed re-released a few days during the end of december 2008 in Belgium after having closed its run previously around september/october. I remember clearly. At the time, its worldwide numbers were around $996M. I went to see it a third time just before New Year's Eve, after previously seeing it in August 2 times.
  5. But they didn't have their first succcess belittled and only validated once they had other successes didn't they ? All their breakthrough successes have been validated and recognized as such from the get go, without being conditionned by their career pre or post it successful or not.
  6. Just like all those directors didn't need to have a standalone critical and commercial success after their breakthrough movie, to validate that particuliar success at the time, the Russo Brothers don't need to do it just to prove they earn the current success. They earned that success whatever happen next and anyone implying the contrary just try to discredit their current success and belittle it.. Plus, I am not aware that their aim was to follow any other director foostep that their own path just to validate and give credit to their current success with the MCU.
  7. Call me crazy but to me, $950M is pretty much gauranteed at this stage. Why ? Because a movie like Avengers, that opened with $150M less, managed to add an additional $123M after hitting $500M on day 23. I am pretty convinced that Endagme will need even less days for to hit $850M and then add even less than Avengers did to reach $950M.
  8. $43M will put its overall domestic BO at $400M domestic in...4 days ! Insane !
  9. Gitesh Pandya‏ @GiteshPandya 1m1 minute ago Record-smashing launch for #AvengersEndgame which becomes 1st film in #boxoffice history to generate a billion-dollar-plus opening wknd. Eye-popping $350M domestic debut crushing #InfinityWar's old record by 36%. $859M intl since WED for thunderous global haul of $1.21 BILLION!
  10. Infinity War is more entertaining, thrilling and bonkers to me while Endgame is the best overall movie because Infinty War was more of a thriller going crescendo, punchy and relentless, a bit like a Terminator movie with a relentless, unstoppable, agressive quest of the stones by the bad guy and an end that left us speechless. It hit hard like a storm from the very beginning with action throughout the movie. Endgame is the resolution, the closure part.
  11. I've seen Endgame two days ago in a Brussels theaters that was packed in a way i have never seen in my lifetime. Long files of people from the stairs already. The movie itself is astounding as far as i am concerned...I said movie, because to me it really felt has a wonderful, one of a kind type of movie that just happens to have some cbm fantasies in it rather than the other way around. RDJ deserves an Oscar and Chris Hemsworth acting really shines .
  12. Source : https://www.screendaily.com/box-office/shazam-looks-to-extend-international-rule-as-hellboy-enters-fray/5138519.article
  13. Source : https://www.screendaily.com/box-office/shazam-looks-to-extend-international-rule-as-hellboy-enters-fray/5138519.article
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