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  1. Canada doesn't give WICK enough love.
  2. EG's last-to-last global weekend was 165 (102 os + 63 dom) and it was 298 or 1.8x the weekend away from AVATAR. Last weekend was 77 (47 os + 30 dom) and is 171 or 2.2x the weekend away from AVATAR. Not a very hopeful sign. If it adds 70 dom after 30 weekend (2.33x*) for 842 total then needs 101 more OS after 47 weekend (2.15x more). *AIW added 2.8x the 4th weekend so 2.33x could be too conservative.
  3. IW had added 2.8x it's 4th weekend to the cume. That gives EG close to 855 but that's the high-end imo looking at how the films behaved so far. Going pessimistic 835. 845 splitting the difference.
  4. Maybe DP2 kept on denting AIW a little for a couple more days and didn't all of a sudden stop having a negative effect post Sunday? Guessing EG again tracks ahead for a while, 3.35 vs 2.7 3.35 vs 2.9 2.25 vs 1.9 2.15 vs 1.9 followed by a neck and neck weekend again and then AIW takes over.
  5. Considering EG and IW were neck and neck this weekend and Sunday (9.6 vs 9.35) that's a great Monday in comparison (3.4 vs 2.7). Tue will be interesting. With such a big gap on Mon, EG's Tue might not show the small expected bump.
  6. yes. following a good mon it's tue bump was muted at 5.6%. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/?sortdate=2018-05-22&track=marvel0518.htm
  7. if it pulls off 160 dom i think 450 ww is alive. was on 287+ ww by sunday with 94-95 dom. 160 means 65-66 more dom for 352-353 ww. so needs 97-98 more os for 450 ww after 54 os weekend. atm thinking 150 dom for 342.5 ww and 80-85 more os for 425 ww.
  8. Club Closed, Thanks for participating y'all. 16 In, 31 Outs ... healthy numbers each side but Outs nearly 2x. If I have forgotten to add you link me to your predict and will fix it. If have added you twice, have added you to in the wrong list, or forgot to remove your old predict let me know.
  9. PIKA had a good weekend globally 25.3 dom weekend, 94.5 cume 53.8 os weekend, 193.4 cume 50 more dom and 80 more os gives 130 more ww for 94.5 + 193.4 + 130 = 418 ww Have been conservative, especially os. I think 435-440 is realistic.
  10. Charlie's last AEG compared to IW 7.4 (+116.6%) // 7.31 (+112.3%) 12.9 (+74.3%) // 12.79 (+75.1%) 9.7 (-24.8%) // 9.35 (-26.9%) = 30.0 (-52.6%) // 29.45 (-52.6%)
  11. I think depends on the maximum potential that a movie has in the first place. 327 for IT was a blockbuster number, 330 for BVS wasn't cause unlike IT BVS's potential was far higher than 30mn admits.
  12. Talking about how much money AEG made early in it's run let's see how many Dom totals match AEG's 1st week cume of 474. Apart from TLK and SW9 no other film could do 474 total. Frozen has a shot too.
  13. What movie will make it to the 200-300 dom range first. I don't think Aladdin and KOTM will make there and certainly not DARKP. SLOP2 has a very good chance to end up in that range.
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