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  1. BoxOfficeReport.com‏ @BORReport 2m2 minutes ago Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween grossed an estimated $7.47M on Friday. #Boo2 #BoxOffice BOO1 had a 2.57x multi (28.5m ow, 73.2m dom). If BOO2 does 2.4x with 22m ow, will get to about 53m dom. The lowest Madea movies are A Madea Christmas with 52.5m and Madea's Big Happy Family with 53.3m.
  2. The Foreigner (5.3m 2nd weekend / 22.7m cume) should end it's run with ~32m dom, which is fine considering the prod budget is only 35m. Additionally it's brought in 88m+ OS (most of it from China; 77m).
  3. Looks like HDD's 2nd weekend won't come close to matching the Friday-the-13th OD (11.7m). A 2nd weekend of 11.7m would have been a 55.0% drop from the OW (26.0m).
  4. 3)Happy Death Day (UNI/BLUM), 3,298 theaters (+149) / $3.1M Fri. (-74%) / 3-day cume: $9.5M (-63%)/ Total: $40.8M/Wk 2 About 60m dom in the end 4.)Blade Runner 2049 (ALC/WB/SONY), 3,203 theaters (-855)/ $1.9M Fri. / 3-day cume: $6.7M (-57%) /Total: $73.6M/ Wk 3 90m looks a bit tough. 87-88 imo. 9.) Kingsman: The Golden Circle (FOX), 2,318 theaters (-664) / $870k Fri. (-41%)/3-day cume: $3.2M (-40%) / Total: $94.8M / Wk 5 100m will happen. Just 5.2 away after a 3.2 weekend. Even a huge drop due to Thor3 won't hinder it's chances.
  5. http://deadline.com/2017/10/tyler-perry-boo-2-a-madea-halloween-geostorm-bombs-blade-runner-2049-weekend-box-office-1202191950/
  6. Using Deadline's 2.1 Friday/7.2-7.4 weekend. No update after that but I just came across that number.
  7. BR49's OW had big previews and Sunday was inflated due to Columbus Day Mon, and despite that it fell only 53% in the 2nd weekend. So was sure of a sub-50% and actually a sub-45% drop in the 3rd weekend. Another 53% drop for 7.4m feels a bit underwhelming and makes 90m suspect even if possible. 66.85 + 7.4 = 74.25 cume after the weekend. Then 2x more gives 74.25+7.4*2 = 89.05m It's pulling in older audiences than Thor3 will attract but a sizable drop next-to-next weekend is on cards. So adding much more than 2x the weekend will be tough.
  8. Thursday numbers: 2049 - $1.29M, It - $415K

    34.65% down from last Thu. Same drop over the weekend gives 3.95 weekend and 320.7 cume. Should do 330+ imo. IT over BVS likely...amazing.
  9. Thursday numbers: 2049 - $1.29M, It - $415K

    1.29m is a 42.25% drop for BR2049 from last Thu. Similar drop over the weekend will give it close to 9m (~76m cume). Adding 2x the weekend more, 76 + 9*2 = 94 dom.
  10. Something like this possible? 4.5 + 79 + 105 (+33%) + 76.5 (-27%) = 265 ($40)
  11. yeah that would be good. i like disaster flicks and this one doing strong os will be helpful to the genre.
  12. Audience score on RT for Geo is already rotten at 56% . Unusual to be rotten on OD itself. Usually movies start off at least somewhat positive and then keep on slipping once the fans (eg: disaster porn fans in this case, or Butler fans - all 5 of them) are done with the movie.
  13. Our OWs are similar too (155 and 165). We have gone with different multipliers (2.32x vs 2.55x). I think if JL manages a 2.50-2.55x multiplier it will be due to a smaller ow (145-150). But If it opens to 165 like BVS, I think strong November legs in that case will be tough despite better reception. Using a better multi than 2.32x though, can see something like 155 / 2.42x / 375 if it's better than 'fine' according to GA.
  14. assuming ''fine' reception 25 previews 45 true-friday (70 friday) 50 saturday 35 sunday 155 ow (70 + 50 + 35) 360 dom Edit: I have reduced 10 from dom due to Thor3 and SW8. Else would have gone with 155 / 370 (close to 2.4x)

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