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  1. Went to the movies after almost 6 months to see Inception. Gawd I have missed the whole experience. On a positive note, I don't think I have ever seen the theater that clean before.
  2. I am slowing upping my flying and the whole thing is just sad. From the slow airports to closed restaurants to number of available flights. Surprisingly flights are fairly (70% or so) full and that's only due to the middle row being blocked. I will say the no booze in first class is a kick in the balls.
  3. Expecting 2 years is batshit insane. Personally, I have a feeling that Memorial Day is going to be key. With it being the traditional start of summer season, if there aren't substantial reopening talks/plans by then, the people will make the decision for the government and just start doing whatever they want.
  4. Yea it's the same with my entire staff who are working from home. No PTO has been used since this started nor is it being requested. I can just imagine when the rules are relaxed and everyone wants to be off at the same time.
  5. Yea I go out for runs but its barely helping at this point. This shit just needs to be over and football to be back.
  6. Anyone else getting cabin fever? This shit is not good for mental health.
  7. It's supposed to be sometime this year last I heard. Finished binge watching Picard and started Community. Picard was definitely a bit up and down the whole season but can't wait for Season 2.
  8. Don't remind me. It still pisses me off that some of us aren't getting a stimulus check.
  9. Went to Publix for a few items and the number of shoppers was insane. You could tell that most of the folks just wanted to get the f*ck out of the house.
  10. That's just insane if true. Unless they havent been reporting and now reported the catch up tally.
  11. F*ck. I was hoping to see some continuous day over day slowdown with the new cases.
  12. Went for a run and one of my neighbors is throwing a wicked party. Debating whether to join them or turn them in to the po-po.
  13. Is it just me or did the US numbers disappear from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus site?
  14. Yea yea yea...I am just telling you guys eventually all this holing up is going to reach a breaking point for the folks...
  15. Gawd I am so ready for this crap to be over. Even this beach view is getting old with this f*cking hiding at home shit.
  16. This f*cking virus needs to run its course already. Thank god I was hedging some of our funds against the market.
  17. I believe they can go to the SSA, VA, etc to pull addresses if no taxes were filed. However, that path just means those folks could be waiting a while before they get a check.
  18. Hey free money is free money. They should just be fair and give a check to all citizens. No limits up or down.
  19. It's so bogus that they are tapering the payments starting at $75,000. I want a free check too.
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