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  1. 100m doses of what? No vaccine candidate has completed phase 3 yet.
  2. On one hand, I'll miss a movie I want to see for about 3-6 months. On the other, I'll risk heart attack, stroke, lung failure, or a whole host of other problems up to and including death. Tough choice.
  3. Not sure what the most ridiculous take in this thread is. Regardless, I'm not going to a theater for any movie until there's a widely available vaccine. Even if it's something I've been looking forward to as much as this.
  4. Increasing the death toll and greatly increasing people's fear of going out at all will have significant long term economic, social, and mental consequences. I feel that many people are ignoring that. Once a vaccine is safe, available, and widespread we can look at getting back to some semblance of normalcy, but until then we need massive testing, massive contact tracing, and very, very strong social distancing regulations in place. None of those things exist, yet.
  5. How long do people stay at home? As long as is necessary to prevent as many deaths as is possible. Anyone who says the cure is worse than the disease is saying that there is some amount of death that is acceptable for their comfort. For me? No deaths are acceptable. Every single one is a tragedy. Tax billionaires into fucking oblivion and distribute their money to everyone else. That's how they achieve life potential.
  6. No. Economics is an agreed upon fiction. Currency's purpose to make exchange of goods easier is good, but the position of money as paramount is not. Capitalism is broken. It does not work, and we should be looking at solutions to the problem of keeping people fed and with shelter without needlessly sacrificing people in the name of "restarting the economy" Want to keep the methods of exchange as they mostly are? Then just give people the money. Without restrictions. You get enough to survive. And you get enough to survive. And you get enough.
  7. I'm a bit stir-crazy, and I miss my friends, family, and co-workers. But I'm also willing to camp out for a year or more if needed.
  8. Could do, but I expect the Puget Sound region to remain mostly closed after the Stay at Home order ends. A message at work noted that while we're doing a lot to slow the spread, there are still many more cases than there were before the restrictions were put in place. I would much prefer to be overly cautious than to try to rush a reopening and give resurgence a chance.
  9. Washington's stay at home order extended through May 31. Given the response in other areas where restrictions have been lifted, I can't say I see this as a problem. I really like that Inslee has decided that "as few deaths as possible" is the right course. Keep people at home and keep them alive. Money isn't real. People are.
  10. Need to figure out what movie watching project to do next. Though I think I'll catch up on some TV series in the meanwhile. Currently watching Black Lightning season 2.
  11. A hahaha. I'm done. Three weeks. Twenty movies. And a Twitter thread with all my thoughts.
  12. Could be declining in areas where it's mature and rising in new areas so it's balancing out?
  13. My MCU rewatch has gotten up to Infinity War. Surprises thus far: I like Winter Soldier more, now. Still not great, but I dug it. Doctor Strange also worked better for me this time around. Negative surprises: None of the Avengers films are good, but some have good moments. The run from GotG to GotG2 is so rough. Only Ant-Man is good in that stretch. Strange is okay. Everything else is bad.
  14. I think we'll get some films released as feelers to see how viable the theatrical market is. Things that weren't expected to do well or have already had their prospects ruined. I doubt Tenet will be one of these films. I could see Disney doing it with Mulan, though. (Artemis Fowl, too, if they hadn't already announced a D+ release. New Mutants is a possibility.)
  15. My MCU rewatch has gotten up through AoU. The first three into films remain good. And I liked CAWS more than I expected. But both Avengers films and GotG come across a lot worse this time around.
  16. No. San Francisco is incredibly dense and has very few cases. The reason for the relative control on the left coast is that the social distancing measures were put into place early and broadly. Even here in Washington, which was the early epicenter, it's been controlled pretty well.
  17. Um... yes. Say they release it in August, but people are still worried about the virus, so theaters aren't a big destination, it makes far less money than if they wait. Or if not all theaters aren't open again, so same deal. Yes, there are many that have completed shooting that can be finished up while things are in lockdown, but at the same time there are many productions that have been paused. All those films for next year that aren't being made right now will probably not be ready for their original release dates. Basically, the shutdown is delaying everything, so it
  18. On one hand, I'm extremely excited for this movie and want to see it as soon as possible. On the other hand, I don't think theaters should re-open at all this year.
  19. A big issue I see is minimum sales necessary for profitability. While the above thing mentions the 20-30% for Cinemark, that's likely before assuming that they have to cut down available seats by half. Which means that of their capacity, they need to sell 40-60%. Which may not be possible if people are gun-shy about going to theaters and other public areas. Plus, is every second seat enough of a cut for social distancing? Definitely not for many theaters, so they'd have to cut more. And then there's questions about how easily people can move. Attempts to remain 6ft from all people
  20. Just shift the entire calendar from mid-March forward to next year.
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