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  1. Despite their flaws, one of the best parts of the prequels were there fights. Lightsabre battles in Episode 1 and 3 were epic. Jedi actually looked decent fighters in those films. Shame they reverted back with the fighting in the new films. I recon the prequels would have done better in markets like China than the new films as they were big in scope, bit fake looking, but massive action.
  2. $10.3m is the reported 4 day opening for Solo in the UK, so quite a bit more than was mentioned earlier by rth. Even if the number is true, it's still dreadful.
  3. Solo's performance is staggering. It seems to be performing far below even the lowest numbers people predicted for it. Possibly scraping $200m overseas and $200 domestic is truly terrible for Star Wars. Is below $400m worldwide possible? This has gotta be the biggest box office flop I've ever seen for such a popular franchise.
  4. I miss the Star Wars norm then, if it means the alternative is a fine, but totally passive action adventure film I can find elsewhere. I enjoyed Solo, but it was kind of pointless apart from setting up some potentially cool film's (not focussed on Han Solo). Think this would have been better if it was a Star Wars film, with mainly all new characters. It could have worked without it being Han Solo, whose story we already no the middle and end of.
  5. Solo is a perfectly fine moviegoing experience whilst it lasts, but it's a totally pointless movie the more I think about it, apart from for setting up more Solo film's... Unnecessary. I was routing for this film hard before it's release, but I don't really mind it flopping now if it means better choices in storytelling going forward for the Star Wars movie. It's such a risk free film. It's too straightforward and passive for me, and personally I want more from it. I want Star Wars to stand out a bit from just the bog standard summer adventure movie. Whether you like or don't like The Last Jedi, that film was on my mind for a long time after watching it and on the mind or people who didn't like it. Thinking why certain decisions were made, thinking about the motives of characters and what the future consequences could be. With Solo I kind of sat up, left the theater and stopped thinking about the actual film quite shortly after. That's never happened with a Star Wars film for me. Star Wars has a rebuilding task on it's hands now with it's audiences and it's content. Hopefully IX can do that.
  6. So much money wasting at Disney on Solo. Costing north of $300m, but when you watch the film, you'd think they'd have been able to make the film for half that. There are no out of this world set pieces in the film and theres no huge name actors to pay. Should have just stuck with the first directors instead of reshooting 60-80% (depending on what you read) of the film.
  7. Shockingly bad, below even the low expectations. Just goes to show, you can't just throw anything out with the Star Wars name brand even in the UK & US and expect it to dominate the box office.
  8. Painful watch seeing a Star Wars move completely fail everywhere, even in it's biggest markets of the US and UK. I don't think the failure of Solo is down to TLJ though, i think it's mainly a combination of being a simply uninteresting concept for most, one of the worst marketing campaigns ever for a "big" film and being released only 5 months after the last Star wars. Hopefully Disney thinks twice about making prequels to characters we already know the fate of, or at least if they do, make one that fans have actually called for. I'm hoping they scrap all the spin-offs now and concentration on original stories and actually include some of the things that make Star Wars cool, like f***in lightsabre battles. It's been 13 years since a decent lightsabre battle in a Star Wars film and nearly 20 years since a great one!
  9. Any indications of Thursdays numbers for UK? Seat bookings for Solo tonight at my local Cineworld look pretty good. Mostly just rubbish seats left, apart from the late show. Not looking as good at the local VUE though, but has more showtimes.
  10. Must have really needed to go. There was a lull in action right before the Darth Maul scene and I said just go no. I had no idea Darth Maul was about to enter the fray!
  11. My friend went to the toilet once during Solo, and it was for the entire Darth Maul scene. When he returned he thought I was bullshitting him.
  12. Just saw Solo in a about a half full IMAX. It was before people finish work. Cinema was getting busy as I left. I can see why the word fun has been branded about a lot with the film. It is. A linear summer adventure movie. Can certainly see why it is being compared to Pirates of the Caribbean, it kind of hops around a bit like the first PotC film, but in space and on planets, rather than at sea and on land. Entertaining film, nuggets of cool stuff for fans but not as weighty as one of the Episodes. Not an event, but a good film. Set up what could be some very interesting and more weighty adventure. Hard to say how it ranks out of the all the Star Wars film's for me, but I'd say lower half of Star Wars films, alongside prequels. It's set up some potentially interesting things to come. Guess they may not though. Surely without changing directors, they could budget these spin-offs film's closer to $150m rather $250m+.
  13. It's undeniable Solo has been trolled pre-release. You only have to look on YouTube. IMDB rating reopened a couple of days ago and the largest % of singular votes then was 1 out of 10. The rating has been going up at a reasonable pace since it's actually been released. It's not to say that every single 1 out of 10 is unfair. Maybe some of those have actually seen it.
  14. The IMDB score was clearly trolled until yesterday as it was at 5.8/10 after around 5000 votes yesterday and now it's up to 6.4/10. So people actually seeing it are pushing back and starting to give it fair ratings instead of just 1 out of 10. Other than the 1 out of 10's, most of the ratings are 7 or above. Hopefully decent WOM can help this after it's opening weekend.
  15. How important are Maoyan scores to box office in China? Lets say Solo started very bad like it sounds like it is going to, but got 8.5 Maoyan rating, would that help drastically?

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