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  1. Looks good for Guardians. It's a better jump than CA:CW. This means that with CW numbers from this point on GOTG2 will hit $268m. My guess would be $270m as a final number.
  2. If guardians has the same numbers as Civil War from this point out it is looking at $360m
  3. $483,200 BATB not bad less than 25% from last monday but almost 78% from Sunday.
  4. A drop like that would give BATB an outside shot of beating TDK. With these numbers and a Cinderella multiplier it would hit $533.7m, $1.1m below TDK.
  5. FB&WTFT DH1 POA DH2 SS COS OoTP GOF HBP The movies based on some of my favorite books ranked very low as I saw so much unfulfilled potential. Yates took a couple movies to figure Harry Potter out, and he imo eventually had the second best handle on the feel of Harry Potter. I think Columbus did the best at adapting the books, but he also adapted two of the weaker stories. Fantastic Beasts brought the magic back, and may have been my favorite movie of the series potentially because it was not overshadowed by a novel.
  6. This was one of my favorite movies of the year. It felt almost more book lile in certain aspects, which imo gave it a different flow then many movies. This could seem offputting but as someone who loved the Potter books much more than the movies I enjoyed this film more than all but 2 of the Potter films. A+
  7. Strange should easily pass Thor 2's same day numbers on Thursday. Its dailies are already $1.5m higher.
  8. I think Kubo was just released at a time when there were just to many movies in theaters. It needed more than just a family audience to succeed, especially when the family audience already has so many more cutesy animated films to see. Maybe an off-peak release date could have kept it from being burried. Sausage party on the other hand has the Rogan name, and with his audience's age group an R rated animated film does not seem like such a strange idea.
  9. I believe it is a holiday in Canada so that could have helped
  10. Definitely in, that is only about $80m depending on the exchange rate
  11. Maybe we in our bubble of movie fandom are in the minority thinking CW>>>AOU. Maybe the people who see one or two movies a year cared more to see AOU than CW. I mean with how many films the average forum member views per year compared to the average person we do have a somewhat different perspective. ..
  12. 1.5 JB, 199k Zoo, 13.291 CA3
  13. For the Domestic theater loss, Keanu(+600 theaters), Ratchet and Clank(+800 theaters), and BvS (-500 theaters) will likely lose screens first, as would Mothers Day when it plummets post Mothers Day. I think Zoo should continue to have a solid grasp on its screens for a couple more weeks.
  14. About Europe, yes the drops were bad, but not only is it in its second weekend and thus the worse drops on this weekend then holdovers, but also good weather has a much bigger impact on box office in Europe than in the US. I wouldn't be surprised if CW has <10% drops in Europe next week.
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