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  1. I see so much more hype for this than Deadpool, in all honesty. I think this might get 50 4 day OW
  2. Looks really solid, slightly predictable what the girl says in the beginning with the but I still thought it looked really good!
  3. This movie was awesome and is going to hit audiences. HARD. A
  4. Guys just imagine how much longer these legs will be if TFA gets nominated for BP/other oscars.......
  5. I would be in, but christmas will boost. So, Out.
  6. They'd be smart to give TFA the BestPicture nom. Ratings are consistently higher when a big box office hit is in the running
  7. It took me q while to realize that this is called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot aka "WTF"
  8. I think Star Wars has a chance at this, the shots are so cool
  9. If the Carol score is anything like it is in the trailer, I think it will be a huge contendor
  10. anyone for Cyrus in freeheld?
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