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  1. Okay I haven't been on the forums much recently but I've just got to say that I'm utterly floored by this result. Over 200M OW!?!? I mean Jurassic Park was my favorite movie as a kid so I get the nostalgia factor and everything but just based off of the trailers and stuff for World I personally had very little desire to see it. And from what I hear it's not even that good of a film. So what gives? Is Chris Pratt now like a super hybrid of Will Smith/Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt mega A list actor the likes of which we've never seen before?
  2. Okay so I'm 3 episodes into both now and even though I'm confused as hell trying to follow Baccano's story-line I feel like the series has a lot more potential than FMA.
  3. Yes as Rukaio said there is almost certainly going to be a new season coming out in 2016. Both the Manga and anime have been extremely popular in Japan and pretty much around the world in general so there's definitely going to be more content coming in the near future.
  4. Alright you guys have convinced me, I guess I should give FMA Brotherhood another shot but I doubt I'll be able to get over the animation which looks kinda goofy imo.
  5. I'd actually say that it's a testament to the huge amount of goodwill left over from LOTR that the Hobbit trilogy held up as well as it did. All three movies still grossed over 250+ domestic and 950+ Worldwide. Compare that with the Star Wars prequels which dropped a good 300 million between Episode I and II. The hobbit never took that kind of hit even though An Unexpected Journey was just as much or even more of a disappoint than the SW prequels in my opinion.
  6. Thanks for the great suggestions! I have actually already seen the first 5-6 episodes of Fate/Zero and I didn't think it was bad but I didn't really feel invested enough in any of the characters to continue but I may end up giving it another chance. And yeah I watched episode 1 of FMA Brotherhood and even though I know that's not really enough to judge it I just didn't really care for the setting and animation style that much. Plus I'm a sucker for a badass protagonist and/or a romantic subplot and I wasn't getting either of those vibes from that show at all. I just read a brief plot summary of Baccano though I think I will definitely give that a shot, it sounds really interesting and it sounds like it got amazing reviews too!
  7. So I just got into anime pretty recently (besides DBZ which I watched religiously as a kid like 12-13 years ago) which started with me getting addicted to Attack On TItan on Netflix last fall and of course with no new season in sight I had to get my fix somewhere else so I tried to binge-watch a couple of the more popular series out there and really liked a couple of them but couldn't get into a few of the really highly rated ones like Gurren Lagann and Death Note (both were big misses with me through a couple episodes which I was really surprised with since I've heard nothing but rave reviews for them). Wasn't feeling Steins Gate or Cowboy Bebop either. My favorites by far are Attack on Titan, Code Geass, and SAO but I enjoyed Parasyte well enough to finish it. Any other awesome mainstream series out there similar to those 3 (Geass, SnK, SAO) that I'm missing?
  8. lab276, dude Frozen is still #1 at the Japanese box office and has the chance to continue to be near the top for weeks/months to come!
  9. Thanks for the link mfantin. I decided to write them just a brief plea but hopefully if enough of us box office enthusiasts unite Disney may take action. Here's what I said btw: As an avid fan of Disney movies who loves to see such a respectable company reap the financial gains off of such great products, it saddens me that Disney is releasing Frozen on DVD in Japan so quickly. The movie has been absolutely killing it there and it has a real chance of passing Spirited Away to become the all time highest grosser in that country. Furthermore, it could even supplant Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the all-time #4 spot worldwide. Please let the global phenomenon that is Frozen run its natural course!
  10. If they don't include Connington or Young Griff next season I will be very disappointed!
  11. eww my boy is going up against 007 first round, tough matchup given the modern vs medieval weapons. Plus a tropical setting can only favor Bond. Although if it gets to close quarters the Kingslayer still takes it no contest.
  12. I'll probably end up bumping it up a bit but I"ll have to look at it a little more closely first. I'll get back to you before the deadline.
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