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  1. Friday down over 30%300k1.9m week.has a shot at 5m week, one more #1 weekend and best 16th weekend
  2. He started it and keeps going with it. Otherwise it doesn't happen at all. As I just said im done. Lets see if he can be quiet.Anyway. Looking like 1.5-1.6m mon thru thurs. 5m week possible.Didn't someone say vod was starting a week before dvd release
  3. Italians are very good with mathematics. Over the last 2000 years we invented many of the engineering feats still in use today. You can't possibly be Italian. What stone age country did you emigrate from? Be honest, please.Idiocy gets under my skin. I corrected your post. Now I feel better.You're opinion is wrong. Most people disagree with you. Let it go manbino. We're done.
  4. nice movie quote. 'Bout time you said something witty.google sounds like the tourist.
  5. that was a projection table on 15% then 10% weekly drops when it was dropping less than 3% per week over the run. Not infinity, buzz boy. You really got to get your head str8 that it wasn't a prediction and that all went out the window when ads hit that they could watch it home for $5. Nearly everyone agrees that took the BO down. Just admit your wrong.I didnt call it official like you still do with your table where the dailies are ridiculously off.BTW. Those were keystroke errors and abbreviations, not grammatical errors like your nearly illegible posts. Use google translate ragazzo con cerve
  6. lol. His grammar is right up there with his tables and predictions.
  7. I predicted 400m? I said it was possible. My prediction was 325. It was on pace.but there is no way wed was 1.2m w a 48 multiplier. So why bother. [mod edit] Rysu was very clear and yet you still hold on to your hindsight filled commentary.The v is above the space bar and you need a lesson str8 too? You dont know what that is?[mod edit]
  8. cantvyou get the wed multiplier str8. You want me you send you a third grade arithmetic book. Official, very funny
  9. ; You are incorrect, no need to go to an extreme and say ridiculous. Since you used absurd i will now have to call you Ray. 30 years ago you were more likely to see a movie in a theater when the vhs was a year away. Were you alive 30 years ago? How would you know the mindset. Once they tightened it up to 4 months a common thing you heard was " eh, ill probably wait a couple months to see that one at home. The attendance has increased only 10 % in 30years while the population has increased 40% in NA. It has an effect. Japan has maintained the one year buffer and their % of attendance to popul
  10. TMK1- 13921 -26%650k Mon227.1m totalLabas are the field days over?
  11. after a huge GW, after 9 weeks in release and 13m admission it held flat for 3 weeks @ $13-14m. Extraordinary. It definitely had SA beat. The drops started after the ads came out for vod and dvd.Are you Ray Subers assistant?
  12. TMK1  *1 *50260 アナと雪の女王 -37% from last sunday *2 *29549 ノア 約束の舟The world cup must have had an impact.Frozen for the first time did a little less on sun than sat even after subtracting toho boost, its normally 20% greater.Noah was down nearly 40% from sat.2m sun4m weekend - beats SA 14th weekend by 50%7.4m week225.9 totalNoah 2.8m weekend3.6m totalsimilar start as xmen
  13. Maybe the world cup did affect bo.Frozen at a -30% pace from last sunday.Noah doing less today than yesterday *1 *22394 アナと雪の女王 *2 *12240 ノア 約束の舟 13:30
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