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  1. I put this in an earlier "[whatever movie] over 300M OW" club thread, and it's still relevant:
  2. It's just like how the three games that were the main settings of the first movie were originals, while all the minor ones were real-world games.
  3. Murgatroyd

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    Recently had the chance to see it in my local 70mm IMAX theater. While the giant screen was nice for a few scenes, it didn't really add much value to the movie as a whole. Also, it turns out that film is not always superior. During the silent scene, I could clearly hear the projector clicking away, which kind of spoiled the moment.
  4. It needs about 6x its latest weekend. At this point in the run, most movies are lucky if they get 2x. This coming weekend with the Ant-Man release is make-or-break.
  5. There were only about a half dozen of us in the theater when I saw it today. Pity, since it's well worth seeing.
  6. When you want to correct an imbalance, you need to pay attention to the things that form that imbalance.
  7. I think that reaction says more about you than about the movie. Key line: "People might just need a little old fashioned."
  8. Father's Day weekend, plus a movie with themes of fatherhood. That's the common factor for the movies that increased that weekend.
  9. I wouldn't hold out too much hope, given that they still call animation a genre.
  10. Murgatroyd

    Sing it Loud! The INCREDIBLES 2 under SING club

    I've seen this twice today, in two entirely different contexts. Where does it come from?
  11. Well, BP's most recent week was about 3% over TFA's sixth-to-last week. If it can match TFA's final five weeks, it'll end with 700.01M. It's facing tougher competition from new openers than TFA did.
  12. The Resistance cruiser was one of the largest capital ships around. Rogue One shows us what happens when a fighter or transport hits a capital ship while jumping to lightspeed: it just splatters on the shields.

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