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  1. I don't even care how, I'm just so happy Chris Pine is back, who btw was the best part about Wonder Woman. And I really love his chemistry with Gal.
  2. This was even more stupid than the 1st one. But at least it was good stupid fun, needed more Jeff Goldblum tho.
  3. Take my money. Take all of it!!!!
  4. I liked the trailer. And I adore Hailee, so that's a bonus.
  5. This looks amazing. Btw the first movie is criminally underrated imo.
  6. Not bad, nothing ground-breaking but pretty enjoyable. My boyfriend who didnt like TLJ loved this. John Powell's score is amazing. Best thing about the movie btw.
  7. I loved this. On par with the first movie, maybe even better. Hilarious with a surprisingly emotional core. Ryan Reynolds was born for this role. Josh Brolin as Cable is perfect and HOT AF.
  8. I cannot believe they actually got Celine Dion to sing in the Deadpool Soundtrack lol. They did that!!! ngl the song is amazing. Celine better snatch that Oscar (nomination).
  9. Seeing JLaw in Red Sparrow has finally triggered disney into making a BW movie. Congrats I guess lol
  10. Marvel stans are so pressed over this movie, hilarious. It's not like disney would ever do something like this. If they ever decide to make a BW movie it's going to be a dumbed down comedy/action movie like the usual marvel stuff
  11. This looks great! And Jen's accent is perfect.
  12. Saw this yesterday and I legit adored it. Yeah I know that it's historically inaccurate (and that Barnum was a horrible Person), it's corny and the script was pretty flawed and rushed esp in the beginning, but the acting, music, choreography and the overall feel of the movie was so beautiful ...it just made my heart so happy. And the Soundtrack is absolutely amazing ...there isn't a single bad song on it ...like what kind of sorcery is this? I'm completely and utterly in love with it. The whole cast was incredible. Hugh Jackman is a gift that just keeps on giving and can't do no wrong, especially in musicals. Zac Efron needs to do more serious roles/musicals, instead of Baywatch & co. Michelle Williams is always great and she has never looked more beautiful than in this movie wow. Zendaya was good. I'm definitely going to see this at least 2 more times. And now if you'll excuse me I'll be listening to the Soundtrack forever and ever A
  13. pepper83

    Coco (2017)

    Such a beautiful movie. It had me balling my eyes out for the last 30 mins. Definitely my favourite movie of 2017 and my fav pixar movie since Ratatouille. The Frozen short was trash. 22 mins of pure hell. It felt like it lasted an eternity.
  14. I was really hyped for this, but that was so underwhelming. Spidey was the hightlight. Thanos' CGI looks awful. He looked so good in GOTG ...wtf happened.
  15. Beyonce as Nala? She's going to ruin my favorite disney movie. Count me out!

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