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  1. I'm now convinced this and New Mutants will end up on streaming ...Screw Disney and Feige. They really ruin everything.
  2. I liked the trailer and I'm going to enjoy the movie no matter what (I liked Apocalypse too). I'm just happy I get one last X-men movie before the mcu ruins it with quippy jokes.
  3. The poster is gorgeous. Looking forward to the trailer tonight.
  4. This looks amazing. And Bumblebee is so cute ❤️
  5. That was not a good trailer. And Brie still looks miscast 😶
  6. The overwhelming critical acclaim 😭 I'm thrilled for Bradley and Lady Gaga.
  7. Wow what a movie! Arguably the best film you'll see this summer or even this year! It really deserves all the hype and praise it's been getting.
  8. The new poster is beautiful. From all the december releases i'm most looking forword to Bumblebee 🙂
  9. Loved the movie. So much fun. Unpopular opinion: I've enjoyed this way more than IW/BP.
  10. pepper83

    Skyscraper (2018)

    I enjoyed the movie. Shame it isn't doing better at the boxoffice. Solid B.
  11. OMG OMG OMG. I literally got goosebumps the entire trailer. I'm so ready for this movie.
  12. pepper83

    Ready Player One (2018)

    Finally saw this and I loved it so much. Really regret not watching it in cinemas 😔
  13. I don't even care how, I'm just so happy Chris Pine is back, who btw was the best part about Wonder Woman. And I really love his chemistry with Gal.
  14. This was even more stupid than the 1st one. But at least it was good stupid fun, needed more Jeff Goldblum tho.

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