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  1. Loved this even more on my 2nd viewing. And so did all my friends that I dragged along with me. I'm gonna be really disappointed if we don't get a sequel 😢
  2. This was such a feels trip 😢 I weeped throughout the movie. Stunningly beautiful and emotional end to the greatest animated movie trilogy.
  3. I'm seeing this on sunday. So excited! And I'm preparing the tissues.
  4. Imagine thinking Black Panther is a better movie than Beale Street ...but hey I'm just a hater and racist.
  5. They really gave an average superhero flick a Best Picture nomination just because it starred a black cast? YIKES.
  6. I liked the trailer. Also Tom and Zendaya are cute as heck together.
  7. Looks awful. Also Ron Perlman for life.
  8. What a beautiful movie! Bumblebee was everything I wanted it to be and more. Funny, heartwarming, entertaining, characters you care about and with a kick-ass 80s Soundtrack. The relationship between Charlie and Bee was so beautiful, you could really feel their connection ...I teared up at least 3 times 😢 And I honestly can't praise Hailee Steinfeld enough, what an incredible actress! And most importantly it feels like a Transformers movie, something someone like Michael Bay sadly never understood. Thank you Travis Knight!
  9. Just got tickets for a preview screening on Sunday. I'm so excited!
  10. All these positive reactions make me so happy *wipes away tears of joy*
  11. I thought it was underwhelming at first, but I take everything back. It's a great teaser. Gives the impression that I'll be more contemplative and character focused compared to Infinity War.

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