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  1. By far the best Terminator film since T2 ...not perfect and it has its flaws but so enjoyable. Linda still kicks ass, Arnie hasnt been this good in years and the new cast is great as well especially Mackenzie Davis. I had a blast and cant wait to see it again 🙂
  2. Some gorgeous shots but still a very bland trailer. I really dont know what to expect from this movie and Palpatine's return 😕
  3. I miss fun summer period adventure movies like The Mummy or the first PotC so this could be fun. But the Rock ain't no Brendan Fraser 😕
  4. Not really a fan of the first movie, but I like what I'm seeing so far from this one. Olaf is still annoying but the cute little lizard already has my heart 😍
  5. I loved the movie too, but I also liked Apocalypse, so what do I know lol.
  6. Sony saying f**k you to Disney is such a mood. Well done! Maybe now Tom Holland's Spider-man can actually be Spider-man.
  7. Oh my god, Henry Golding is just so effortlessly charming 😍 And the movie looks cute.
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