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  1. Just got tickets for a preview screening on Sunday. I'm so excited!
  2. All these positive reactions make me so happy *wipes away tears of joy*
  3. I thought it was underwhelming at first, but I take everything back. It's a great teaser. Gives the impression that I'll be more contemplative and character focused compared to Infinity War.
  4. LOL at Black Panther being nominated as Best Picture Drama at the Globes. WTF?! This is neither a Drama nor worthy of a best picture nomination ...
  5. Another underwhelming Trailer. And Brie continues to look miscast. Meh.
  6. This looks like Jungle Book 2.0. Nothing new to see here. Hard pass!
  7. As a devoted HP fan I really enjoyed the movie, despite it's flaws. I thought Depp was really great as Grindlewald. Same with Jude Law. James Newton Howard"s score tho 😍
  8. Loved the trailer. Pikachu is so cute and Ryan Reynolds's voice is perfect.
  9. pepper83

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Toy Story 3 is overrated af. Don't care for this one.
  10. I'm now convinced this and New Mutants will end up on streaming ...Screw Disney and Feige. They really ruin everything.
  11. I liked the trailer and I'm going to enjoy the movie no matter what (I liked Apocalypse too). I'm just happy I get one last X-men movie before the mcu ruins it with quippy jokes.
  12. The poster is gorgeous. Looking forward to the trailer tonight.
  13. This looks amazing. And Bumblebee is so cute ❤️
  14. That was not a good trailer. And Brie still looks miscast 😶

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