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  1. As a big Star Wars fan, I would like to unsee and erase this movie (the whole trilogy actually) from my memory ...the disrespect to the Skywalker family ...I'm disgusted 🤢 Also Adam Driver deserved better than this crap.
  2. This was so much FUN. I think I liked this one a little bit more than the first.
  3. I lost count how many times I've watched the trailer ...the version of Blue Monday used is just WOW!
  4. For someone who thought the first movie was just ok, I loved this one. Olaf was hilarious in this one and the songs are so much better this time. 'Show Yourself' and 'Lost in the Woods' were my favs. Wouldn't mind seeing it again 🙂
  5. By far the best Terminator film since T2 ...not perfect and it has its flaws but so enjoyable. Linda still kicks ass, Arnie hasnt been this good in years and the new cast is great as well especially Mackenzie Davis. I had a blast and cant wait to see it again 🙂
  6. Some gorgeous shots but still a very bland trailer. I really dont know what to expect from this movie and Palpatine's return 😕
  7. I miss fun summer period adventure movies like The Mummy or the first PotC so this could be fun. But the Rock ain't no Brendan Fraser 😕
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