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  1. A MASTERPIECE! Thank you Russo Brothers for those 3 epic hours. I laughed, cried and cheered and can't wait to see it again. This will make ALL the money.
  2. Palpatine coming back to save this mediocre trilogy and finally give Rey & Co an actual threat. Legend!
  3. Not gonna lie, I was really doubtful because of the previous stuff...but this was great. I quite like Will's Genie and I love Jasmine. The guy who plays Aladdin is decent as well. Only Jafar is a bit bland. Should have casted Oded Fehr instead.
  4. Enjoyable movie. Brie was good, her interactions with Jackson were amazing. Loved the Rambeaus! Goose is the GOAT! And I would take a bullet for Talos and his family.
  5. Great trailer, so much better than the 1st one. And I dont care what anyone says, I'm still excited to see this.
  6. They used 'I need a Hero' in the trailer. That's it. It's over. This is gonna be the greatest movie of all time.
  7. I think the reason why I love this movie so much is that it's basically a 80/90s movie only with a big budget and today's tech. It's feels very old fashioned and sincere. A little cheesy at times but there's so much visually compelling stuff, especially Alita herself, who's so pure and badass at the same time ...like how can you not love her?
  8. Loved this even more on my 2nd viewing. And so did all my friends that I dragged along with me. I'm gonna be really disappointed if we don't get a sequel 😢
  9. This was such a feels trip 😢 I weeped throughout the movie. Stunningly beautiful and emotional end to the greatest animated movie trilogy.
  10. I'm seeing this on sunday. So excited! And I'm preparing the tissues.
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