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  1. My first movie in a post-covid world, and man, I LOVED it so so much! This is now my favourite solo marvel movie. I'm probably biased because of my eternal Tony Leung crush ...but he was just on another level ...and he's still so absurdly hot ...lord have mercy 🥵 Can't wait to see this again!
  2. Alfred Molina is the best part of the trailer, otherwise it's pretty mehh. I just don't like Tom Holland's spiderman 🤷‍♀️
  3. My excitement for this movie is through the roof. I haven't felt like this about any marvel movie since the first Iron Man.
  4. This looks good! Much better than the 1st trailer. The Vibranium/IKEA gag at the end made me lol.
  5. This will be the first movie in over 18 months I'm going to watch in theatres. Only for Tony Leung! ❤️🔥
  6. This was very enjoyable! Just the movie I needed to watch for some summer fun adventure!
  7. Yeah looks like a typical Villeneuve movie ...meh 😶 Still gonna watch it for Jason Momoa and the visuals.
  8. Not people being pressed over the Hopkins win, when he actually gives the best performance out of anyone in that category 🙄 I'd put even Riz' performance ahead of Chadwick. So happy for Frances Mcdormand! I love that woman ❤️
  9. So happy to see Demon Slayer smashing like that!!! But I'm sad the rest of the world has to wait till next year 😔
  10. That was very underwhelming. Whoever is responsible for the music choice needs to get fired. And that Chalamet guy is so bland I can't even.
  11. Oh Sushant. Not like this 💘 Seeing him in this trailer and knowing he's not here anymore breaks my heart all over again 😢 I don't know if I have the capacity to watch this film without coming out super depressed. When he said 'I'm a fighter" - it already broke me.
  12. I lost count how many times I've watched the trailer ...the version of Blue Monday used is just WOW!
  13. For someone who thought the first movie was just ok, I loved this one. Olaf was hilarious in this one and the songs are so much better this time. 'Show Yourself' and 'Lost in the Woods' were my favs. Wouldn't mind seeing it again 🙂
  14. By far the best Terminator film since T2 ...not perfect and it has its flaws but so enjoyable. Linda still kicks ass, Arnie hasnt been this good in years and the new cast is great as well especially Mackenzie Davis. I had a blast and cant wait to see it again 🙂
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