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  1. It seems silly to say, but this news combined with the Baseball HOF announcement made my day! It's great to have Star Wars at the top of the Box Office World again, even if this new film wasn't really my cup of tea. As for the adjusted talk, I think it's mostly pointless. Most of those films came out during a time where movies faced far less competition. Regardless, when all is said and done, Star Wars: TFA will have the highest adjusted gross of any film since Titanic, which is just incredible. This is an all-time great run.
  2. Throw in a few buddies and you've got yourself a pretty good impression.
  3. Agreed. But part of me hopes it makes enough to Top JW's 2nd Weekend OW record in 2 days.
  4. A little too low for me, but still pretty impressive. After burning off so much demand, the film's still crushing records. This number is a full $13M higher than the previous Non-Friday Record Holder, Transformers: ROTF. And if the weekend hits $155M, it will be nearly $50M above the previous record holder for Highest 2nd Weekend Gross. Ok, I know I'm just repeating what we all already know, but considering that so many people have been disappointed by these numbers, I thought some perspective was important. These numbers are mindblowing; the only thing that can make this run look bad isn't another blockbuster, but our wildest expectations.
  5. Also, with today's gross, the film moves into the Top 25 All-Time after just 1 week of release. To get into the Top 10 by tomorrow, it needs around $50M.
  6. If it got there (which it likely won't), that would basically mean a 0% drop from the OW excluding previews. The fact that we can even dream about that is absurd.
  7. This gives it the #2 Highest Non-Opening Thursday Gross Ever behind Transformers: ROTF, which was in its 2nd day when it nabbed the record. TFA is in its 7th and it almost took the record on the one day we all knew it was going to drop. This film's just on another level.
  8. Surprisingly, this captured a lot of my thoughts on the film. The movie was incredible for the first half or so, and then slowly started to diminish as time went on. I'd argue the problem was with the old characters being wasted. Han, Leia, and Luke didn't have much of an impact, imo, relative to their status in this saga's history. I'd much rather have had this story just be about Rey and Finn with some allusions to the past. Overall, though, despite agreeing with this post, I liked the film slightly more than you did. Grade: B-
  9. Been lurking this entire weekend. Just stopping by to say that this weekend has been an All-Time legendary run. I'd probably put it above TDK and Avatar just for the fact that we have a film not just breaking records, but demolishing them while posting incredible holds.
  10. Just saw this today. Before I give it a mini-review, I think everyone should know that I was one of the few who didn't like the first Avengers film, so what I say should be taken with a grain of salt. With that being said: I liked this one. It was satisfying and worth the ticket price, even if I didn't fully love it. My major problem with the first one was that I felt it was pretty predictable, but this one threw enough curveballs at me to keep me invested. The major curveball involved everything that took place at the safehouse; it was just nice to see these characters feel conflicted about their roles in the team, saving humanity, and also as human beings themselves (which if why I liked the Hulk/Black Widow plot-yep it seems forced, but it was a good way to get these two to talk about something beyond "OMG, we must save the world"). I felt like the movie followed through enough with those emotional conflicts that I ended up liking it. I also enjoyed the new characters (and loved snarky Ultron), and I thought the action was a bit more clearer and exciting this time around. Combined with the emotional conflict, this could've been enough to make the movie great, but I felt like the movie had a few scenes that lasted too long (especially that final battle that kept going on and on). In the end, those scenes dragged the film down to "just good" levels. Still, it was worth it. B
  11. BOM's been in decline for a while, but I always felt like Ray tried his best. It's unfortunate to see him go.
  12. Vito Corleone is the worst thing about the first two Godfathers. Mind you, I'm not saying that Brando or DeNiro are the worst things, just the actual character, who I think is portrayed too softly by Coppola.
  13. I started reading him about a year ago and instantly fell in love with him. He really knows how to break story and character down in a way that helps newcomers understand the art of film. However, I've been growing a little more annoyed with him recently. I feel like there's this weird condescension in his reviews where he assumes that anybody who disagrees with him must have the stupider interpretation of the film in question. For example, in his Nightcrawler review, he went on and on about how a character doesn't need to grow in order for a film to be good. But the thing is that you could completely agree with that and still find fault with Nightcrawler in its execution of that concept or in some other way, and I hated that he didn't really seem to acknowledge some of the more sophisticated criticisms of Nightcrawler (which are out there).* I think that it's best to view him the same way you view an introductory film course: he has a lot of cool ideas and will teach you a lot, but you should there are more sophisticated sources out there. As for his gimmick: I've read his justification for why he writes in ALL-CAPS, and it makes sense to me. However, I still don't get why he uses it for every one of his pieces. No gimmick is that important/good that it should be deployed for everything. *I say this as someone who likes Nightcrawler
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