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  1. Potential good news from today: Similar to Delta, this will likely spook some hold outs into action.
  2. This is generally correct. It is also part of why 2 of the variants that have already been found to evade vaccines somewhat basically didn't spread - they weren't close as transmissible.
  3. Jurassic World wasn't suspenseful at all. It went full blown popcorn adventure. That is what this will be.
  4. Covidf isn't over when cases go away so as much as when hospitalizations and especially deaths go away.
  5. Just got my booster, forgot how it feels like something is crawling around inside your arm afterwards...
  6. If Gucci is the first adult film to really succeed...does that confirm Lady Gaga is a legitimate box office draw (even if its only in the right role)? It wouldn't be due to anyone else...
  7. Once again, everyone will underestimate this film based upon muted online hype and then act shocked when it blows up int theaters.
  8. Henry Cavill would win sexiest man alive every year if that were the case, brad Pitts 10 year run ended, which was after denzel Washington won every year.
  9. What really hurt Ghostbusters 2016 was how unfunny the trailers were. None of the jokes landed at all - I remember watching the trailer with CIVIL WAR and it was cringeworthy.
  10. Ghostbusters the brand have-not been popular since the 80s. The kids who liked it back then are now in their mid 40s. A little different than say, Jurassic World blowing 22 years after the original.
  11. People cannot even comprehend what THE SIXTH SENSE and SIGNS total with inflation.
  12. Early 2000s nostalgia is in full swing. I think a stand alone Tobey Spider-man movie would do big numbers. Bring on the (real) MUMMY 3 movie.
  13. The Flash will actually benefit (it seems) as audiences will be more familiar with the multiverse concept by then. I think the confusion could hurt some with NWH
  14. Im still in the $100m opening day club, I just think that was not an impressive piece of marketing material. seems other agree
  15. That is a shockingly poor editing job. The story isn't clear, the 2 big jokes are terrible, no presence or menace to the return of iconic villains. WTF?
  16. That was actually a fairly weak trailer. There was no presence to the return of any either villain. Not showing the other 2 just feels weird. Marvel fans will go ape of course but this actually looked much more generic than I expected.
  17. Do they realize this guy is gonna have to be "take your breath away" pretty in the eyes of women in order to be taken seriously as the character...? Thinking butler was miscast
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