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  1. lol at people acting like EG is a failure because it may only make 800M DOM and not much more. I would have loved for it to pass TFA as well, but some perspective is needed.
  2. I honestly expected way more for DP mostly due to the social media buzz. 80M DOM seemed to be the floor for it's OW. What happened?
  3. Widow was never really that interesting, either. She's great as a supporting character, like you said, but I absolutely have no interest in a solo film about her.
  4. The issue with summer 2020 is there's no zeitgeist type of film that completely blows away the competition. I don't see anything crossing $500M DOM next summer, or the entire year for that matter. Maybe Wonder Woman if it vastly exceeds sequel expectations, but eh, probably not.
  5. Alice was way back in 2010. It technically counts, I guess, but the live action adaptations of the 80's/90's Disney classics started in 2015 with Cinderella, I believe. After that, we had Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Aladdin, TLK, Mulan, etc.
  6. Marvel will still be dominant, but I do see it slowing down for the next few years. Problem for the competition, though, is that the DCEU as a whole is pretty dead, SW is hit or miss, and Avatar is a wild card. This can go many ways, but Marvel is so dominant at this point that even if all their upcoming films for the next couple years only make half of EG, they'll still be #1.
  7. I do wonder about the legs at this point. Does EG have a much higher reach than IW overall? I sure hope so, as this is the best MCU movie by a wide margin, imo.
  8. There really is no excuse to not have Bay involved with this. He's been done with Transformers for nearly two years now, so the filming schedule would have lined up perfectly.
  9. It's going to be completely overshadowed by Aquaman and Mary Poppins.
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