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  1. @biperaltas @abittles16 I’m mainly talking about what I saw on message boards to be fair, I don’t follow a lot of m… https://t.co/sBckKeitei

  2. RT @SusanEMcKibben: If, like me, you are concerned (appalled) about unaccompanied minors being lost in the system and immigrant children b…

  3. Meanwhile on the MCU side of things: https://t.co/fiX4vFji0D

  4. RT @yuuuuuuuma: ※ドラゴンマガジン2018年7月号です https://t.co/E4VmWpuqJD

  5. RT @netflix: Our best wishes to the royal couple on their magical wedding https://t.co/gGcdq5zyGJ

  6. @abittles16 As long as she gets something useful to do and isn’t catatonic for most of the movie like in tdw I don’t mind

  7. RT @LadyEmma91: OKAY so I listened and they literally never say Tom is too old to play Loki? They just say the actors can't play the charac…

  8. @abittles16 @ltfrankcastIe like...this isn't like Whedon on AoU going la la la I'm doing it by myself, the Russos a… https://t.co/UU43cN36sl

  9. I saw someone write up this crazy A4 theory because they misheard Peter Parker's line about being on a field trip as "I'm from the future"

  10. 努力は必ず報われる!!! https://t.co/EP745psTxi

  11. RT @qrandbudapest: big mood for the next couple of weeks and probably until next year when avenger 4 comes out https://t.co/WcJM9X7DrN

  12. @abittles16 @nolanleaks I remember when people acted this way to GoTG 2's RT score, it was just as ridiculous then.

  13. @elbirdilara don't forget the umpteen-millionth Terminator reboot.

  14. @Cinesnark @KristyPuchko It's no wonder she isn't in IW or A4. That just adds to the "forced by the doink committee" theory

  15. @bucbuckbucky @lunabenita that person’s probably referring to the cg not being completely done yet, it’s not uncomm… https://t.co/q9TDNTpmCo

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