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  1. Yeah, it was mentioned in interviews during the CM press tour that the costume tests were done on IW/EG's sets and it's also mentioned in the special feature video that the screencap came from. You can tell it's not something deleted from EG since she doesn't have the short hair. They probably should've put some big COSTUME TEST caption on that footage in the special feature video, I've seen so many people spread that around thinking it's a deleted scene.
  2. Yes, it is. I remember when AoU press screenings were going on and someone on a message board leaked Quicksilver’s death, I was in disbelief XD
  3. Every MCU movie I can remember has had their red carpet US premiere in Hollywood...
  4. The full review embargo is on the 5th because the US premiere is on the 4th...and the reason why the US premiere is so late is obviously because the Oscars are at the end of this month so they couldn't schedule it earlier. (I saw some tweets the other day about international premieres coming later this month though.) If CM was doinky, they wouldn't lift the social media embargo as early as they are, it would also have been listed as the 5th.
  5. I can't believe people still think Grace Randolph is credible after all that "KK's getting fired, there was a secret meeting!!!!!!" crap she was spreading last year. Not to mention all the other crap she's said. Then again that particular person has been trolling reddit for months. Honestly I'm pretty glad Disney locks down their test screenings so tightly. Imagine if some doink spoiled the snap in IW from a test screening, or if they were freaking out about how Thor: Ragnarok is doomed because they changed up the NYC scenes in reshoots and removed Hobodin...
  6. If it’s out Friday morning, they’ll probably have the announcement tonight, CM’s announcement was on Sunday night and the Russos are presenting at the Game Awards tonight. I’m not saying that they’ll air anything during the Game Awards, but they could drop some “teaser for the trailer” online after the Russos are done there. I could see them not having the title in that kind of announcement video, but revealing it in the actual trailer the next morning. I think ColliderFrosty might have mixed up something.
  7. I really liked the Beast's new song as well, and I also thought Luke Evans and Josh Gad were pretty good as Gaston and LeFou...but the rest of it was just pretty meh, especially the ballroom scene which is nothing compared to the original's ballroom scene. I didn't go to see it on opening weekend or anything either, just went and saw it a few weeks later because I was bored and there wasn't really anything else to do or go see and, well, it's B&TB, you can't really doink it up completely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Yep, it's the Lion King all right. That shot of Pride Rock especially looks spot-on. Hopefully it's not as mediocre as the live-action B&TB.
  9. 🤣 At this point I'll just wait to see what TrailerTrack says, they're the most accurate out of these Twitter "insiders" regarding trailers.
  10. Looking at his subsequent tweets it's just "omg I might have gotten A4's trailer release date wrong again, it MAY not be coming out next week because TLK's teaser is coming first." But he had to get all dramatic about it. I saw that initial "REALLY BAD NEWS" tweet and I was freaking out thinking Feige is quitting/was fired or some other actual bad news, then I saw it was just about "The trailer may not be coming out next week after all!!!!!" and I was just 🙄 Part of me hopes the Russos start counting down with a random letter every day, and when you unscramble the letters it makes the title.
  11. @biperaltas @abittles16 I’m mainly talking about what I saw on message boards to be fair, I don’t follow a lot of m… https://t.co/sBckKeitei

  12. RT @SusanEMcKibben: If, like me, you are concerned (appalled) about unaccompanied minors being lost in the system and immigrant children b…

  13. Meanwhile on the MCU side of things: https://t.co/fiX4vFji0D

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