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  1. I would love for Hildur to win.Not only she deserves it but it would actually be pretty cool if a woman wins this particular category .This is the most male dominated category, even more so than Director. Has a woman ever won this category?
  2. It’s very funny how twitter warriors have regrouped again and restarted their smear campaign.All these “verified” accounts and supposed scoopers attacking the movie after the nomination is ridiculous and predictable at the same time.One was even throwing tantrums at why Joker was nominated over Hustlers.smh. Anyway all Joker needs right now is a Producers Guild nomination to lock the best picture nomination.After it’s success in UK I wouldn’t rule out Bafta either.
  3. Honestly dropping from the first is a very real possibility but so is having a huge jump.For the time being I will say THG/CF kind of jump.So about 425M with the floor being 385M and the ceiling 480M.
  4. Honestly I only want to see Cheetah fully transformed once I get to see the entire movie.
  5. A superhero film about the Amazonians starring Robin Wright. Take my money...all of it...idc...
  6. The thing I don’t get...both the Black Canary And Huntress costumes from the comics could work on live action with some changes.I really don’t know why the decide to have such drastically different looks.
  7. The arrowverse is a badly acted, awfully written down right idiotic piece of shit. A disgrace for all the amazing characters.
  8. Shivers...holy shit...full grown ass man but I got goosebumps seeing Diana in action again... Only one gripe... why is Steve wearing Nike sneakers with a suit?
  9. No matter how you cut it what the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement achieved today is beautiful and great in and itself, on top of having raised more than 110.000$ To date for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention .
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