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  1. GoT S8, while shit in its entirety,proved one thing..that Emilia Clarke is a damn good actress and she deserves all the praise.Dany starting loosing it is even more impressive bit of acting when considering that all Emilia had in front of her was green walls.
  2. I liked it.Not quite as emotionally investing as the original but still fun.Had a smile on my face through out.And you just got to love the characters.Timon and Pumba...good lord I love them.Voice actors did a very good job.
  3. I don't think that both Marvel offering will get to close to either title.Hell as far as DOM goes,I can even see BoP maybe finishing above them. So for DOM i will go with WW84.Personally iv hink this will see a THG/CF-like bump and make it to 450M with 500M being a possibility(but it has to be really really good ).Mulan is the other contender here but I see an Aladding like run.I just can't see it getting to Beauty and the Beast levels and it will need to get there to pass WW84. WW for me it's obviously FF9 (sadly) with Mulan being second because China (which will help both to get over WW84).WW84 will see an increase internationally but I'm not sure it will get over 1B.Plus, I think the plethora of female led film coming before WW84 may hurt it.
  4. Teaser was alright but It looks...unfamiliar,strange.And I grew up with these films it shouldn’t feel like that.And i’m Still waiting for a live action Hercules.
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