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  1. This actually looks good? I’m Kind of surprised myself. Like I was so afraid that, like Maleficent, they would try to make seem good but, unlike Maleficent, there is no turning back for a person that later in her life tried to make a coat out of puppies. So I am pleased that they basically made Disney’s version of Harley Quinn. Still I don’t think Harley would hurt a puppy but she would surely massacre Cruella if she ever crossed paths with her.
  2. If so then WB will be utter idiots if they don't release HBO Max worldwide by then. So chances are HBO Max will still be US only on April 1st.
  3. In defense of the people, it didn't seem like WW84 would fall like that.
  4. Action sequences look insane but I hate these song in trailers so as trailer it was average but I am looking forward to the movie it self.
  5. Is Millie Bobby Brown basically playing the new version of Ann Darrow? edit: nvm
  6. This is the best that Harley has ever looked. If I had to rank them... 1.TSS 2.SS 3.BoP
  7. Even if continuity wasn't an issue here, It would be very difficult to believe that the wonder woman depicted in thisbpicture would grow up to be the wonder woman we saw in both of her films. Patty's Diana would never pose with the heads of her enemies like she is a jihadist. While I do love Snyder's DCEU movie I think this picture is taking it too far.
  8. Saw this a second time and yep...seems like I will be defending this movie for many years to come. I just love how sincere it is.
  9. The more you think about it, the better these numbers get. HBO Max being an alternative is one thing but a 1080p version of the movie made its way online very early on.
  10. Dare I say that Randolph i sort of...right? Had they added more action it would help soften the blow. This film really is 2 hours of talking. I like it because it lets the characters breath but I can get the complain. People have certain "requests" when it comes to comic book films and WW84 basically skips the main one.
  11. Darn online buzz for this changed drastically for this overnight.It's not BVS or SS level bad but still... Probably will get a new screenwriter to work along with Jenkins. Make it more serious and closer to the original film while requesting bigger action sequences. The problems people have are loud and clear. IMO Jenkins wanted to do an 80s Superhero film and she delivered in that aspect.
  12. Justice League was an atrocity. Sluice Squad was meh.Aquaman was average.Shazam was ok. BOP was good. WW84 was fantastic. MOS, WW and BVS UE are modern masterpieces. looking back is funny how my opinion of some of these movies has changed upon second viewing. I remember first time i watched SS I said it was very good.
  13. IMO you are missing the point. Steve is, let’s say, Diana’s anchor to humanity and ultimately her moral compass.It doesn’t have to be bad because he is a man.In Steve she sees that humans can be better and he restores her faith in them and her faith that they are worth fighting for. Ultimately, the choice is up to her. And it was not about joining the villain, it was about saving the world and keeping Steve. At the end he makes her realise that she can’t have both so she decides to let him go.
  14. Oh f. I thought that Jon Watts was the guy who directed TASM and not the previous two Spider-Man movies. Still nepotism can gets you far...
  15. Yeah Twitter seems to be liking the movie. IMDB is one of the internet’s hell holes.
  16. My friends today when we heard about cinemas staying closed until the end of January at the very least
  17. Nepotism will take you to places.... I mean why the hell that Jon Watts guy gets to direct Fantastic Four?
  18. If y If you ask me, it’s better than the two of them combined. X2. And I like BOP.
  19. The only result of the anemic numbers will be WB pushing for more action to appeal to the Chinese audience. But in all honestly I would not say no to an all out Amazonian war.
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