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  1. Pictured above is a known cinema in Athens but nothing compared to the Village Cinemas, by far the go to choice of Greeks, so imagine the lines there....fucking crazy.
  2. I think Phoenix is winning.It’s a performance that deserves a win,he is long overdue and the academy can’t afford to piss off the general audience once again.
  3. TBH I don’t think I would be attracted to a girl like Saoirse but good lord there’s something about her that I find so appealing...
  4. Eeehh her followers are probably not allowed to see this movie either way...
  5. So this just entered the top 10 titles in Greece of this decade and could very well find itself at the top.
  6. Holy shiiiiit!Joker just entered the top 10 movies of this decade in Greece with an unbelievable hold.Blew past Infinity War and could actually make a play for the top spot surpassing a much hyped local title which is less than 253.000 tickets away.Will definetly land somewhere in the top 5.Crazy.
  7. WB could pull Joker from theaters tomorrow ,not a single dollar to be made out off this movie again, and we would still be talking about one of the greatest BO performances of this decade.WOW.
  8. Potter was a “never the bride” situation.Even for today’s standards it’s OS runs of each film would be impressive, and without China.It’s the US that never warmed up to this franchise as it with others so Potter was stuck with 900+M for most of each film in the franchise.HP 1,5,6,7.1 would have made it imo.
  9. UK may see a second weekend of 10+M according to Rth.WTF this movie’s run is...well...crazy.It breaks all kinds of records across Europe and the numbers from Asia are great across the board.Australia saw a drop of only 25%.Fuck imagine he if it had a China release... I don’t think it would make the same numbers there because of the nature of the movie as a character study but we would be talking about the film potentially grossing 1B.Maybe it’s still a possibility without China? Overall,according to Rth OS weekend will be 115M (-24%)...fucking crazy...
  10. Just sitting here wondering why are we debating a 57M 2nd weekend of an R Rated drama/thriller.Hell even the early predictions that callled for a high 40s weekend seemed great to me.
  11. Definitely a great idea and they could even introduce Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Hell I was thinking the other day how Sophie in Joker was wearing a necklace with the letter S on it.Obviously it's the initial letter of her name but how cool would it be if the S had a double meaning and also stood for her daughter's name...Selina.
  12. You guys are amateurs...it's obviously gonna increase on its second weekend and break 100M.
  13. Should have clarified that I meant R Rated movies with the same release schedule as Joker.
  14. And both were PG-13 and have huge novelty and momentum.Now that i’m Thinking about it have any R Rated movie ever had a sub 50% drop on their 2nd weekend?
  15. No matter how you cut it...Joker's run is already amazing.We are talking about a hard R think piece/character study/social commentary film in the fall doing PG-13 Summer blockbuster numbers.Even the possibility of it doing 300M DOM is mindblowing.
  16. Holy shit Bravo @keysersoze123 !!You called it again mate !!
  17. Screenshot every freaking frame of this movie...that’s art.Phoenix’s performance is art.Score?Art.The vast majority of films nowadays whether indies or studio films,auteur directors or not, don’t have many different aspects , technicals or not, being top notch on their own and complimenting so well when put together.To me, that’s art. Throw in the film’s sociopolitical commentary and you get a must see film (imo).
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