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  1. *1989 and yes there's been easter eggs way before that. R2-D2 and C-3PO are in Raiders of The Lost Ark and Yoda's in ET.
  2. They never did Predator prequels lmao some people need to learn how to troll better jesus christ.
  3. Leave it to Slambros to make the 2nd dumbest thread of the year and the dumbest.
  4. That's your opinion but if you don't like them just avoid the threads. I don't like the JW franchise I don't post in the threads at all. Also you haven't even seen Mothra's actual design just a sketch based on pre-VFX
  5. When will you give it a rest and stop concern trolling the MonsterVerse over some silly grudge it's honestly tiresome.
  6. I like how you ignore the fact that you did this same concern trolling with Kong: Skull Island and trashed G-2014 to an obnoxious degree post release.
  7. it's funny how you literally complained about people trolling Jurassic World and yet you're back on your bullshit with the MonsterVerse.
  8. Mulder

    Thursday's Numbers: AM&TW $5.29M

    Iā€™d make a joke about this being a sign to cancel the MCU but some members have already said that unironically
  9. The top 5 divides aren't incredibly high though with the exception of Incredibles 2 which is still because it hasn't been released in 50% of the worldwide territories yet and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ((which is the main topic point here)), hell one of the two biggest divide is Infinity War with it making more internationally then domestically. Ready Player One's also in the domestic top 10, with 50 Shades Freed and Rampage not too far behind.
  10. No a lot of people ((including yourself)) said TF as a franchise would be fine because of how good the international take was, which back then was a sensible take, but it's clear now that international won't lap up bad sequels like The Last Knight or Pacific Rim: Uprising and even more divisive ones like Batman v Superman: DoJ or The Last Jedi impact international takes as well, like JL and Solo. FK also had sharp 2nd weekend drops in Europe as well so it's not limited to just America. I mean it's possible they do, but it's clear there's fatigue with the Jurassic Franchise and the reviews for FK are as bad as JP3 with a 60% audience rating on RT. That's not exactly something to aim for and with Trevorrow writing JW3 I don't see it changing.

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