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  1. If anything I think 'hit' is more relative to budget. Pikachu was a disappointment at 54 while John Wick is a massive success at 57.
  2. Which most people thought was impossible until the presales came in. Endgame doing it was no easy thing.
  3. Superhero=/=MCU. 300 is still a blockbuster number because of how hard it is to hit. A lot of MCU movies didn't hit 300 and one just last year didn't.
  4. Out of likes but thanks CoolEric! Aladdin sure is a conundrum.
  5. With the weekend done I'd like to thank everyone who was IN on this. This ended up being a pretty great club with Wick doing it by 3-4 million.
  6. Aquaman did a billion last year and 300+ million domestically last year not to mention Bohemian Rhapsody and MI Fallout. While MCU's def the top movie franchise rn, it's not just MCU and Pixar succeeding.
  7. Oh yeah it being a black carpet vs a red carpet is probably why there wasn't that many critics there in hindsight.
  8. The world premiere ended up not having many reactions actually which I think is why it didn't really do anything for KOTM. I saw about like...5? Maybe 6? I feel like the screenings on the 22nd will be where you get more reactions from. Hopefully that'll cause a bump. If it's the same as this time reaction wise, it'll probably have to wait until we get ((Hopefully good)) reviews to either make or break it's final days.
  9. Just to consider with the worldwide opening weekend, for some reason KoTM's release date has been pushed back in Spain and Poland. I don't know how much further this'll extend to the rest of Europe or other countries.
  10. The break is more on his own terms then anything imposed on him from what I've gathered.
  11. Curious how Pikachu's final Sunday went and well...it's identical to Aladdin except Pikachu was 7 tickets ahead of it. Doesn't bode well for Aladdin.
  12. Final count of today, only Thursdays- Godzilla: KoTM-125 (+2), 8 screenings (3 IMAX, 3 3D, 2 Regular) Aladdin-119 (+9), 7 screenings (2 IMAX, 2 3D, 2 Regular+Fan Screening) Final week Dark Phoenix-64 (+2), 6 screenings (1 IMAX, 2 3D, 2 Regular+Fan Screening) Slow day for KoTM and Dark Phoenix. I'll save my thoughts for Aladdin once I can comp it with Wick but...mmm.
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