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  1. It's...fine I guess. Dumbo's adorable though I'll give it that.
  2. Only thing I can see is the cliffhanger of John Wick 2 dragging people back in plus it probably being the last one, but we'll see how they market it. I just think it's competition is really fierce. May's probably going to be like March 2017 on steroids and we all remember the casualties of that ((Power Rangers and Ghost in The Shell)).
  3. I'd agree if not for it's really bad date. Avengers 4 and Detective Pikachu as well as ((hopefully)) Godzilla: King of The Monsters plus potentially Aladdin too.
  4. I'd agree on SW9 if it wasn't for the fact that multiple people are saying they're going to be course correcting in a big way. I think if anyone can pull off a save it's Star Wars. Also I took another glance over and I forgot that IT Chapter 2 is coming out next year. I think that'll also do more because September is still dead. Frozen 2's also a bit of a wildcard but that's far less certain.
  5. I'm skeptically true. I think a lot of these will decrease but I can't see Episode 9 with the course correction fall below TLJ, and I especially can't see Avengers 4 end up lower then IW, that cliffhanger alone will drag people in, the other big one that I can see surpassing it's sequel is Spider-Man: Far From Home. I'd hope for KoTM to increase but I doubt it, I'm thinking it'll end up with Skull Island numbers.
  6. Me and you have very different ideas and definitions of world building and I'll leave it at that.
  7. Yeah but then you're muddling the point here. Is it about small details ((Which the mainline games have plenty of)) or worldbuilding? I'd argue both of these points but this is the Pokemon thread not the SW or Middle Earth thread.
  8. Not really, people got really mad when Star Wars got into it's political stuff in the PT even if I was fine with it. Middle Earth I know the books get into stuff a bit more, but the movies really don't.
  9. Pokemon to me works best when it's more fantastical but that's just my take.
  10. Yeah that's the point of a spin-off game, to be able to do those things. It still doesn't really make it better then the mainline games in terms of worldbuilding or fleshing out the world when it's basically just building off of that. Those small details are nice but not really essential. That's not really what I'm talking about with Water Bottle, but Pokemon Go is still an exploration game in fact it's whole point is exploring the real world around you.
  11. Yeah fair enough, but a detective sherlock holmes-style story still isn't really Pokemon and that's fine, it's a spin-off game for a reason. I just take umbrage with saying it does the Pokemon world better then the mainline games.
  12. I'm not even saying Detective Pikachu is bad, but Pokemon isn't a murder mystery franchise at all. It's an exploration-adventure franchise, hell in terms of speaking Pokemon, the Mystery Dungeon franchise does that schtick better imo by mixing that with exploration and adventure.

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