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  1. You had a movie premiere? Congrats
  2. Honestly I was on it for a bit and maybe it’s chilled out but it didn’t feel much more welcoming to me then the main forums tbh. This isn’t to like shame anyone or anything just how I felt personally.
  3. A certain person on here being a Jordan Peterson supporter doesn't surprise me at all.
  4. I honestly had no idea Captive State was coming out until I saw it's trailer in the theater before Wandering Earth which was about a month ago.
  5. To clarify the Thanks is at the teenager who egged him. Fraser Annings deserves it.
  6. Because a certain political side that I'm a part of loves to ouroboros itself rather then come together.
  7. Mulder

    Thursday (03/14/2019) Numbers - Early Estimates.

    Not being talked about Heaven's Feel II, an anime movie in only 515 theaters with mostly only one showing did nearly 500k and was in the top 5 for the day- https://www.boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/ As a fan of the franchise super impressed by this.
  8. Took about 24 hours for the left to once more become an ourboros and tear itself apart over the recent news all because Chelsea Clinton attended a prayer vigil. 🙃
  9. I mean the projected weekend number is 9 million so pretty close.
  10. Looking at this weekend and seeing how well HTTYD3 seems to be holding up against Wonder Park, I feel like it's going to surpass HTTYD2 most likely.
  11. Mulder

    Thursday (03/14/2019) Numbers - Early Estimates.

    Thought this was supposed to make under 650 million worldwide though. 🤔
  12. Mulder

    Thursday (03/14/2019) Numbers - Early Estimates.

    Barely any drop?
  13. Complete desensitization towards other people tbh.

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