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  1. That's what I suspect they'll go with for a while which is fair. Do a JL2 once things are more concrete and on even ground.
  2. Yeah I don't see why they'd ditch Shazam either. The only film I can see them giving ((more)) pause on is Justice League 2 which I didn't expect to see for a while anyways. They might just use Flashpoint to reboot/retcon out stuff anyways at this point.
  3. I think the only project that's in development that's at risk because of this is Justice League 2.
  4. Aquaman's already filmed, Shazam's in pre-production. They might decide to ditch Shazam but that's not really tied to JL at all. The only project that would be incredibly at risk is Justice League 2.
  5. Even though I disagree with you I do appreciate the optimism, thanks. I hope they look to WW's success and just continue from there.
  6. Sigh. It sucks but at least I liked it. We'll see if it has good legs to do a Fantastic Beasts-esque come back but I won't expect that. Hopefully WB will look more to Wonder Woman then JL to decide what they'll do with the DCEU going forward. I really don't want them to give up on this universe.
  7. I mean there's nothing for me to apologize for? I mean you now just edited your post to be about something entirely different so.
  8. As has been said constantly, they don't own Rotten Tomatoes they have a minority stake in it. If you dig through this thread you'll find grim's post about it. EDIT: This also isn't even the first time they've done this JL's just the biggest one to get it yet
  9. You're pretty much as bad as the fanboys arguing everything's fine with JL, jesus christ you argue with literally anyone saying something positive. Baumer's about the opposite of biased about this imo he gave Cs to MoS and BvS.

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