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  1. This feels like cheating post-BP breakout but obviously IN.
  2. BP's 200 million debut is absolutely insane. What a crazy good debut that nobody saw coming.
  3. Keep Moon Knight to Netflix/Hulu imo. I'd rather the first Arab superhero on the big screen not be a nut case personally.
  4. Killmonger's way better then Overplayedki and Dulla tbh.
  5. It's hilarious to me that this is so bad Hasbro and Paramount have just decided to abandon it and the rest of the universe before release and seeing the reception it gets.
  6. Please actually see the movie first before saying stuff like that. Black Panther has a lot to say about a lot of things.
  7. Samson ended up doing so after disobeying God and being foolish. That's kind of the big point of his story.

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