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  1. Lmao I'm mainly going to ghost this weekend and while Deadline does have an issue with over predicting (John Wick) the level a certain few people on here will go to push the other narrative is hilarious. Not going to say Deadline's estimate will hold, lord knows it's Deadline, but people wanting it to fall the other way sure aren't subtle.
  2. Anyways, I'm out for the weekend. I'll see everyone on Monday maybe
  3. Walk-ups...isn't really Fandango. EDIT: Also again not all of Aladdin's pre-sales were going to it's Thursday and that's beyond the obvious fact that KoTM won't open anywhere near as high as Aladdin did.
  4. Final count for Godzilla: KoTM- 4:00 PM IMAX-44/302 4:00 PM 3D-6/117 5:00 PM 2D-31/107 7:00 PM IMAX-115/302 7:15 3D-15/117 8:15 2D-48/107 10:15 IMAX-40/302 10:30 3D-3/117 287/1471 aka 19.5% While that number might seem small, the total seat count is a lot higher then anything else I've tracked and a lot of that comes from IMAX.
  5. I mean it’s a underground tunnel system made mainly by an ancient advanced civilization. Makes sense to me.
  6. Yeah it's because of that but even then that bit's so short and not even like...related to the plot. I'm sure that wasn't what the person was talking about.
  7. Ask me in the spoiler thread/say it in more detail, I'm not sure what you mean.
  8. To further that, casual reminder The Thing got nominated for several Razzies and most reviews of 2001: A Space Odyssey (though KoTM is no where near as good as that) trashed it's script and story and only praised it's visuals.
  9. Except I've seen fresh reviews that actually praise the story and human characters.
  10. Though my favorite critique I've seen so far is the person in this thread saying the characters 'teleported' like we didn't see them on a plane or boat/underwater vehicle for most of the movie.
  11. Except a lot of us in the thread are saying the opposite where we're genuinely confused by what critics are saying about the human plot.
  12. I definitely agree it connected in Japan. If that means it's good though...well I've said my take on it there.
  13. Not really. I don't really remember a scene like the hospital ones in those three movies, or the Prayer For Peace scene in Gojira.
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