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  1. I just like to take any opportunity I can to talk about how Boss Baby is going to both bomb and flop.
  2. Boss Baby's final gross is going to be under B&TB's first weekend, likely well under. I don't think it'll be killing anything's legs.
  3. Out. Passengers - 36/128 Assassin's Creed - 21/65
  4. At this point, with all of Zootopia/Finding Dory/Moana looking like locked-in contenders and the tendency of voters in this category to reward skilled animation over script (see, the Lego snub), I think this category probably results in the biggest WTF of the year as the vote split between the three allows Kubo and the Two Strings to take the win.
  5. It's gonna be Lego Batman. GotG holds mostly flat from its first installment, hitting 350 or so. Spider-Man: Homecoming suffers a bit from the Batman Begins effect and does around 300. Justice League has the biggest opening yet for the DCEU but suffers from the same bad legs as the others in the franchise. Lego Batman brings in both the kids and the geeks to take in over 450M and take the Silver for 2017's overall box office race.
  6. Expect those lower-than-expected Friday numbers on Blair Witch to keep declining through the weekend. Just got out and word of mouth on this might be Fan4Stick-level bad.
  7. Out, 105M or so. This will have zero crossover appeal.
  8. Predictions for RT scores when all is said and done: Moana - 96% Sing - 91% Storks - 72% Trolls - 36%
  9. Top 10 of 2017 predictions!

    1. Star Wars: Episode VIII - 870M 2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - 435M 3. Lego Batman - 390M 4. Justice League - 365M 5. Beauty and the Beast - 360M 6. Wonder Woman - 345M 7. Despicable Me 3 - 330M 8. Spider-Man: Homecoming - 325M 9. Fast 8 - 318M 10. Thor: Ragnarok - 288M Honorable Mention - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (13th place, 245M, biggest surprise of the year)
  10. Best Picture predictions-2016!

    It feels like La La Land is going to run away with this, probably with Denzel winning Best Actor to minimize the backlash.
  11. Are you familiar with the term "black swan"? A unique, rare event that is impossible to predict. That's what Fan4stick was. Word of mouth was so bad that people were returning their tickets for Friday after hearing Thursday reports. There was NO way Ghostbusters was ever doing those numbers, barring apocalyptic critical response. Their biggest mistake was doubling down on making this a Paul Feig movie as opposed to a reboot/sequel to a beloved franchise. Thus, it performed like a Paul Feig movie, instead of the blockbuster it needed to be given the budget.
  12. 1. Suicide Squad - 49.1M 2. Pete's Dragon - 39.8M 3. Sausage Part - 23.5M 4. Florence Foster Jenkins - 12.3M 5. Jason Bourne - 11.6M 6. Bad Moms - 8.8M 7. The Secret Life of Pets - 6.9M 8. Star Trek Beyond - 6M 9. Lights Out - 3.1M 10. Nine Lives - 2.7M
  13. Dunkirk Under Fury (85m) Domestically

    I'm thinking roughly 140-160M, more if it gets Oscar noms. Out.
  14. Star Wars Rogue One over 600 mil DOM

    In, 535M and #1 domestic. Star Wars fever has never been higher and this will benefit.

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