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  1. Under $15m is understandable but $50m? Odd to think of a movie opening to $45m and Paramount having the contractual right to choose to send it to POV in 17 days when it has the possibility to run to $120m+. Theaters were really desperate to sign that.
  2. There was a lot of competition but it's one thing to be beaten by Batman, Indy or even Lethal Weapon 2 and Ghostbusters 2 but it was smoked by Turner & Hooch and came in under Karate Kid Part III. It opened 4th - in between the 4th weekend of Honey I Shrunk The Kids and a Peter Pan re-release. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/1989W28/?ref_=bo_rl_table_1 Living Daylights had fewer admissions than Moore's swan song nadir - A View To A Kill - so I gather they wanted to switch things up in terms of tone and style but it was also not what most of the audience w
  3. Even with weekly 50%+ drops SC will pass BBL. It's impossible for it to make less than $10m more off a $13m weekend. It should finish around $230m
  4. UK has been having good albeit not great numbers for awhile but this is the usual UK Bondmania in play.
  5. Reminds me of the last Fantastic Four with reviews dropping after people were already in the theater. Poor sods.
  6. Just a few seconds but what a downgrade for Bernardo. Yeah, I know George Chakiris was of Greek decent but he was SMOKING HOT as Bernardo and easily the most compelling man in the film as Morena was the most compelling woman. Deserving Oscar winners. (trivia he was cast by Jerome Robbins as Riff for the London production of WSS - but was considered too dark complexioned for Riff for the film so they gave him Bernardo)
  7. NYC Local Mon Tues Wed Thur Previews Start Venom 2 (-1 week) 67/2766 (8pm) 73/2766 (8pm) 80/2766 (6pm) 88/2766 (9pm) 4:00 PM Venom 2 4:00 PM Shang-Chi (-1 week) 78/140
  8. Thanks to Blankments liking I unearthed this gem and it deserves a place n this topic
  9. More than that, it was a movie about Hollywood and movies and Hollywood loves movies about Hollywood and movies. Which is why it was a shocker it lost to Moonlight.
  10. NYC Local (Regal) Mon Tues Wed Thur Previews Start Venom 2 (-1 week) 67/2766 (8pm) 73/2766 (8pm) 4:00 PM Venom 2 4:00 PM Shang-Chi (-1 week) 78/1402
  11. Interesting list https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/hollywoods-20-favorite-films-decade-1264272/the-kings-speech-2010/
  12. It's $23m+ behind TWS ($200.5m - 3rd w/e) - I don't see it making $14m up on it. I'd say $240m is the high end with $230m more likely.
  13. Hers is the absolute worst but add in the treatment and story resolutions of Eve and M and it's just rancid.
  14. YOLT is by far my least favorite Connery but Connery sleepwalking through the role >>>>>>>> Craig Skyfall is the biggest load of misogyny ever perpetrated by a 007 film - after The Man With The Golden Gun but at least with the latter producers didn't bleat on about how modern and progressive it was.
  15. NYC Local Regal Venom 2: 40/2766 1.45% (Day 11) 32% of SC / $2.85m Again, SC wildly over performed here. I won't have any other comps until next week and not great ones. Joker was very pre-sale heavy like SC and SS was pfft in pre sales. Bond: 13/1154 1.11% (Day 2)
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