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  1. Initial audience bad reactions to horror films are usually b/c there's not enough horror for the hard core horror preview audience. Too much comedy or too much moody arthouse and ...
  2. The production cost is a fraction of the P&A. The average P&A for a wide release horror in the U.S. is about $35m. Let's say this was on the extreme low end for Universal the P&A was still probably around $20-25m
  3. Mulan Doolittle Black Widow The Eternals Raya and the Last Dragon In The Heights Soul Onward The Two Popes Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  4. @AndyLL BOM also says in it's write up that Uncut Gems and Bombshell are limited this week.
  5. Yes. Checked at 6:30pm and it's sold 7 more across two shows with the first show starting at 7:15pm. Dr Sleep (5pm at a 6pm start - 53/512 - $1.5m previews --- > .87m previews Zombieland 2 (6pm for a 7pm start): 95/1478 - $2.85m pre --> .93 previews Avg of these two comps - 900k
  6. Are Bombshell and Uncut Gems actually going wide this w/e? Does anyone have theater counts?
  7. With a 4pm start the multi will probably be lower than 13x. Might be closer to 10x
  8. NYC Local NYC Local Mon Tues Wed Thur Previews Preview Start Jumanji 2 72/1864 (4pm) 120/3381 (5:30pm) 141/3381 (5:30pm) 178/3381 (4pm) 4:00 PM Black Christmas 22/512 (4pm) 24/512 (5:30pm) 24/512 (5:30pm) 24/512 (4pm) 7:00 PM COMP THUR: TLK: $7.35m Joker: $3.115m Frozen 2: $4.97m Godzilla 2: $5.497m Mal 2: $4.265m Zombieland 2: $5.34m TLK and Joker are the outliers in terms of walk ups Others range in genre but are all sequels. None are ideal comps but from this theatre it looks like $4.3m - 5m+ in previews
  9. NYC Local NYC Local Mon Tues Wed Thur Previews Preview Start Jumanji 2 72/1864 (4pm) 120/3381 (5:30pm) 141/3381 (5:30pm) 4:00 PM Black Christmas 22/512 (4pm) 24/512 (5:30pm) 24/512 (5:30pm) 7:00 PM COMPS WED TLK: $7.30m (6pm) Joker: $3.45m (4pm) Hobbs & Shaw: $4.52m (7pm) Frozen: $5.76m (6pm) Weak Wed sales has it dropping against all comps - most notably H & S - probably it's best comp. Full chart under cut
  10. It's not as if the first was considered great or even very good and any sequel would most likely drop from it critically. Most critics had the first at borderline enjoyable with a 6.2 avg (5.98 top critics)and this one is early at 47 reviews with 6.3 (6.18).
  11. My local went crazy with adding Jumaji showings though not sure why considering the early sales.. It's now up to 12 showings. This has 150 more seats than TLK for previews and 600 or so more than Frozen and Joker. Maybe they're trying to get all possible Jumanji business b/4 it sheds screens for SW (I can't post my chart since Google Docs is being funky and it won't cut and paste here) Jumanji 2: 72/1864 (4pm) / 120/3381 (5:45pm) Black Christmas 22/512 (4pm) / 24/512 (5:45pm) Tues TLK: 294/3228 (6pm) - $9.38M Joker: 399/3536 (4pm) - $4m Frozen: 169/ 2724 (4pm) - $6m Maleficent 2: 42/1154 - $6.57m Mon: H&S: 60/1543 - $6.96m I don't think any of these are great comps since it should be more walk up heavy than Joker and far less than TLK or even Frozen. It's pacing better than H&S show as of Monday (H&S sold 180 tickets by Wed so we;ll see if that holds) and that did $5.8m in previews, Anyhow, my comps are much higher than everyone elses. Could be NYC overperforming.
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