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  1. The theater version is 2:30 hrs with an intermission which are 10-120 minutes so they already have the quality material for that length.
  2. It's been 25 years. Tastes change and different types of animation have become more popular. Even by the early 2000's great movies like Lilo & Stitch and Emperor's New Groove weren't making the kind of money they should have while Shrek was thriving. Look at Laika and Salon - which gave us Kubo & Song Of The Sea in the same year. It didn't matter that both were visually stunning beautiful stories. Stop motion & hand drawn animation aren't that commercial.
  3. They made a billion b/c they weren't 2D. That's just the sad reality of the current animated market outside of Japan.
  4. Princess & The Frog was great. Wonderful capable driven heroine, fun and different hero, scary villain, fun sidekicks and fantastic music - beautifully animated.
  5. I'd easily place Moana and Zootopia above it - both exceptional movies I also preferred Princess & The Frog. Oh what the heck - a 2008 -2018 WDAS ranking (4-7 could all easily be switched around) Moana Zootopia Princess & the Frog Wreck It Ralph Frozen Tangled Big Hero Six Bolt WIR2 (easily the weakest but the Princess scenes - especially the rescue were A +)
  6. It's Hamlet without the final all encompassing blood bath. Or Hamlet, if Hamlet was smarter and more emotionally mature and stable. And cuter and fluffy. With more catchy tunes.
  7. No, not since they ended their Dreamworks partnership with Spielberg (and full ownership was the main reason)
  8. WB got it late. They bought it for $38.5m from Weinstein when the shit hit the fan. https://variety.com/2017/film/news/paddington-2-warner-bros-weinstein-co-1202615746/
  9. I thought low 2s looking at my local but Fandango comps to other comedies and even movies like AM&TW and JWFK from this week look more like low 3s though. Father's Day could mean a near flat Sunday so I wouldn't be surprised with a 12-13x It could open anywhere from low 20s to mid 30s. Hopefully numbers later today clear things up a bit.
  10. MC's critics are overwhelmingly the same as RT top critics. The difference in avg is because they assign scores to non score/grade reviews and have their own weighted algorithm based on publication.
  11. Looking at Fandango pre-sales, surprisingly it might hit low to mid 30s with previews in the low 3s. Internal multi will be boosted by Father's Day
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