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  1. TBF he also lectured about the importance of hot lunch, when on fire to stop drop & roll and head lice (alas only on the BR)
  2. Odds are - AEG, AIW, TWS, IM, BP, GOTG, Avengers, Thor: Raganok are on the list to come
  3. @The Panda - re your Chris Evans count. He cameo'd in SM:HC and if it counts the end credit of Captain Marvel (though that's really a scene from AEG just moved to the end of CM)
  4. The issue is that re-shoots were not pre-scheduled (or built in the budget) as with MCU so none of the actors or crew were under contract to return during a particular time period. They had the same problem with Phoenix. So even when they supposedly wanted to do re-shoots they couldn't at that time b/c schedules weren't open or they couldn't use all the actors they wanted. Poor planning and producing by Kinsberg..
  5. She's #1. But Batman interfering in her trying to kill her own murderer makes it non contender for me. 😛
  6. I wonder though if Nebula's signals in 2013 might have triggered Nebula 2013 as well? Thanos could have possibly tracked her at any time in the past - provided he was near Nebula when it happened or she, Gamora or one of his "children" reported it back to him
  7. They would have left empty handed b/c I doubt there's any love to sacrifice there. Which means getting the stone the only other time and places they knew of. On Titan when Thanos was fighting Tony & Co or before Thor didn't swing for the head or when he had a full glove of Stones before he snapped them into disintegrating. All instances would have meant interacting with Thanos and if successful getting the stone would have created a split timeline where we still wound up with two of him. But maybe they could have killed him quick again. Or maybe they died trying to get the stone and failed (Strange Future looks #7,934,831, # 2,845,234, and #57)
  8. All the B.O. noted in this countdown have been U.S. Domestic
  9. They like it as much as the general critics to 6.56 avg. Solid. Looking at the RT % alone though and their increasingly silly consensuses w/o avg - especially this week doesn't tell the full story Angry Birds 2: 74% /5.68 avg Like its non-aerodynamic title characters, The Angry Birds Movie 2 takes improbable yet delightfully entertaining flight, landing humorous hits along the way. Where'd You Go, Bernadette 45% / 5.51 avg Where'd You Go, Bernadette offers dispiriting proof that a talented director, bestselling source material, and terrific cast can add up to far less than the sum of their parts. Uh, huh
  10. Nah, the $2B B.O. that lead to the sequel having the biggest opening of all time clearly showed tepid approval
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