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  1. http://www.gamesradar.com/avengers-infinity-wars-heroes-take-coffee-breaks-in-costume-and-karen-gillan-cannot-deal/ Avengers: Infinity War's heroes take coffee breaks in-costume and Karen Gillan "cannot deal"
  2. I don't think anyone was tracking Moana on the Fandango Meter last year.
  3. 26.7 avg (5pm) Another comp Ninjango: 7 (5:10pm), 11 (7:30pm) Cars ratio -> $2.2m in previews DSM3: ratio -> $3.04m in previews Moana's preview to OD on Wed ratio is 6 If the same ratio follows on a holiday Tues to Wed for Coco: $13.2m - $18.4m OD Moana OD to 5 Day opening was 5.28 - $69.7 - 97.15 (mind the gap!) It's also outpacing Ninjago on it's Thur but I don't think it has previews but Coco did 3.81 x the sales avg Clear as mud but I don't think we're looking at a Dino sized opening.
  4. 96% Average Rating: 8.2/10 Reviews Counted: 70 Fresh: 67 Rotten: 3 90% Average Rating: 8.3/10 Reviews Counted: 20 Fresh: 18 Rotten: 2
  5. The original article at Forbes goes far more in depth https://www.forbes.com/sites/robcain/2017/11/20/warner-bros-faces-a-possible-50m-to-100m-loss-on-justice-league/ It has it pegged for a O/S 2.1 multi and a $635m WW total. BvS's o/w w/e was inflated by Good Friday & Easter in addition to have poor WOM so the O/S multi should be a bit higher A realistic target is $700m WW which according to him might then turn a profit.
  6. Not this early in the day and it's difficult with a Tues Previews/Wed opener and the other big openers were in summer - though Wed has many schools off as well Thur Preview Day/Friday openers comps DSM3: 36 (5:20pm) ($4.1m previews/ $29m OD) Cars: 34 avg (4:30pm) ($2.8m previews/ 19.5m OD) No Meter #s for Moana but it $2.6m Tues previews for a $ 15.58m OD and a $82m 5 day
  7. http://www.pajiba.com/miscellaneous/chinese-movie-theaters-promoting-justice-league-use-poster-showing-brutal-death-of-marvel-heroes.php
  8. Fandango Meter Coco: 11.2 (8:50am), 16.75 (10:30am)
  9. Disney has Alan Horn, Kennedy, Feige and Lassiter. That helps.
  10. The visuals were ugly and green screened to hell and back in the first teaser trailer and that was Snyder. Whedon's re-shoots were mostly dialogue and character interactions. He did re-shoots for one month. Snyder filmed for six months.
  11. Script doctors often keep their names out of it to keep from being sullied. He was reportedly doing that as a favor as part of his new relationship with the studio. Extending that to directing for a thankless position is another matter. As for a fee above and beyond the norm it depends what one considers exorbitant for the writer/ director of two movies that made over $2.9b when your linchpin team up movie you hope will your Avengers is in disarray. Do you suddenly get cheap with $300m and a cinematic universe worth billions on the table? Or what @Barnack said above.

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