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  1. Maybe Fandango 2 hrs 8 minutes Movie Tickets 2 hrs 7 minutes The only obvious wrong one is RT
  2. Thanks. No need to reopen this topic until then.
  3. It's location restricted for some reason but it still shows numbers of views
  4. Complete fantasy along with the solo album bullshit which was no big deal since others also did solo albums and Freddie's was the most successful.
  5. 33 YT channels over 1m, many are international or foreign language Marvel 86,819,642 Film Select 21,051,320 Fandango Movie Clips 11,939,405 IndiaMarvel (hindi) 11,199,802 Film Select Espanol 9,140,946 Trailers TC 9,047,131 Ingresso 7,724,403 MovieTrailers Entertainment 5,741,987 Marvel Latin America 5,382,701 KinoCheck Int'l 5,137,127 IndiaMarvel (eng) 5,123,330 Game Spot 4,168,961 Marvel Espana 3,186,829 SensaCine 3,180,006 Marvel Russia 3,001,076 SensaCine - Spanish 2,999,295 MTV Int'l 2,834,400 India Marvel (tamil) 2,780,160 Marvel Brazil 2,713,679 Marvel UK 2,535,786 Melhores Trailers de Filmes 2,254,907 Film Select Italiano 1,992,270 Film Select Deutch 1,692,422 Film Select Thailand 1,649,682 Film Select France 1,539,819 The Sun 1,528,296 Trailers TC Spanish 1,508,076 ComicBook.com 1,465,870 TV Guide 1,460,599 Bakchod House (hindi) 1,349,645 Films Actu (VF) 1,228,239 Soft Box Türkiye (turkish) 1,148,942 The name does matter. The Super Bowl Ad is named Big GAME TV Spot on the main channel but Super Bowl on the next two biggest Marvel 18,707,318 KinoCheck Int'l: 23,696,807 Movie Access: 12,617,780 (~65m across YT channels)
  6. It's been awhile, so I know you're all dying for the ever important trailer view update (so important I forgot to post it about 2 weeks ago) AEG - 9 weeks YT (over 1m views): 224.56m Marvel Twitter: 43.3m Marvel FB: 37.5m AIW 8 weeks / 11 weeks YT (over 1m views): 180m/ 201.2m Marvel FB: 69.556m / 69.856m Marvel Twitter: 7.3m
  7. Hopefully not since he left handling Queen to focus more on Elton. He was never fired by Queen. https://mashable.com/article/bohemian-rhapsody-truth-lies/#gGsNvpqkMaqp
  8. TalismanRing

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. Avengers: Endgame 2. Dumbo 3. Captain Marvel 4. The Lion King 5. Knives Out 6. Spider-Man: Far From Home 7. Frozen 8. Yesterday 9. Missing Link 10. JoJo Rabbit
  9. - I'm watching this for the fight and it needs to be completely crazy / anime-esque in order to please me - As expected from an anime avatar That's an awful lot to read into that response
  10. They've already affected the Want To See numbers - just like with BP - so can we just 🤐 the RT Audience score is low discussions.
  11. Cute movie but after all the raves I expected something more - more quirky, more heartfelt and far more romantic.
  12. Can we have point totals? I'd like to see how close or far apart in rankings everything was
  13. CM is opening a month later. That will be less than 7 weeks until EG. Then again Marvel haven't even released a main poster for EG yet - just the teaser with the Avengers logo.

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