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  1. It's shame it's a dud critically and B.O. wise as well as being in limbo for 7 freaking years. The Moon & The Sun won the Nebula in 1998 over Game Of Thrones - it's a lovely novel. I'm always wondering why there are so many great books that aren't adapted but then this happens or even worse the brilliant Winter’s Tale is butchered - so maybe it's for the best if they're left alone.
  2. I think even though the list will be 69 that the list limit is 40 for the main list (20 for the other) because of @Cap's scoring grids. Is that right Cap?
  3. I understand why they chose this song for The Oscars before the release. It's not as fun or catchy as Bruno or Surface Pressure but it's a beautiful song stunningly sung. The song limit per film though is a joke.
  4. NYC Regal (Local) Thur: 6:30pm Scream: 183/1242 COMPS: Halloween Kills: $5.35m Candyman: $5.89m Invisible Man; $4.31m Zombieland 2: $5.49m Dr Sleep: $5.18m Avg: $5.22m
  5. NYC Regal (Local) (10pm) Scream: 122/1242 COMPS: Halloween Kills: $5.19m Zombieland 2: $5.19m Dr Sleep: $6.53m Invisible Man: $4.19m It 2: $5.36m
  6. NYC Regal (Local) Tues: 8pm Scream: 95/1242 COMPS: Halloween Kills: $5.83m Zombieland 2: $5.11m Dr Sleep: $5.09m Invisible Man: $3.56m It 2: $6.07 (Monday)
  7. The Irishman is a slog. Buried in an unneeded 90 minutes of story and character flab and distractedly bad facial VFX. DeNiro constantly being referred to and framed as a young man for a good chunk of the film was ridiculous. The grocery store scene - I thought he was in danger of falling and breaking a hip. Worse, DeNiro's is a drag of a central character. Unlikable is fine but he's dull as shit - completely uncompelling - why should I care when he ends up an immoral dried husk of an unloved old man when he was always that. The father daughter stuff lands like a wet fart. Al ("you pe
  8. For that cast and genre it's a very reasonable budget. Too bad they didn't have a good script and director instead of just a concept and Kinsberg.
  9. Spider-Man falls to it's lowest daily gross. What a unique box office occurrence! I know it must get tedious writing a new SM B.O. article every day but get it together Deadline.
  10. NYC Regal (Local) (THUR)(6pm) 355: 10/514 (7pm start) COMPS Rhythm Nation: 183k (7pm start) Charlies Angels: 450k (4pm) The Gentlemen: 221k (7pm) Birds Of Prey: 241k (6pm) Kings Man: 470k (4pm) Avg is 313k but will probably be closer to the 7pm starters so I don't know - maybe 250k
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