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  1. Great film. If I'd thought of this as horror it would have been on my list. Looking at some others on my list it should have been. It's been on TV half a dozen times the last year and almost every time I caught it I watched it until the end.
  2. NYC Local (5pm) Dune: 178/1753 (69% sales are PLF - down from 83%) RGW: 1/496 (went down from 3...) DUNE COMPS Venom 2: $6.8m Ad Astra: $6.5m Ford v F: $5.7m Bond: $5.64m TSS: $4.88m BW: $4.71m BOP: $4.5m Joker: $3.12m OUATIH: $3.08m SCC: $3.08m $4.8m avg. In preview sales Venom 2 under performed here by about 30% and SC over performed by about 50%. If I subtract both the avg is almost the same at $4.76m. Joker was also very pre-sale/preview heavy here. On the other end AA and FF didn't have any
  3. NYC Local (5pm) Dune: 88/1753 (83% sales are PLF. 2 regular screens added) RGW: 3/496 DUNE COMPS Venom 2: $5.49m Ad Astra: $5.07m Bond: $4.9m TSS: $4.68m It 2: $3.87m BW: $3.56m Ford v F: $3.49m BOP: $3.32m OUATIH: $3.21m Joker: $2.16m
  4. Menzel is a disingenuous clown. He gave the theatrical cut of JL 8.5/10. Called it "great". https://weliveentertainment.com/welivefilm/justice-league-review-the-most-fun-you-will-have-at-the-movies-all-year/
  5. NYC Regal Local (6:30pm) Dune: 70/1242 RGW: 1/496 DUNE Comp TSS: $5.07m V2: $5.04m Bond: $4.3m As Astra: $4.04m OUATIH: $3.47m TOP: $3.33m FvF: $3.06m Joker: $2.33m
  6. I thought Madden was very good (and extremely hot) in Bodyguard except for the last episode which was written and played way OTT to almost the point of parody in an otherwise mature, taught and thrilling series.
  7. NYC Local Regal (6pm) Dune: 47/1242 (35 are first show RPX) RGW: 1/496 (yes one ticket) DUNE Comps Venom 2: $4.16m Bond: $3.49m TSS: $3.79m It 2: $3.36m BW: $2.6m Ford v F: $1.97m Joker: $1.9m
  8. Only two percent of moviegoers turning up to see Ridley Scott’s A-list The Last Duel on opening weekend were 17 or younger, while just 17 percent were between the ages 18 and 24. The 2% were probably the ones that couldn't find babysitters. It's a Rated R movie about rape in the middle ages. Did they think a bunch of 6-16 yr olds were dying to see this?
  9. Bond isn't a front loaded franchise. Even Specter had a 2.86 multi. O/S - it's doing great. Domestically as pointed out - not so great. It's total might come under DAD and CR - movies that came out 19 and 15 years ago.
  10. Deadline said the U.S. TV ad spend for The Last Duel was $15-16m. About what they spent on Ad Astra. Pretty healthy. Even WDAS and Marvel films usually only get around low 20s. As it stands theatrically it won't make back it's TV spend. They also debuted it at Venice. Reviews there though weren't great so it didn't get the requisite buzz and boost. Better reviews came later but too late. It wasn't a dump. The theatrical audience just wasn't there. It's sitting at 80% on RT verified audience so even the audience that showed up aren't wildly enamored.
  11. If they're removed do you want a re-submitted list or just leave it and they're discounted Coraline, W&G: COTWR are easilly both horror even if the later is a comedy like Young Frankenstein.
  12. Imperial Army + Death Stars + Psychos w/ Force should be harder to defeat than lone psycho with a knife
  13. Not that I know of. B.O. Mojo used to have weekly theater counts but I can't find them on their site, nor on The Numbers
  14. Bingo. Bible, Quotations from Chairman Mao, Koran Though just found another list which excludes those three (religious and political) and has Don Quixote (500m) and Tale of Two Cities (200m) above it https://jamesclear.com/best-books/best-selling
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