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  1. My aunt has been released from the hospital, and is home now. Nobody else (to my knowledge) has contracted COVID from the dinner. ☺️
  2. Found out today that my aunt has COVID, and she's in the hospital now. She's not vaccinated due to health issues, and everyone who went to Thanksgiving with her is being tested. Luckily she wore a mask at dinner and the other people's tests so far are coming back negative.
  3. Horn is also oddly enough the first Disney Studios head since the creation of the label in 1983 to retire of his own accord - Berger, Cook, and Ross were all forced out, while Katzenberg, Hoberman, Schneider, and Roth left to start their own production companies. All but the latter three had openly tumultuous relationships with whoever the CEO at the time was as well.
  4. The Princess and the Frog opened at #1, but that was after two weekends of limited release. To my knowledge, Tarzan in 1999 was the last (purely) hand-drawn animated film to hit #1 on its first weekend. EDIT: I totally forgot about The Simpsons Movie.
  5. It's funny, my family and I still refer to end-credits scenes as "jumping monkeys" because of the stinger in The Curse of the Black Pearl (i.e. "Are there any jumping monkeys at the end?", "We have to stay for the jumping monkey.", "How many jumping monkeys are there?", etc.). That was really our introduction to them. I am enjoying Loki so far, and I can't wait to see how it wraps up.
  6. That happened to me twice as well in a North Carolina AMC, my dad and I went to see a matinee showing of Edge of Tomorrow but the showing was cancelled because we were the only two who bought tickets. Same thing a year later with Pan with both my parents. I have no idea what they showed instead. The emptiest showing I ever had at that theater (or any theater) was Victor Frankenstein, which was just me, my parents, and some other guy. I guess four tickets was the number they needed to sell to show films. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Sony has just moved Oh Hell No to that weekend next year.
  8. It really hit me watching this teaser that I have no idea who any of these characters are, which is the first time that I've felt that way about a Marvel movie since Guardians of the Galaxy. I kind of like not knowing. A good teaser that I'm sure looks better on a bigger screen than my phone. I'm looking forward to this one!
  9. I got my second shot on Friday, three weeks after my last one (give or take a couple of hours ). After the first shot I had back pains along with pain at the injection site, but the second shot also gave me general muscle aches, fatigue, chills/sweats, a headache, and nausea. Not a fun day yesterday, but luckily it seems like the worst is over. I'm grateful to have had them.
  10. So this was a year that I was completely in the dark on. Aside from Infinity War I really didn't follow any box office news, and I remember being surprised upon finding out that Aquaman and Incredibles 2 made a billion like a year after they did so lol. I'm very much looking forward to 2019, thank you @Eric Gardner!
  11. 2017 was the year that I kind of stopped coming here (and discussion boards in general) for personal reasons, so it's interesting looking back at the runs of these films and thinking that I wasn't following them from a box office standpoint but from a film goer standpoint. I remember hearing about It and Wonder Woman doing well, as well as The Last Jedi's run, but I had no idea that Beauty and the Beast was #2 or that Thor: Ragnarok was the lowest grossing of the MCU movies that year. Then stuff like Get Out and The Greatest Showman, whose runs I would have loved to follow if I had known.
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