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  1. Even the mixed reviews will be positive enough for rotten tomatoes and I don’t think critics even matter with this film. It’s going to easily crack a billion, maybe 2. I’m going to split it and go for 1.75 billion.
  2. I’m not saying the box office was bad at all this weekend but Stranger Things appealed to me much more than any of the other horror offerings this weekend.
  3. It’s an indie film not a blockbuster. All I hope is with this cast, the various fan bases don’t cause the likability of this film to implode. I feel sorry for the older actors.
  4. TLK surely didn’t need Aladdin to do well on a holiday weekend. TLK will be massive because it is TLK. Opening weekend will beat BatB’s opening easily.
  5. What’s weird is it didn’t feel like a Ritchie film at all. It was your typical remake., no better or worse. I can’t help but think Disney had such control of filming he was creatively muted.
  6. I don’t get the concern over Shazam’s box office. The sequel has already been greenlit. Does the box office really matter?
  7. Well at least Harbour will have Black Widow coming up next year.
  8. Could the drop be due to not having a big name in the movie? I really wasn’t overly impressed with its opening weekend numbers but whatever, it already has a sequel greenlit.
  9. Was this type of comment necessary? It gets a little old hearing white actors/ actresses described as Mayo or white bread.
  10. I like the idea of Golding or Elba being Bond. I guess the books are pretty specific he is white but I don’t think that matters for the movies. Has Craig officially bowed out? Or is this fan casting for the next movie 10 yrs down the road?
  11. I haven’t followed the breakdowns either. After all the alita challenge - pitting this movie against CM - I have very little patience for these games. Obviously it would be great if both movies were successful. Representation matters.
  12. Please quit saying sjw’s we’re against this movie. They weren’t. See the thing is women supported both. It is possible to be a feminist and supporter of both movies. It’s getting a little old reading men trying to pit women against women.
  13. Ahh I didn’t realize that was still ongoing. Thanks for the info.
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