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  1. Yes theoretically. Wednesday through Saturday should all be pretty similar gross wise, maybe even close to flat day to day.
  2. Well if he's ever gonna do a Bond film, the next one after Craig is done will probably be it. But I doubt he will, he's got too good of a thing going with WB where he can make whatever the hell he wants.
  3. I don't think it is connected to Inception though this will no doubt be endlessly debated until release.
  4. Tenet could be the big breakout of the summer. The calendar works out for it so well. It's got very little demo competition before it releases and practically none after release. Should have wonderful late summer legs and it will open to 50m+ minimum if the reviews are good.
  5. Definitely feels like a 2014-esque year next year. But that does leave room for a few breakouts. Could be less boom and bust and more things doing just well.
  6. I agree with the frustration with setting everything in that era,. But if we are talking about safe bets that would for sure be one. Would appeal massively to both fans and the GA and you could do it at a lower budget level realistically (like 150 or so). I would love a very hammy young Palpy movie.
  7. I mean the obvious answer is doing a Vader movie hunting down Jedi between ROTS and ANH. That would for sure be a massive hit.
  8. If they wanted to do it KOTOR would be cool, but that seems to be the most basic answer on something that can appeal to the fanbase, still feel familiar enough for the GA with the traditional SW elements, but add enough new freshness to where they can market it differently and get out of the OT's orbit
  9. I still think the 2022 movie will happen. They are already planning an extended break (well as extended as we get in the franchise world of today). But I concede it may end up in the weird middle ground where it's simultaneously been too long where SW has left the general public's consciousness and not long enough to get nostalgia for the franchise to build back up.
  10. Maybe. I'm sure there would have been cool stuff and I don't want to discount that George would have made something more interesting and unique with the world he would have built than what we ended up getting. But it probably would have been less focused on character, which I think the first 2 movies of the ST excelled at (and which George really let slide in the prequels).
  11. From what we’ve heard about George’s treatments for 7-9, they sound very in the weeds about the mechanical workings of the force. It would have been very George Lucas, for better and for worse.
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