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  1. Having been to quite a few advanced screenings, most are for press reviews and all have elements of WOM building (which is why the tickets are free) though most are simply a screening of the movie, like what Han is saying. Sometimes you get interviews with cast/creators. Crowds are as excited and enthusiastic as any you will see, since A. they overbook so it's pretty much a guaranteed full house B. because of that people have waited up to hours in line to see the movie to ensure they get a spot C. tends to be a more fanbase crowd for that movie and D. it's a free fucking movie. I've seen a few Marvel movies early and the crowds have been on another level. The best ones I've been to from a crowd perspective are probably Creed and Get Out, audience went crazy for both to an extent I have never really seen during a standard showing. Like there was literally people giving standing ovations during the movie.
  2. I think it's extremely difficult (and costly) to set up foreign distribution networks for newer studios, so it's both safer and more economical to just sell the OS distribution rights to cover costs, even for a bigger studio like Lionsgate.
  3. Wow what a truly terrible numbe.... Oh wait, it's grossed over 2,5b? Some of you need to pull your heads out of your asses.
  4. The finale could still be great, despite the haphazard way we've gotten there over the past few seasons. Have no idea watching why the last 2 seasons weren't 10 episodes each. I'm generally not a fan of padding out time, but an extra 7 hours would have done a lot to not race through everything like they have done these past 2 seasons through necessity.
  5. Could be. Maybe Rian's trilogy in this scenario gets a summer date in odd years because I can't see him holding off until 2028.
  6. For real though, the release date change is probably Disney's doing more than anything. Pretty easy to sell Cameron on more production time for the sequels and alternating with SW every Christmas (I don't think SW was gonna be ready for 2021).
  7. SS2 doesn't seem very Christmasy to me, but sure. Just think it would be a pretty ideal date for WW.
  8. Also this will become the longest movie thread in this forum's history, if only through attrition
  9. Today should see a very strong increase.
  10. I actually really liked that episode. Felt like it got a little bit back to old GOT. I always wanted a pretty dark ending which is what we're going to clearly get.
  11. EG is definitely a trend breaker in that regard, but I think it just shows the change in the industry towards more IP/franchise driven film-making. Ultimately, EG is a culmination of something never really achieved before in cinema (though there are similarities shared with HP), which is driving interest in the movie beyond the core audience from these films and sending it into the heights of the very biggest films of all time.
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