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  1. Simply a huge step backward for DOM box office tracking. No other way to spin it.
  2. Is Pulse just totally down? Not getting updates on the tracker.
  3. I do think the end of the saga thing will get more pronounced as we get closer to release, and is a solid hook, even if it's not as good of a hook the first time around it was used in ROTS' marketing.
  4. Don't know anything about the plot, but I fully expect it to be 2021. The every 2 years thing seems to be what they are going for.
  5. Again I don't understand this. Still has a shot at 400m, certainly will make high 300s. How is being the #4 Pixar movie ever (unadjusted) a flat out disappointment?
  6. TLK tracking put's it near 200m IMO. Above I2 and TS4 as well as tied with BATB (a spring opening), means in the summertime it is likely to be higher.
  7. This is a really silly conversation. This is gonna end in the mid 80s to low 90s. Plenty good enough.
  8. Yeah it's screening tonight all over the country, gonna get tons of reactions tonight.
  9. This was really, really good. No doubt it will have very good legs, crowd absolutely ate it up. Don't know if I really want another Toy Story, but at this point, I can't really doubt Pixar's ability with this franchise.
  10. Obviously fantastic increase. My showing in a 250 seat theater last night was nearly full. Really fantastic movie, WOM should continue to be excellent, it will completely win over the skeptics.
  11. As good as the recent crop of SW trailers have been (besides Solo, I guess), the BTS videos fro TFA, RO, and TLJ have been absolute 🔥
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