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  1. That Lucy statue is in the town I was living in in Upstate NY. Well the updated version is.
  2. I've been thinking around there for a few weeks, but I'm not ruling out $75m or so now.
  3. Let's just all agree he Made America Great Again tonight.
  4. Really sorry to hear that. Thinking of you and your family.
  5. Even if it does? Debating whether it is a disappointment is one thing, debating whether it's going to make a profit is just silly.
  6. And somehow AMatW will do just that.
  7. Documentaries are on absolute fire this year.
  8. Totally didn't realize he's done more than this one. Never heard of either of them tbh.
  9. Very Spielbergian. Super impressed with Tuna as a director (though it will be tough to top this honestly), hell of a debut.
  10. Really late on this but A Quiet Place is fucking great.
  11. Finally seeing A Quiet Place today at the dollar theatre near me.
  12. Gonna be unbearable when Fallout opens to $62m and CJohn is screaming flop.

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