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  1. American Vandal S2 was excellent. Solidified itself as one of Netflix's best series . Guessing a S3 is on the way though who knows how long they'll keep this up. Really thought it would be a one-hit wonder.
  2. We honestly need a take-down of the Bush era right about now. Trump's presidency has been such a disaster people have forgotten just how bad it was.
  3. It's such an amazing performance though.
  4. Will Dick Van Dyke be bringing back the horrible accent as well? Didn't realize he was gonna be in it! Looks like a soft remake of the original (not surprising). Looks solid though.
  5. Glad to hear you are safe.
  6. Jayhawk

    Mandy l September 14th 2018 I Nicolas Cage

    Playing at select Regal theaters only at 7 pm tonight. Also Alamo Drafthouse is showing it all week by me.
  7. Jayhawk

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    Great Poster
  8. Eh. WW is fine, keep making those, no reason to stop even if everything else has gone to shit. See how the others do and go from there. DCEU is dead, but it doesn't mean you trash the parts that are working well.
  9. I think this will be a nice hit. Reviews are great and sounds like it will be a real crowd pleaser. Release date is perfect for some good holiday legs.
  10. That's great to hear. Judy Greer is fantastic, but she always gets way too little to do.
  11. Unbelievable weekend for The Nun. I think 55m-ish a good mark for Halloween to aim for as well.

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