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  1. I mean let's actually watch the movie before coming to such conclusions. We don't really know what Johnson has to say or how subtle (or not) it is. (I'm not reading reviews btw)
  2. I am all in. Though still skeptical of it's commercial prospects. Unconvinced of it making enough money to be commercially successful on it's mid-sized budget. So happy for Rian, dude deserves this.
  3. And the only movies that honestly have a chance to fall into the 200m range the rest of the year are probably Joker and Jumanji, unless something else surprises (and those could overperform/perform closer the Jumanji 2017 respectively).
  4. There are no solid blockbuster hits anymore. A ton of boom and busts.
  5. I'm with @4815162342, the story line is fine, it was the execution of how everything played out that was so bad.
  6. Lordmandeep's Law - "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of bringing up The Last Jedi (2017) approaches 1."
  7. Kind of surprised we got a legit 2nd teaser out of D23, at least a real 2nd teaser they were willing to show the public at large.
  8. I'll be in. I've been pretty bearish on this, and I still think this is a stretch, but at least DOM, I think the marketing is hitting all the right notes. We'll see after the October trailer, they showed a lot more to the public than I thought they would be willing to.
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