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  1. The Classic Conversation Thread

    It really is. But there are those incredible moments that make it worth it. But it's tough being a hardcore fan of any team, it ends almost every time in heartbreak.
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Lol, such a teenager thing to say.
  3. MNF would make a lot of sense, whether it be on the 9th or the 16th, it worked really well last time. Guessing they want the trailer out there before Thor releases WW on 10/24. While I'm not convinced that tickets will start being sold at the same time, it's hard to think that with amount of upfront demand that they will wait as long as they did with RO.
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread

    This is the most AC thing ever said.
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I'm of the opinion if there is anyway you can ask someone out in person, do it. Text feels kinda impersonal to ask someone out on a first date, but to each their own.
  6. Yeah I mean, even if the budget is something like 100m, they will have paid off everything for the sequel (including marketing) with the profits from this one, with piles of cash still left over.
  7. Pretty much the best case scenario for this happened. Critical smash. Great run both DOM and WW. Made a very solid profit for WB, and Nolan can continue making whatever he wants. Plus, it is a serious awards contender. Can't really ask for much more.
  8. IT 2 will be fine releasing in 2019. I'm sure the budget will increase quite a bit, but they'll surely keep it under $100m. Though I think it is likely to drop both OW and DOM. It will be tough to replicate this level of hype.
  9. I seem to remember people questioning the marketing strategy this time 2 years ago with TFA. In fact, TFA had a similar marketing strategy, but JJ really wanted to put out a teaser for the fans over a year out from release (and the franchise is in a much different place now), which is how we got 3 trailers. Of course, this will never match TFA hype (no movie ever again will), but SW movies don't necessarily demand an enormous marketing push many months out. Everyone knows SW, they know it's coming out Christmas-time, and Lucasfilm doesn't want to overexpose the brand, especially when we are getting a new movie every year. For something like TLJ, you only really need a strong final push to get people in the theaters, and trust me, it's gonna be blanketed all over the place like TFA and RO come November/December. I will say after the somewhat muted reaction (for SW anyways) to the teaser, there probably is more urgency to release a truly great piece of marketing. I'm sure TLJ will be fine with quality over quantity in terms of marketing (though those obviously aren't mutually exclusive in this context).
  10. I have no idea how the rest of the run will play out. It's obviously already a monster success. Could see anything from 275m (though a multi that low would surprise me, it is a highly anticipated horror) to 400m+. The absolute high end may honestly be close to 500m, it's gonna be playing decently until at least Halloween, and that's 7 weeks away.
  11. Maybe IT 2 will have a shot but I doubt it. Post Labor Day weekend may become another major tentpole release date though.
  12. We need to see the daily breakdowns. Fri and Sat could be overestimated and/or WB giving It an oversized Sunday drop.

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