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  1. Ugh. Just one extra week though. Hopefully this means a PLF release.
  2. Jayhawk

    Monday numbers 1/7 - Aquaman 2.605M

    I'm sorry, what?
  3. Jayhawk

    GLASS vs US domestic total BO

    I think Glass has a higher floor and lower ceiling compared to US. I'm going with US because the more of see of the reception to the trailer, the more I think US will be close enough to Glass' OW to leg it out over it.
  4. Jayhawk

    Wednesday numbers

    I think it's more the divisive nature of the film more than anything
  5. Jayhawk

    Wednesday numbers

    Don't want to wade into this too deep, but just for fact's sake, Christmas was on a Monday last year.
  6. I was tempted to get Us tickets but then thought better, but it has sold a few tickets here and there around me on a cursory check at local theaters.
  7. I'll post some longer thoughts later when I'm done with family stuff, but this movie is totally all over the place and definitely bites off more than it can chew. Good performances all around and there are some real standout moments (the ending in particular packs a punch). I don't think it lives up to The Big Short because of the fact it's a biopic rather than an ensemble though stylistically they share a lot of similarities.
  8. Tbf you didn't miss much. And I really liked the movie in general.
  9. Wouldn't call myself a southerner but it's something we all want to see and it's easy to see compared to others the whole family was interested in.
  10. Not gonna judge a family movie that is being released over Christmas by the first day's # (which happened on a weekday) quite yet. I will agree though, the songs are pretty underwhelming on first listen (not bad, just... there).

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