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  1. I love Ralph but he has trashed some of my favorite movies of the past few years (War for the Planet of the Apes, Kubo and the Two Strings, etc.). I love listening to his opinions but I'm going into this film with an open mind.
  2. Just finished reading Brandybrook...
  3. Best films of 2017!

    It was bad but Transformers was worse. Easily the 2nd worst film of the year though.
  4. I already claimed Y4 actuals so...
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Now I'm curious
  6. I think it's possible. Might be a film that comes out in the holiday months (November/December).
  7. I have no problems with that. I'll claim hosting for Y2 then since we're on the subject of that.
  8. True. Out of the ones from January to April then. It has all positive reviews while SCP Foundation, Seeing Her, and A Love to Die For all have at least one mixed reviews. And it only got like B's and B minuses
  9. You'll never guess which film now has all positive reviews while all the other films have at least one mixed or negative review...
  10. CAYOM Year 1 Predictions

    March: Rendezvous with Rama- $39.8 million/$112.7 million Seance- $19.4 million/$64.7 million Jim's Adversity- $14.1 million/$41.6 million Jungles- $4.4 million/$14.4 million Second Wind- $19.7 million/$71.4 million The Adventures of Oscar Pill- $35.9 million/$115.8 million Dawn of Extinction- $11.6 million/$26.5 million Seeing Her- $22 million/$102.3 million Signed in Blood- $8.9 million/$23.2 million Rabbids: The Big Adventure- $46.1 million/$144.5 million April: Salem's Lot- $14.2 million/$34.7 million Second to Singapore- $22.1 million/$70 million The Defiler- $18.4 million/$48.5 million He-Man- $60.6 million/$179.2 million A Love to Die For- $28.6 million/$104.5 million Prom- $6.8 million/$19.5 million The Trail- $4.8 million/$11 million
  11. Anyway, came here to claim Halo. Since nobody has claimed it yet.
  12. April: A Love to Die For Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lawrence make for a great couple in this hilarious, off-kilter crime thriller/romantic comedy. Don't be surprised if this picks up a few Oscar noms at the end of the year. B+ PROM A comedy that falls victim to thinking it is more clever than it actually is. None of the characters presented say anything that is remotely funny and their characterization is rather weak. Also, anything with Jake Paul in it probably deserves an F rating by default D The Trail C'mon Adam Wingard! We all know you're better than this. Why did you have to settle making a dull and forgettable horror film with absolutely nothing unique to say about the genre? Oh well. D

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