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  1. Rorschach

    Best films of 2018!

    Glad someone else has actually seen this movie 😂
  2. While all the other films in this franchise have kept me thoroughly engaged, this felt like an extra long homework assignment to prelude the interesting stuff to come later down the line. That really disheartens me to say but that's just how I feel. 3/10
  3. Rorschach

    Reddroast's Reviews & Blues

    Thank you for #1 and #16! I appreciate it.
  4. Rorschach

    Reddroast's Reviews & Blues

    So it just soured the whole movie for you?
  5. Rorschach

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    This seems like a fair middle ground imo.
  6. Rorschach

    CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

    I mean you could still remake it and have it do its own thing. Don't do what Treasure Planet did.
  7. Rorschach

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    Yeah lol. I'm just saying, depending on when I get all the remaining ballots in, it'll have to be before or after those two days.
  8. Rorschach

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    Also, Imma potentially be without wi-fi this upcoming Thursday and part of the day on Friday so I definitely won't be able to announce any of the tiebreakers (and potentially the nominations) on either of those days. It would have to be before then or on Saturday or Sunday of next weekend. That is, assuming I get all the remaining ballots in.
  9. Rorschach

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    Yeah I think this is a good idea.
  10. Rorschach

    CAYOM IV: The Grand Totals

    A billion is still a billion.
  11. Rorschach

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    Do watt chu want

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