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  1. Eh. I start class on the 26th and I’ll be busy prepping to move-in the whole week before so idk how I feel about that. I’d honestly prefer the 2nd.
  2. 1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2. Hobbs and Shaw 3. IT: Chapter 2 4. Ford v. Ferrari 5. Parasite 6. Knives Out 7. Ad Astra 8. Gemini Man 9. Good Boys 10. Doctor Sleep
  3. Wouldn’t this essentially be Men in Black since you have Will Smith starring in the role?
  4. I mean, Crunchyroll's parent company is owned by TimeWarner so I'm guessing it's only a matter of when it will eventually happen.
  5. Wait why the fuck is Taron Egerton considered for Supporting Actor in Rocketman?!
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