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  1. Corpse answered that : Frozen II should be at ¥5.8/5.9 billion ($53/54 million) after Sunday. Its third weekend looks headed for a 30% or so decline (right around ¥1 billion), which is fine considering how strong its second weekend was, and expected given last Sunday was a national discount ticket day. There's not really a "Winter Break/Holiday" in Japan. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day begin what's simply called "New Year Week", where all schools and business are closed from January 1st-3rd (known as the "Bank Holidays"). The last few days (last couple in December) leading up to New Year's Day tend to be a little stronger than normal, but not of holiday strength. Still, the week is one of the three strongest for the box-office in the market. For 2020, that means Wednesday-Friday (Jan. 01-03) will be very strong, especially Wednesday, and will probably double or even triple the neighboring weekend grosses. The following weekend (Jan. 04-05) will also be quite strong. January 6th onward will be back to normal.
  2. Not exactly. On the 1st of the month all chains offer discount tickets while on the 14th of the month I believe it's only Toho Cinemas and even then only for those who have a pass.
  3. Amazing. It's actually up in admissions.
  4. Well, at least in Japan the records are actually meaningful.
  5. Corpse mentioned he forgot about the 1st of the month discount day. Basically some of the Saturday business got shifted to Sunday because of/thanks to that discount day.
  6. Jesus Christ...That would make it the 2nd biggest 2nd weekend of all time behind HP1 (in revenue).
  7. It's not an evening movie, that's all. We had already seen that last week, to a degree.
  8. Damn it. It didn't beat Yôkai Watch.
  9. Sunday will fall behind Saturday. It should still beat TS4's Sunday though, which is amazing considering TS4's Sunday was a national discount day.
  10. It's a shame it slowed down so much in the evening but I guess it was to be expected given its target audience.
  11. Indeed. In fact if it increases enough on Sunday, it might just pull off a ¥2b 2-day.
  12. Just passed 400k at the usual locations. Depending on multiplier it could be reaching 500k. 1 billion yen Saturday could actually be in play, depending on ticket price and how well it plays in other locations... Corpse :
  13. I'm a bit emotional since I registered here in the wake of Frozen's Japan box office run a few years ago. Just amazing numbers. 😍
  14. A bit of an anecdote but Detective Conan recently became the third anime series to top $1 billion in gross after Doraemon and Pokemon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_anime_films#Highest-grossing_anime_film_franchises_and_film_series I expect Dragon Ball to join them in a few years. One Piece maybe as well in a very long time. Other series perhaps in the next century.
  15. It has beaten TS4's Saturday. Obviously its Sunday won't be nearly as good, but all the movies above and including TS4 opened above 1 billion yen, so I'd say its chances are looking pretty decent.
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