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  1. Voila ** Edit looks like this is a fan interpretation of the silhouette, don't imagine it's too far off though https://www.instagram.com/datrinti/ **
  2. Saw an early screening this weekend and just echoing what others have said... This was a fantastic film through and through. Currently tied with my number 1 Spidey film SM2 (maybe even juuuust etches it out) Now I just want to see other super hero films in this art style like the X-men (Not that thats going to happen)
  3. I'm pumped for the soundtrack to this movie, sadly have to wait until the same day as release for it
  4. Yeesh, so much bitching about the title, what the heck does it even matter? Is it going to impact the viewing experience of the film? The only reason it was a 'secret' in the first place is because all you damn nerds made such a big deal out of it yourselves. Trailer Teaser was exactly what it needed to be, a tease. I guarantee the next full trailer after Captain Marvel will be the big Whiz Bang Pop trailer that everyone seems to be craving. The less I know going into this movie the better.
  5. Trailer is just ok... That being said, still super hyped for this. (Drago's son is appropriately HUGE)
  6. Jesus, thanks for the spoiler... anyone reading backwards through this thread avoid the last page
  7. Is this still tracking for a 150+ OW? Debating whether or not it's going to beat Solo's 3 day. Gonna be neck and neck.
  8. Shrugged

    Deadpool 2 under 250m domestic

    Bigger then Solo's 3 day?
  9. So which opens bigger? This is Jurassic World? I use to think the answer was obvious.
  10. I've gotta stop watching trailers for this... I feel like they keep showing off all the money shots.
  11. Lot of people seem to think that's Captain Marvel strolling behind Cap. See the cape blue red and gold? Not sure who else it might be?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5lWpxvrd-I&t=0s - New scene, I don't even need to see people, I could just watch the Apes hang out and chat all day.
  13. Seriously though. The Mrs. and I see a ton of movies and this trailer is attached to every single one, doesn't matter what genre or studio, it's starting to drive me batty. I'll be happy when it's finally out in a couple weeks.
  14. Was hoping the OST would have the track of the main theme from the trailer with the drums and build up, it sounded so epic. Shame.

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