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  1. Good observation. However, giving scenes more breathing room would have pushed the overall length to maybe 2:45 minutes. Yes, I know Endgame was 3 hours and that didn't hurt its appeal, but these are the holidays and with everything going on, I think people would be more impatient with that kind of run length. And … Go Bulls! Fingers crossed on our new coach.
  2. Saw TROS in IMAX 3D this evening. I was very pleasantly surprised. I honestly don't know what film the reviewers saw. Convoluted? Nope, easy to follow, and I am a casual Star Wars fan not a deep fan. Boring? IMO, the film starts with an action-bang and never lets up, is never boring and yet there is plenty of character interaction as well. The closest comparison is Endgame. Like that film, TROS had to juggle 10 balls in the air and sort them out with aplomb. If Endgame was successful with all 10 balls, TROS was with 9 of them. The only flaw being that thanks to poor character develop
  3. Saw Escape Room today. Don't let the meh Tomatometer rating fool you - this is a suspenseful film, it captured my attention immediately with charismatic characters and the drama and intensity of the escape room adventure never let up. Entertaining film ... B+ .... 768/1000
  4. Am on vacation, will post my 2018 list next week when i get home and have access to it.
  5. Mary Poppins is showing early Jumanji/Greatest Showman type legs, and deservedly so, good movie. Aquaman is roaring like Wonder Woman, heading to somewhere between $300m - $400m DOM with $1B WW in the bag. And having seen it I am mystified.
  6. Aquaman is having a GREAT run in between Christmas and New Years. The $17m Wednesday number would be solid for a film that had a $100m opening weekend, not a $68m opening weekend. A $300m DOM gross is basically assured at this point.
  7. I disagree with those who think Ralph 2 won't reach $200m DOM. It is already 60% there and will like other holiday animated hits will likely have long legs.
  8. BIG crowd at the 11 AM showing at my AMC today. This was a Dolby Cinema show so people were paying $11 a ticket.
  9. Warner Bros ... The Meg then Crazy Rich Asians and now The Nun? The WB is killing it right now while the Mouse sleeps through the late summer, LOL.
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