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  1. Weekend: 27th February – 1st March 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions (by Sunday) Monday admissions Week 1 Sonic the Hedgehog 8,388 -47.7% 100 11 27,631 1,302 2 2 Brahms: The Boy II 8,199 – 68 – 8,199 1,518 1 3 The Call of the Wild 6,468 -46.1% 75 +12 23,763 1,327 2 4 Parasite [South Korean] 4,342 -61.1% 54 -11 132,166 834 20 5 Just Mercy 4,267 – 47 – 4,267 974 1 6 Χαλβάη 5-0 (Halwaii 5-0) [GR] 3,087 -61.8% 31 -19 220,040 784 5 7 Little Women 3,032 -65.9% 45 -19 73,099 499 4 8 Emma. 2,894 – 43 – 2,894 666 1 9 1917 2,632 -49.4% 27 -5 258,627 374 8 10 Die Heinzels - Rückkehr der Heinzelmännchen [German] 2,345 -65.9% 60 -10 22,032 499 3 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/5111/box-office-sarakosth-sok-kai-deos-sta-tameia http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-now-that-is-scary/ Weekend 5th–8th March 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions Week 1 Invisible Man 12,029 – 85 – 12,029 1 2 Onward 9,042 – 119 – 9,042 1 3 Sonic the Hedgehog 5,381 -35.8% 77 -23 35,418 3 4 Brahms: The Boy II 3,533 -56.9% 28 -40 18,136 2 5 The Way Back 3,463 – 54 – 3,463 1 6 The Call of the Wild 3,027 -53.2% 43 -32 30,115 3 7 Η Μπαλάντα της Τρύπιας Καρδιάς ( [GR] 2,208 – 1 – 2,208 1 8 Just Mercy 1,867 -56.2% 47 0 9,459 2 9 After the Wedding 1,859 – 27 – 1,859 1 10 Dark Waters 1,474 – 22 – 1,474 1 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/5118/box-office-aoratos-o-an8ropos-stin-korufh-aoratoi-oi-8eates-stis-ai8ouses http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-the-invisible-man-tops-but-the-audience-goes-invisible-too/ Coronavirus knocked on Greece's door (officially) on 26th February. This had an immediate impact on cinema attendance, since cumulative admissions for the weekend of 27th February – 1st March dropped to 57,466. The previous low for early late February-early March had been 74,192 admissions, back in March 2014. However, another factor was the Monday public holiday – in Greece the Monday at the beginning of Lent (7th week before Easter) is a public holiday called Clean Monday. Thanks to the good weather and the spectre of coronavirus, Greeks had many reasons to avoid cinemas. Admissions plummeted and all films aiming for some sort of milestone immediately lost sight of it. Notably, the weekend witnessed the 7th smallest photo finish since 2008: Photo-finishes (Top 2 within 1,000 admissions of each other, since 2008) #1 Admissions #2 Admissions Difference Weekend The White Crow 9,622 Le Grand Bain 9,606 16 13-16/06/2019 The Baby Driver 10,742 The Hitman's Bodyguard 10,677 65 17-20/08/2017 Doctor Strange 24,154 Trolls 24,056 98 03-06/11/2016 Captain America: The Winter Soldier 7,246 The Pirate Fairy 7,113 133 17-20/04/2014 Learning to Drive 4,864 Fantastic Four 4,729 135 13-16/08/2015 Olympus Has Fallen 19,266 Ακάλυπτος 19,084 182 21-24/03/2013 Sonic the Hedgehog 8,388 Brahms: The Boy II 8,199 189 27/2-1/3/2020 Scream 4 19,879 Rio 19,654 225 14-17/04/2011 Source Code 7,469 Rio 7,121 348 21-25/04/2011* Broken City 11,653 Olympus Has Fallen 11,283 370 28-31/03/2013 For a week or so, the official count of total cases remained less than 10. However, the following week they started rising by about 10 per day. Of course, I need to stress that these are official figures and, in reality, there must have been many more undetected cases. The box office took another hit, since not even two high-profile Hollywood releases could keep it afloat. Attendance dropped further to 55,559 admissions, With total cases having reached 100, the government closed schools and universities on 11th April and cinemas were closed on Saturday, 14th April, along with theaters and other businesses. No information has been published for the first two days of that weekend (12th and 13th Arpil). Cinemas of course remained closed this weekend as well and a curfew has been imposed (with certain exceptions) for 2 weeks, until Monday, 6th April. Therefore there will be another 2 weeks at least with no results. Hopefully this will all end soon.
  2. MEDIA Salles has published annual results for 2019 throughout Europe. In Greece, 9,570,000 admissions were sold. This represents a 2.3% increase from a dismal 2018. All numbers back to 1989 can be found on the first page. Here is a graph of the last 15 years: Since the crisis broke in 2008, one can see a very clear downhill trajectory (with a small uptick in 2009). After 2015, there has been a partial recovery and a plateau. Cyprus, for which 2018 results had not been reported last year, has enjoyed two consecutive years of big increases. 791,000 admissions were sold in 2018 and 860,000 admissions were sold in 2019. Cyprus had a big dip in 2013 due to the economic crisis, which precipitated that year. It dipped further in 2014 but has now fully recovered to pre-crisis levels. For up-to-date information on individual years and individual films, visit the first page.
  3. Weekend: 20th–23rd February 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions Week 1 Sonic the Hedgehog 16,044 – 89 – 16,044 1 2 The Call of the Wild 12,004 – 63 – 12,004 1 3 Parasite [South Korean] 11,166 -14.8% 65 +16 122,910 19 4 Little Women 8,894 -49.8% 64 -20 66,256 3 5 Χαλβάη 5-0 (Halwaii 5-0) [GR] 8,085 -60.6% 50 -26 213,466 4 6 Die Heinzels - Rückkehr der Heinzelmännchen [German] 6,879 -35.0% 70 -7 19,036 2 7 1917 5,203 -45.8% 32 -4 252,751 7 8 Ευτυχία (Eftyhia) [GR] 4,012 -46.6% 37 -6 655,439 10 9 The Gentlemen 3,703 -44.9% 23 -6 53,353 4 10 Gretel & Hansel 2,984 -67.6% 26 -26 17,862 2 Source: https://flix.gr/news/box-office-200220.html Openers were appalling. Not just the two embarassments at #1 and #2, but also 'The Aeronauts' and Greek film 'Apostratos', which failed spectacularly (2,835 and 2,230 admissions from 49 and 8 screens, respectively). 'Parasite' remains focused on its goal of 150,000 admissions, after another screen expansion. 'Little Women' dropped heavily coming off the Valntine's Day weekend. We could say 'Halwaii 5-0' is hemorrhaging at this point, while '1917' and 'Eftyhia' also dropped significantly despite small screen losses. 'Eftyhia' remains slightly behind 'Worlds Apart' at the same point in its run, despite a slightly bigger weekend. It would be quite disappointing if it ended its run a few thousand admissions behind the latter's total (669K admissions). Hopefully, it will move ahead, even if only for a few hundred admissions. Cumulative admissions for the weekend were slightly above 100,000. The box office is in desperate need of another hit, but next weekend seems like it's gonna be as dull as this one.
  4. Weekend: 13th–16th February 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions Week 1 Χαλβάη 5-0 (Halwaii 5-0) [GR] 20,546 -52.4% 76 -31 197,824 3 2 Little Women 17,702 -20.0% 84 +24 50,040 2 3 Parasite [South Korean] 13,108 +846.4% 49 +39 104,757 18 4 Die Heinzels - Rückkehr der Heinzelmännchen [German] 10,580 – 77 – 10,580 1 5 1917 9,592 -26.2% 36 -5 243,405 6 6 Gretel & Hansel 9,203 – 52 – 9,203 1 7 Ευτυχία (Eftyhia) [GR] 7,514 -34.3% 43 -11 647,368 9 8 The Gentlemen 6,722 -29.8% 29 -18 46,274 3 9 Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) 5,105 -61.9% 38 -59 30,118 2 10 Dolittle 4,498 -35.7% 62 -13 68,312 5 Source: https://flix.gr/news/box-office-13-2-2020.html For a third weekend in a row, Greek crime parody film 'Halwaii 5-0' topped the box office and is on the verge of crossing the blockbuster milestone of 200K admissions. However, it is not clear that it can reach 250K admissions. For now, it is focused on surpassing Greek comedy sequels 'Bachelor 2' and 'Bach3lor' (236K and 238K admissions respectively). It experienced quite a sharp drop, compared to its softer sophomore drop, which is an indication that it wasn't the couples' pick for Valentine's Day. 'Little Women' and 'Parasite' managed to satisfy the demand, though, with '1917' and 'Eftyhia' also playing their part. 'Little Women' had a very good hold, but when taking into account the screen expansion and the Valnetine's Day factor, its hold is a bit underwhelming. 'Parasite' managed an impressive comeback, but it still ended up selling slightly fewer admissions than last year's Oscar Best Picture winner, 'Green Book', on its post-Oscars weekend. Overall, it is aiming for close to 150K admissions by the end of its run. '1917' may have lost the big award a week ago, but it still managed a superb drop. 250K admissions is now guaranteed and, by the looks of it, it will manage to stay safely ahead of 'Halwaii 5-0' (thankfully). Fun little piece of trivia, it has overtaken 'The Favourite' (225,203 admissions), which was also a hugely hyped Oscar Best Picture contender. In the meantime, 'Eftyhia' is now only 1,100 admissions behind 'Worlds Apart' at the same point in its run, which also happened to be a Valentine's Day weekend. The film dropped 48% on the following weekend, so next weekend is 'Eftyhia's' chance to move ahead. 647,000 admissions down, 22,000 admissions to go... As for openers, the scene was as dreadful as it was boring. In fact, I can't even be bothered to report on it. Here's a chart of all Oscar Best Picture contenders and their (non-final, in some cases) totals: Oscar Films 2019 Title Total admissions Joker 904,988 1917 243,405 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 232,159 Parasite 104,757 Little Women 50,040 Ford v Ferrari 43,358 Jojo Rabbit 31,253 The Irishman Unknown Marriage Story Unknown Authoritarian-minded Netflix refuses to report numbers for its own films. Although '1917', 'Parasite' and 'Little Women' still have some steam left, the list's rankings will not change from now on. Prediction for these three films' final totals: 270K, 150K and 90K respectively.
  5. Weekend: 6th–9th February 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions Week 1 Χαλβάη 5-0 (Halwaii 5-0) [GR] 43,120 -43.0% 107 -3 158,186 2 2 Little Women 22,124 – 60 – 22,124 1 3 Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) 13,390 – 97 – 16,149 1 4 1917 12,990 -17.7% 41 -21 227,378 5 5 Ευτυχία (Eftyhia) [GR] 11,429 -42.2% 54 -20 632,714 8 6 The Gentlemen 9,579 -36.5% 47 -10 33,643 2 7 Dolittle 7,000 -18.9% 75 -9 63,288 4 8 Pets United 6,891 +6.4% 54 -6 24,177 3 9 The Lighthouse 3,156 -33.2% 7 +3 10,411 2 10 Jojo Rabbit 2,942 -49.2% 22 -2 28,104 3 Source: http://www.filmboy.gr/2020/02/box-office-harley-quinn.html On another 150K-admission-plus weeekend, 'Halwaii 5-0' retained first place, mostly thanks to paltry competition. It didn't hold very well, but it also didn't drop too much. 250K admissions seem like a safe bet from now and even 300K admissions are not out of the question. As for 'Eftyhia', it is still closing in on 'Worlds Apart', as it is only 2,700 admissions behind it at the same point in its run. It had a relatively high drop, but Valentine's Day could potentially serve as a booster next weekend. It is now 36,000 admissions from its target, 'Worlds Apart's' 669K-admission total. The third main interest of the weekend, '1917', had a small drop and has again switched places with 'Eftyhia'. It achieved this despite losing a third of its screens, meaning that it increased its per-screen average compared to last weekend. Although the film didn't win Best Picture on Sunday, it is still being talked about a lot and is bound to endure for a while. Sunday night's winner, 'Parasite', sold 1,385 admissions this weekend, a boost from the 1,274 admissions of the previous weekend. With an 89,434-admission total, it now seems that the 100K-admission milestone is doable. As for openers, 'Little Women' was not as little as 'Birds of Prey', but both movies were smaller than what would qualify as success. Here is a list of films similar to 'Little Women'. I made it myself and I'm not an expert in the genre, so please point out any serious omissions. Comps for 'Little Women' Title National OW Release date Total admissions Multiple Pride and Prejudice 38,200 Wed 4 Jan 06 130,000 3.40 Mona Lisa Smile 39,000 Fri 30 Jan 04 130,000 3.33 Little Women 22,124 Thu 6 Feb 20 – – Hidden Figures 5,728 Thu 23 Feb 17 14,273 2.49 Lady Bird 5,696 Thu 1 Mar 18 11,890 2.09 Brooklyn 3,195 Thu 31 Dec 15 9,940 3.11 Testament of Youth Straight-to-DVD The totals for 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Mona Lisa Smile' are my own estimates. 'Little Women' has opened in between the duds and the successes and its total is probably headed in a simialr direction. It was otherwise a quiet weekend.
  6. For some reason, Flix got many of last weekend's numbers wrong. Check out the chart for the weekend of 30th January – 2nd February 2020 for the correct figures.
  7. Weekend: 30th January – 2nd February 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions Week 1 Χαλβάη 5-0 (Halwaii 5-0) [GR] 75,671 – 110 – 75,671 1 2 Ευτυχία (Eftyhia) [GR] 19,762 -37.9% 74 -16 610,878 7 3 1917 15,783 -43.9% 62 -24 204,855 4 4 The Gentlemen 15,095 – 57 – 15,095 1 5 Dolittle 8,628 -47.1% 84 -28 56,457 3 6 Pets United 6,744 -23.0% 60 0 16,551 2 7 Jojo Rabbit 5,788 -47.2% 24 -10 22,665 2 8 The Lighthouse 4,722 – 4 – 4,722 1 9 The Turning 3,604 -68.8% 24 -31 22,748 2 10 Bad Boys for Life 3,128 -65.8% 18 -25 38,646 2 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/5051/box-office-i-epelasi-tis-xalbais http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-local-comedy-halvai-5-0-explodes/ http://www.filmboy.gr/2020/02/box-office.html Discredited source: https://flix.gr/news/box-office-30-01-2020.html With another 179K admissions sold this weekend, the box office remains in booming mode. 'Halwaii 5-0' confirmed my fears, as it exploded onto the scene with 688-admission per-screen average and the highest opening for a Greek film since 'Worlds Apart' (95,343 admissions). There is of course no way that it will even approach the latter's final tally (669K admissions), since that film opened on the weekend before Christmas 2015 and capitalized the holiday period. Nevertheless, 'Halwaii 5-0' is a guaranteed hit, with 200K admissions very likely to be reached. It will need to hold very well in order to cross 300K admissions, but it is not out of the question. A more detailed explanation of why this film was very likely gonna be a blockbuster can be found in the previous weekened's analysis. In the meantime, 'Eftyhia' was not decimated by 'Halwaii 5-0'. To the contrary, it had a solid hold. At the same point in its run (7th weekend), 'Worlds Apart' sold 14,633 admissions, for a total of 616,444 admissions. 'Eftyhia' is less than 6,000 admissions behind, with a 7th weekend that is bigger by more than 5,000 admissions. The odds are now in its favour and without any major surprises, 'Eftyhia' should claim the title of the Biggest Greek Film of the Decade. If 'Halwaii 5-0' didn't manage to push it off the cliff, I doubt that there is anything in the near future that can. '1917' had a sizeable drop, but has now crossed the 200K-admission milestone. If it wins Oscar Best Picture next Sunday, it should get a boost, although I don't see it going much farther than 250K admissions. Most holdovers had near-50% drops, while 'Pets United' endured as the biggest animated film on the market despite competition from Russian animated sequel 'Sheep and Wolves 2' (2,869 admissions). As for other openers, 'The Lighthouse' scored an impressive 1,181-admission per-screen average. It says a lot that people would rush to see a black-and-white horror film with a 1.19:1 aspect ratio. It may be a minority that seeks such stuff, but it's an active one. Below the Top 10, 'Frozen II' dropped 47% to 1,599 admissions and has reached 320,514. Turns out it'll barely beat 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' (323,607 admissions) to become the 4th biggest animated film since 2000. Finally, 'Jumanji 2' dropped 65% for a 1,162-admission weekend and a 91,009-admission total. It won't reach the 100K-admission milestone and it's only beaten its predecessor's total by 14%, despite opening 59% higher. [UPDATE 5th Feb]: Unfortunately Flix got many weekend box office figures wrong. All other box office websites agree on the corrected figures. I usually take the weekend figures from Flix because it is the first to report them, but they don't tend to be the most accurate. The numbers now displayed on the chart are the correct ones.
  8. @Joel M You should definitely watch Eftyhia. It's much better quality than previous nostalgic historical dramas.
  9. Weekend: 23rd–26th January 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Theater count / Change Total admissions Week 1 Ευτυχία (Eftyhia) [GR] 31,803 -23.6% 90 -18 571,159 6 2 1917 28,110 -34.1% 86 -5 173,070 3 3 Dolittle 16,311 -27.7% 112 -12 43,823 2 4 The Turning 11,569 – 55 – 11,569 1 5 Jojo Rabbit 10,957 – 34 – 10,957 1 6 Bad Boys for Life 9,141 -23.0% 43 -2 29,492 2 7 Pets United 8,759 – 60 – 8,759 1 8 ...Για πάντα (...Forever) [GR] 7,488 -36.9% 46 0 127,139 4 9 Richard Jewell 5,002 -44.9% 39 -3 18,746 2 10 Jumanji: The Next Level 3,347 -47.8% 62 0 89,134 4 Source: https://flix.gr/news/box-office-23-01-2020.html Overall, 154,596 admissions were sold during the weekend in Greek cinemas, a drop from last weekend but still a decent total. January 2020 has been a big success, beating all previous Januaries back to 2012. 'Eftyhia' reclaimed the weekend's top spot from '1917', totaling four weekends in first place. 'Eftyhia' continues to soar, as it surpassed Greek comedy 'The Island' (549K admissions) and is days away from overtaking 'Skyfall' (580K admissions), to become the third-biggest film of the previous decade, behind Greek film 'Worlds Apart' and 'Joker'. The prior is in big trouble, as' Eftyhia's' momentum indicates that it will surpass that film's 669K-admission total. It is now less than 100K admissions away from that goal and, with a 30K-admission-plus weekend, achieving it would be a certainty, except... this Thursday marks the release of 'Halwaii 5-0'. If this film ends up being a success (more on this later), it could potentially eat into 'Eftyhia's' audience and prevent it from topping 'Worlds Apart', which it certainly deserves to beat. '1917' had another solid drop and it remains on course for a 250K-admission finish. The film is also potentially threatened by 'Halwaii 5-0' although it's hard to quantify the risk in any meaningful way. We'll just have to wait and see. With word-of-mouth for '1917' spreading quickly and with a lucrative awards season so far, chances are its box -office run will get boosted by an Oscar Best Picture win early next month. Holdovers generally enjoyed small drops, which is in part thanks to the week's weak openers (pun intended). All three openers that got into the Top 10 were very mediocre. 'Jojo Rabbit's' Oscar noms were clearly not enough to persuade people to watch it. It's not being talked about much anyway. Neither of the three openers achieved notable per-screen averages. As for last week's openers, 'Bad Boys for Life' had the best hold of the Top 10, 'Dolittle' also held well and remains in the lead, while 'Richard Jewell' is slowly disappearing into insignificance. Greek romantic drama '...Forever' has enjoyed a decent run, which is now coming to an end, while 'Jumanji 2', which had opened higher than '...Forever', has been falling precipitously over tha past weeks. This is the first weekend that it didn't drop more than 50%, although it came quite close. It may not even reach the 100K-admission milestone. Given that it opened 59% higher than its predecessor, reaching a total only 25% higher is a big embarassment. Now, back to the big threat. 'Halwaii 5-0' is a Greek parody film starring one of the most famous contemporary Greek stand-up comedians, Markos Seferlis. The title is a portmanteau which combines the words halva and Hawaii. Halva (or halwa) is a traditional Greek sweet, but it is also used in a derogatory way to signify a person who has gone soft and chubby. Hawaii Five-0 is an American crime drama TV series. This film is a parody of Hawaii Five-0 in which the owner of a big halva factory is murdered and the protagonist, a detective played by Markos Seferlis, has to find the murderer among 5 suspects. It is yet another Greek-made rip-off with a stupid, cheesy and cringey premise, but with Markos Seferlis in the lead role, I have already heard from far too many sane people that they plan to watch the film. I can see it opening relatively big, although holding power is a totally different story. We'll be here next Monday analysing the results. Fingers crossed that 'Eftyhia' doesn't get decimated...
  10. 'Eftyhia' was #1 during the weekdays, since it sold 29,318 admissions from Monday to Wednesday. Last week, it sold 40,249 admissions over the same three days. That's a 27% drop, which is better than the weekend's drop! The total has now reached 539,304 admissions, which means it just passed 'Endgame' (538,330 admissions) to become 2019's second-biggest film, behind 'Joker'. It also surpassed 'What If...' (531,447 admissions) to become the second-biggest Greek film of the decade, behind 'Worlds Apart' (669K admissions). If it achieves another 30K-admission weekend, it will already be at 570K admissions and I think 'Worlds Apart' will be in serious trouble.... '1917' sold 21,757 admissions from Monday to Wednesday. Last week, it sold 31,367 admissions over the same three days. That's a 31% drop. Although worse than the weekend drop, still very good. It is now at 144,960 admissions. It seems that this weekend will be another battle between the two for first place. 'Cats' and 'Jojo Rabbit' will be released, although I doubt they have any chances at challenging the above duo.
  11. Weekend: 16th–19th January 2020 Rank Title Weekend admissions % Change Screen count / Change Total admissions Week 1 1917 42,667 -13.2% 91 – 123,203 2 2 Ευτυχία (Eftyhia) [GR] 41,654 -34.2% 108 -5 509,986 5 3 Dolittle 22,569 – 124 – 22,569 1 4 Bad Boys for Life 11,878 – 45 – 11,878 1 5 ...Για πάντα (...Forever) [GR] 11,872 -37.5% 46 -20 111,933 3 6 Richard Jewell 9,079 – 42 – 9,079 1 7 Jumanji: The Next Level 6,408 -58.3% 62 -30 84,099 3 8 Frozen II 4,968 -37.4% 57 -16 314,996 8 9 The Grudge 4,708 -57.9% 27 -13 23,313 2 10 Playmobil: The Movie 4,508 -2.4% 33 -4 61,764 5 Source: https://flix.gr/news/box-office-16-01-2020.html This was yet another superb January weekend, with about 183K admissions. The new year and the new decade could not have started better. With the coming of the new year, I have decided to make a significant upgrade to the weekend box office chart: it will now include information on the screen count for each film! The biggest twist of the weekend was that '1917' managed to beat 'Eftyhia' for a first-place finish. The WWI heroic tale clearly capitalised the stellar word-of-mouth and the news of multiple Oscar nominations. How far can it get? Well, 200K admissions seem like a foregone conclusion at this point. 250K admissions are definitely doable and I can only imagine how much better it will get if it wins Best Picture on the 9th of February (imo, it's a serious possibility). On the other hand, 'Eftyhia' has not fallen out of favour with Greek audiences, making it apparent that the market can accommodate many hits at the same time. The Greek biopic is days away from beating 'Avengers: Endgame', to become the second biggest film of 2019, only behind 'Joker's' monstrous total of 904K admissoins. Reaching 550K admissions is now a done deal for 'Eftyhia'. The big question is whether it can beat Greek film 'Worlds Apart' for the title of Biggest Greek Film of the Decade. That film had earned 33,957 admissions on its fifth weekend and 549,101 admissions in 32 days. Overall, it sold 669K admissions. Interestingly, it also fell to second place on its fifth weekend. Since 'Eftyhia' is currently ahead of that film in weekend admissions, the race is now getting into the most crucial part. It will need to maintain sub-40% drops for at least another month (and probably some sub-30% drops as well) in order to give 'Worlds Apart' a run for its money. As for openers, thanks to the sheer number of screens playing 'Dolittle', it was the biggest opener of the weekend. 'Bad Boys for Life' however achieved a better per-screen average. Greek romantic drama '...Forever' rounded out the Top 5 and has become the first Greek film of the decade to reach 100K admissions. Further down, 'Frozen II' has become the 6th biggest animated film on record. I have decided to add 'The Lion King's' admissions to the chart, even though the data are an estimate and potentially not very accurate. According to Flix.gr, it had sold 390,000 admissions back in 1994, which would make it the biggest animated film on record. The actual number should be within 20,000 admissions of this estimate. Biggest animated films (since 2003) Ranking Title Total admissions Multiple 1 The Lion King 390,000* – 2 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 384,829 4.79 3 Ice Age: The Meltdown 346,500** 3.73 4 Finding Nemo 340,731 7.47 5 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 323,607 6.43 6 Frozen II 314,996 4.46 7 Ratatouille 312,019 4.46 8 Inside Out 310,104 4.94 9 Despicable Me 3 308,997 3.75 10 Ice Age: Continental Drift 305,445 4.50 *Estimate according to Flix.gr **My own estimate (should be between 335K and 355K admissions)
  12. Weekend: 9th–12th January 2020 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Ευτυχία (Eftyhia) [GR] 63,261 -31.1% 428,108 4 2 1917 49,169 – 49,169 1 3 ...Για πάντα (...Forever) [GR] 19,004 -48.9% 86,525 2 4 Jumanji: The Next Level 15,351 -60.7% 72,283 2 5 The Grudge 11,174 – 11,174 1 6 Frozen II 7,933 -67.5% 308,601 7 7 J'accuse [French–Italian] 6,882 -50.0% 27,667 2 8 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 5,065 -75.7% 234,053 4 9 Playmobil: The Movie 4,619 -58.4% 56,851 4 10 Spies in Disguise 4,614 -66.3% 46,580 3 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/5010/box-office-eutuxia-sunexizei-na-epikratei-stin-korufh https://flix.gr/news/box-office-9-1-2020.html Last weekend the box office enjoyed another cumulative admission count above 200K admissions (204,259). This is in fact the second time that two consecutive weeknds sell more than 200K admissions during the 2019-2020 season: it also happened during the first two weekends of 'Joker's' release. Greek biopic drama 'Eftyhia' continues to soar, but it's not the only reason that the box office is enjoying a mini-boom. '1917' had a strong opening which reminds of 'Dunkirk's' opening from August 2017 (53,457 admissions). It is well positioned for a long run, with 10 Oscar noms and potentially good word-of-mouth. Back to 'Eftyhia', the film is guaranteed to reach the half-million-admission mark and 550K admissions as well. That means it will beat Greek films 'What If...' (531K admissions, 2012) and 'The Island' (549K admissions). We still can't say if it's gonna give 'Worlds Apart' a run for its money and for the title of Biggest Greek Film of the Decade. Fingers crossed... Meanwhile, last week's openers had rather sharp drops, although their high starting points meant that they're still contributing sizeable business to the tally. 'Jumanji 2' is days away from beating its predecessor's total, while '...Forever' will become the first Greek film of the new decade to reach 100K admissions. 'Frozen II' had a precipitous drop with the end of the holiday period. The all-time animated record has somewhat moved out of sight, although it will depend mostly on its staying power from now on. Animated films sell very few admissions on weekdays so it's hard to say whether it can even beat 'Finding Nemo' (341K admissions) at this point. 'Star Wars 9' is losing sight of 250K admissions and it may even finish closer to 'Rogue One' (191,209 admissions) than 'Star Wars 8' (298,770 admissions).
  13. Could someone post week-by-week comparison of Frozen and Frozen II ?
  14. Weekend: 2nd–5th December 2020 and Monday holiday Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions (up to Sunday) Monday admissions Week 1 Ευτυχία (Eftyhia) [GR] 91,782 -9.4% 311,600 19,831 3 2 Jumanji: The Next Level 39,049 – 39,049 8,894 1 3 ...Για πάντα (...For Ever) [GR] 37,195 – 45,240 7,785 1 4 Frozen II 24,377 -24.5% 292,976 5,161 6 5 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 20,827 -59.1% 220,141 3,769 3 6 J'accuse [French–Italian] 13,762 – 15,304 2,618 1 7 Spies in Disguise 13,672 -24.3% 37,804 2,745 2 8 Playmobil: The Movie 11,096 -33.0% 48,894 2,314 3 9 Knives Out 5,798 -37.8% 98,665 877 5 10 Bombshell 4,163 -52.0% 15,578 667 2 Source: https://flix.gr/news/box-office-02-01-2020.html http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-eytyxia-is-the-winner-of-the-holiday-season/ The new year started on high note, with a whopping 275,953 admissions sold over the 4-day weekend, going up to 333,826 admissions when adding in Monday, which was a public religious holiday. The undisputable winner was Greek biopic 'Eftyhia', which dramatizes the life the most prominent female Greek lyricist of the 20th century, Eftyhia Papagiannopoulou. (Here is a very popular song written by her, as a remake recorded for the purposes of the movie.) Its third weekend is actually higher than 'Joker's' third weekend (90,571 admissions). It is also on par with the third weekend of 'A Touch of Spice' (est. 92K admissions). That film went on to become the biggest Greek film of all time with 1.3 million admissions. On the other hand, 'El Greco' had scored a 104K-admission third weekend but stopped at 767K admissions. 'Eftyhia' certainly capitalised the holidays but it remains to be seen whether it can achieve significant holding power to approach the nauseating heights of the aforementioned blockbusters. A closer target is the biggest Greek film of the past decade, 'Worlds Apart', with 668,892 admissions. That film sold 59,215 admissions on its third weekend, with a cume-to-date of 370,711 admissions. Up to and inlcuding its 9th weekend, that film hadn't had a single drop bigger than 40%. That's a tough feat for 'Eftyhia', but the film has clearly resonated with audiences and it has all the qualifications necessary to get there. There's still a long way to go, but it will certainly reach third place among the decade's Greek films. The decade's Top 15 Greek films can be seen in my previous post, which has been updated with the latest numbers and rankings for 'Eftyhia', 'Star Wars 9' and 'Frozen II'. Speaking of 'Frozen II', the film is already in the Animated All-Time Top 10. It is sitting comfortably at #9 at the moment and is, by all accounts, well-positioned to reach second place. Can it get to first place though? Whether it succeeds or not, one thing is clear by looking at the Top 10 list: Greek kids are obsessed with ice... Biggest animated films (since 2003) Ranking Title Total admissions Multiple 1 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 384,829 4.79 2 Ice Age: The Meltdown 346,500* 3.73 3 Finding Nemo 340,731** 7.47 4 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 323,607 6.43 5 Ratatouille 312,019 4.46 6 Inside Out 310,104 4.94 7 Despicable Me 3 308,997 3.75 8 Ice Age: Continental Drift 305,445 4.50 9 Frozen II 298,137 4.22 10 Happy Feet 295,500 5.17 * This is my own estimated but I'm pretty confident it's between 335,000 and 355,000 admissions **When adding 'Finding Nemo's' 3–D re-release, its total goes up to 368,841 admissions. 'Jumanji 2' surprised by opening 59% higher than its predecessor, which was released back in January 2018. Given that it has reached 50K admissions in 6 days, it should be able to cross the 100K-admission milestone easily and beat its predecessor in the menatime (that one finished with about 80K admissions). By the way, 'Eftyhia's' success is made even more impressive by the fact that it had competition from another Greek film, '...For Ever'. Directed by the guy behind the 'Bachelor' sequels (see my previous post on Greek films), it certainly did not disappoint in its opening and it should be able to approach 150K admissions if it doesn't drop hard. Despite being ahead of its immmediate predecessor last weekend, 'Star Wars 9' is now trailing that film by 30K admissions. The gap can only widen from now on. This saga ended on a low note, although Disney only needs to wait another 5 to 10 years in order to build up hype again for the franchise. I'm not concerned at all. Finally, 'Knives Out' is days away from the 100K-admission milestone.
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