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  1. Weekend 10–13/01/2019 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 The Mule 35,733 +6.9% 87,490 2 2 Green Book 17,749 +457.3% 22,077 2 3 The Bach3lor 16,236 -49.4% 203,890 3 4 Escape Room 13,835 -24.6% 42,774 2 5 Mary Poppins Returns 8,575 -53.9% 143,545 4 6 Dr. Seuss' The Grinch 7,090 -60.0% 200,778 6 7 Ben Is Back 6,459 – 6,459 1 8 Aquaman 6,323 -43.2% 202,931 5 9 Todos lo saben (aka Everybody Knows) [Spanish] 5,094 -56.1% 57,714 3 10 Wheely [Malaysian–Maldivian–Bruneian–Djiboutian] 4,253 -25.6% 11,066 2 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-10012019.html The box office took a big dip this weekend, in what has been a grim start to the month of January and to 2019 overall. But despite the big picture looking depressing, individual films have achieved their own (minor) successes. 'The Mule' enjoyed a second weekend on top following a 7% boost (!) from its opening. That rarely occurs outside the holiday period and is an indication of good word-of-mouth and rising popularity. Not unlike previous Academy Award contenders, it is headed for about 150K admissions. I can't help but compare with 'The Post', which also opened in early January and capped at 151K admissions. 'Green Book', another award contender, expanded from 2 to 38 screens nationwide. The rise in weekend admissions wasn't quite as close to 19-fold but it was good enough for a second place finish. Who knows where the movie could go from here? As for the Christmas-season holdovers, three of them crossed 200K admissions this weekend: 'The Bach3lor', 'The Grinch' and 'Aquaman'. Well done for them. It's the first time since 2013 that the holiday period produced at least three 200K-admission films, althouth, to be fair, 2016 was pretty close, with 'Roza of Smyrna' and 'La La Land' making it there, while 'Perfect Strangers' (199,516 admissions) barely missed the mark. 'Aquaman' will probably surpass 'Venom' and come close to 'Deadpool 2' (to see their exact grosses, click here), which means it could become the second-biggest superhero of the year behind – yes, you guessed it – 'Infinity War'. 'The Grinch' is the year's second-best animated film and, barring the sharp drop of this weekend, it could easily approach first place, currently held by – yes, you guessed it – 'Hotel Transylvania 3'. I think that, on balance of probabilities, it will get close but won't surpass it. 'The Bach3lor' is in second place for something too. That "something" is – yes, you guessed it – Greek films. 'Aegean S.O.S.' is not that far ahead, with 217K admissions, a number 'Bach3lor' is on course to surpass by as early as next weekend, depending on how it holds. The fourth major Christmas film, 'Mary Poppins 2', has also given a solid performance. It will soon move ahead of such films as 'Mission: Impossible 6', 'Fantastic Beasts 2', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Black Panther'. Depending on how well it holds, it could reach 160K admissions in total. Next weekend, three films will compete for the top spots: 'Perimenontas ti Nona' ('Waiting for the Godmother'), which is a Greek comedy, 'Astérix: Le Secret de la Potion Magique', which is a French animated film, and the most likely winner, 'Glass', a sequel to 'Unbreakable' and 'Split'.
  2. Quigley


    Guys, let's not overdo it. Yeah, it was successful, but making $1B, or even $1.1B, in 2019 is hardly spectacular. Aquaman will probably reach a peak rank of about 25th on the WW chart. 10 years ago, the 25th biggest film was 'Spider-Man 2' at $783.8M. While a very strong result, it is hardly anything ground-breaking. All-time WW chart in January 2009: https://web.archive.org/web/20090116175944/https://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/world/ It is, however, WB's first film to reach $1B since 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' in January 2013 – a full 6 years ago. It never felt that long until I actually thought about it. Disney made the mistake of not releasing Solo on Christmas. The bitterness from 'Last Jedi' would have faded and WB would have never dared to set Aquaman against Han Solo. Well done for WB to grab the opportunity. Outside 2 DC films (Dark Knight Rises and Aquaman), WB has Hobbit #1 and HP7:P2. The Dark Knight reached $997M before being re-released, 6 months after its original release date, to cross the billion-dollar mark.
  3. 2018 OVERSEAS BOX OFFICE RESULTS BY STUDIO Studio Gross Market share Disney $4.233 14.2% WB $3.62 12.1% Universal $2.92 9.8% Fox $2.38 8.0% Sony $2.334 7.8% Paramount $0.975 3.3% Lionsgate $0.341 1.1% Total 2018 OS BO: $29.8B Grosses are in billions. Figures come from the Deadline article in the above post. Disney had its second best year (after 2016's $4.604B) and third best all time (Universal made $4.44B in 2015). WB had its best year (previous record was 2014's $3.17B) Universal had its 3rd best after 2015 and 2017 Fox had 3rd worst result since 2009 (2011 and 2013 were worse) Sony had 2nd best result ever (it made $2.66B in 2012) Paramount had 2nd worst result since 2009 (it made $847 million in 2016) Lionsgate had worst result since merging with Summit Entertainment (previous low: $710 million in 2017) These are the 10 biggest all-time yearly grosses for a single studio: Studio Gross (in billion $) Year Disney 4.60 2016 Universal 4.44 2015 Disney 4.23 2018 Disney 4.05 2017 Fox 3.73 2014 WB 3.63 2018 Disney 3.57 2015 Universal 3.44 2017 Paramount 3.20 2011 WB 3.17 2014 Biggest market share ever goes to Disney (2016): 16.8% – Second place goes to Universal (2015): 16.3% – (Distant) third goes to Fox (2014): 14.3%
  4. Weekend 03–06/01/2019 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 The Mule 33,416 – 33,416 1 2 The Bach3lor 32,059 -49.6% 171,739 2 3 Mary Poppins Returns 18,594 -45.0% 131,786 3 4 Escape Room 18,352 – 18,352 1 5 Dr. Seuss' The Grinch 17,709 -42.4% 190,631 5 6 Todos lo saben (aka Everybody Knows) [Spanish] 11,597 -39.3% 48,965 2 7 Aquaman 11,134 -50.2% 191,381 4 8 Wheely [Malaysian–Maldivian–Bruneian–Djiboutian] 5,716 – 5,716 1 9 Second Act 5,304 – 5,304 1 10 Vice 4,667 -41.6% 17,388 2 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/4342/box-office-to-baporaki-ekane-podariko-stin-korufh Continuing the low momentum of 2018's last few months, 2019 kicked off with the worst post-New Year weekend of the last decade. Cumulative admissions were at 180,344 admissions. 'The Bach3lor' experienced an unexpectedly large drop, falling behind the second weekend of 'Bachelor 2'. It also fell behind 'The Mule', which managed to earn the year's first weekend-box-office crown. If the threequel follows the same trajectory as its predecessor from now on, it will reach 242,000 admissions, which will only barely beat its predecessor's 238,000-admission total. 'The Mule' will certainly aim for a 100K-admission total. 'Mary Poppins 2' will probably settle for less than 200K admissions, but 'The Grinch' and 'Aquaman' will reach that milestone very soon.
  5. Weekend 27–30/12/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions by Sunday Monday-to-Wednesday Week 1 The Bach3lor 63,548 – 102,392 37,242 1 2 Mary Poppins Returns 33,836 +18.7% 92,632 20,650 3 3 Dr. Seuss' The Grinch 30,748 +25.5% 154,800 17,741 4 4 Aquaman 22,366 -33.3% 166,286 13,961 3 5 Todos lo saben (aka Everybody Knows) [Spanish] 19,094 – 27,755 9,613 1 6 Vice 7,997 – 7,997 4,724 1 7 Bumblebee 6,263 -29.2% 21,935 4,573 2 8 Croc-Blanc [French–Luxembourgish] 5,732 +42.9% 20,483 4,097 3 9 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 4,733 +3.2% 26,234 3,025 3 10 万引き家族 (aka Shoplifters) [Japanese] 2,934 -10.8% 27,682 1,972 4 Source: http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-larisa-beats-london/ The holiday period is well under way, which is why distributors and news outlets alike are not at all interested in reporting box office results. It took them 'til Thursday to publish the figures. 'The Bach3lor' achieved a massive opening and is bound to continue unabated into January. The opening was 74% higher than 'Bachelor 2'. If it continues on the same trajectory as its predecessor, it may even reach 400K admissions. Even if it falls short of these projections, the 363K-admission total of 'Infinity War', currently the year's best performance, is in jeopardy. 'Mary Poppins 2' crossed the 100K-admission milestone and is headed for 200K admissions in total, as is 'Aquaman'. 'The Grinch' is days away from surpassing 'Incredibles 2' to become the second-best animated film of the year. It should easily surpass 'Hotel Transylvania 3' to become the year's biggest. Using weekend admissions, my estimates suggest that the cumulative admissions for 2018 were 7-8% below 2012 and 2015-2017. They were only 3-4% above 2013 and 2014, which does not bode well. Ultimately, it seems like the year finished at about 9.2-9.6 million admissions, which is the third-lowest result of the last decade.
  6. Week of Thursday, 20 to Wednesday, 26 December 2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions by Sunday Christmas Day Monday-to-Wednesday Week 1 Aquaman 33,509 -37.8% 121,606 11,378 22,285 2 2 Mary Poppins Returns 28,502 – 28,502 17,958 30,294 1 3 Dr. Seuss' The Grinch 24,491 -14.7% 98,767 15,137 25,254 3 4 Bumblebee 8,851 – 8,851 3,690 6,821 1 5 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 4,586 -46.4% 17,676 2,338 3,825 2 6 Creed II 4,231 -41.2% 97,028 – 1,591 4 7 Croc-Blanc [French–Luxembourgish] 4,011 -23.9% 10,728 2,683 4,018 2 8 万引き家族 (aka Shoplifters) [Japanese] 3,288 -37.5% 22,048 1,619 2,625 3 9 Αιγαίο SOS (Aegean S.O.S.) [GR] 3,200 -29.5% 207,291 – 2,307 6 10 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 2,835 +96.9% 108,605 – 463 8 – The Bach3lor [GR] – – – 15,274 38,875 0 – Todos lo saben (aka Everybody Knows) [Spanish] – – – 3,246 8,661 0 Source: http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-aquaman-stays-on-top/ Last weekend was not very impressive at all. It sold 129,062 admissions, managing to barely surpass last year's 126,373 admissions. However, since Christmas Day fell on a Tuesday, the weekdays were unusually busy. 'Aquaman' remained the top grosser of the weekend with a very strong hold for a superhero film. It turns out that Christmas can boost earnings whether or not the film is strictly speaking a "Christmas film" or a "family film". However, this year's Christmas frame had a number of films vying for the top spot. While 'Aquaman' topped the weekend, 'The Bach3lor', the threequel to a very successful Greek comedy franchise, topped the weekday frame (Monday-to-Wednesday), which includes two public holidays (Christmas Day and December 26th). The film managed to do this despite opening on December 25th, essentially having only two days of play instead of three. Further complicating things, 'Mary Poppins Returns' managed to beat 'Aquaman' during the above 7-day period, selling 58,796 admissions compared with 'Aquaman's' 55,794 admissions. It also topped the box office on Christmas Day. One week, three winners. 'Aquaman' will very likely reach 200,000 admissions and will give 'Deadpool 2' a run for its money. 'Mary Poppins Returns' should be able to reach 150,000 admissions by the end of its run. 'The Bach3lor' is looking to become the most successful film of the franchise as yet. The original opened to 23,913 admissions in early December 2016 and enjoyed a 4x mulitplier that pushed it to 101,623 admissions. The sequel opened on Christmas Day 2017 and sold 32,806 admissions over 3 days. The threequel has sold more than either film in only 2 days. The sequel scored a 237,559-admission total, becoming the highest-grossing Greek film of 2017. Unless there are any bitter surprises, 'The Bach3lor' should go far past that number. It can easily become the second biggest film of 2018, beating 'The Nun's' 239,595-admission tally. For an apples-to-apples comparison, 'Bachelor 2' sold 19,900 admissions on its first 2 days (December 25-26). If the trajectory of 'The Bach3lor' remains the same, its final total will reach 464,000 admissions. Things will become clearer after next weekend, but even if the threequel is more frontloaded (quite probable), it could still surpass 300,000 admissions and give 'Avengers: Infinity War' a run for its money. The Marvel-ous supersequel has been a loner on the top since May, owing its possession of the year's throne to the momentous sum of 363,402 admissions. Apart from this diverse trio of films, 'The Grinch' also managed to steal its fair share of Christmas booty. It has surpassed 100K admissions and may very well top 200K admissions by the end of the holiday period (January 7). It cannot claim the #1 spot like any of the above films but it managed to surpass the weekend winner, 'Aquaman', during the weekdays, thanks to a strong tally on Christmas Day. Lower down on the charts, 'Bumblebee' was the dud that everyone expected, with an opening frame that was slightly more than half of 'Transformers 5' opening, which was the lowest-selling 'Transformers' film. Spanish film 'Todos lo saben' scored the fifth best Mon-to-Wed tally (it opened on Tuesday), ahead of 'Bumblebee'. It should move ahead of it next weekend. In the meantime, Sony is probably not at all happy about 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse', but then again why would they have ever expected this to be a hit? 'Creed II' is days away from topping 100K admissions, which was my original prediction. 'Aegean S.O.S.' is headed for a 220K-admission finish. Last but not least, the 'Nutcracker' spent one final weekend in the Top 10, thanks to certain schools arranging trips to the cinema on the Thrusday and Friday before Christmas (these two days held the lion share of the weekend tally).
  7. Weekend 13–16/12/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Aquaman 53,858 – 53,858 1 2 Dr. Seuss' The Grinch 28,720 -10.4% 67,800 2 3 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 8,552 – 10,555 1 4 Creed II 7,199 -59.1% 87,935 3 5 Croc-Blanc [French–Luxembourgish] 5,274 – 5,274 1 6 万引き家族 (aka Shoplifters) [Japanese] 5,260 -28.7% 16,659 2 7 Αιγαίο SOS (Aegean S.O.S.) [GR] 4,539 -50.0% 201,079 5 8 Ralph Breaks the Internet 4,477 -54.6% 73,850 4 9 Mortal Engines 3,220 -68.0% 20,646 2 10 Kursk [English-language French–Belgian] 3,117 -62.1% 16,114 2 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-061218.html With an opening that achieved a solid result, 'Aquaman' confirmed its expected popularity, although it was nothing exceptional. 'Aquaman' should probably have a higher multiple than expected of superhero films, since it opened so close to Christmas. A 150K-admission is guaranteed, while 200K admissions is certainly within reach. Here is a table with a selection of relevant superhero films: Aquaman comps Title Opening weekend Total Release date Multiple Deadpool 2 82,773 221,147 17/05/18 2.67 Deadpool 77,774 217,832 18/02/16 2.80 Venom 66,795 206,763 04/10/18 3.10 Justice League 62,658 158,596 16/11/17 2.53 Suicide Squad 61,555 207,982 25/08/16 3.38 Logan 55,871 189,928 02/03/17 3.40 Aquaman 53,858 13/12/18 Man of Steel 44,904 130,000 20/06/13 2.90 Black Panther 41,104 153,120 15/02/18 3.73 Wonder Woman 38,618 125,196 08/06/17 3.24 'The Grinch' had a very strong sophomore hold, clearly unaffected by the animated 'Spider-Man' film, which tanked. The 2,000 admissions sold in previews are not enough to save face. Japanese drama film 'Shoplifters' also had an impressice hold, after expanding from 9 to 12 screens nationwide. Other holdovers dropped at least 50%. 'Creed II' will soon reach 100K admissions. 'Ralph 2' seems to be losing sight of that milestone. 'Aegean S.O.S.' has crossed 200K admissions, on its way to a 215K-admission total. At 140,000 admissions, the weekend box office was much lower than the same time last year, when 'The Last Jedi' made its way into theaters. This coming Thursday, 'Bumblebee' and 'Mary Poppins 2' are hoping to further reinvigorate the box office ahead of the holiday period, which lasts from Christmas to January 7 (for schools and universities).
  8. Weekend 06–09/12/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Dr. Seuss' The Grinch 32,049 – 32,049 1 2 Creed II 17,617 -41.7% 69,292 2 3 Mortal Engines 10,072 – 10,072 1 4 Ralph Breaks the Internet 9,869 -58.2% 68,248 3 5 Αιγαίο SOS (Aegean S.O.S.) [GR] 9,073 -54.9% 191,592 4 6 Kursk [English-language French–Belgian] 8,225 – 8,225 1 7 万引き家族 (aka Shoplifters) [Japanese] 7,379 – 7,379 1 8 The Possession of Hannah Grace 5,265 -62.3% 30,083 2 9 Robin Hood (2018) 4,465 -61.6% 23,519 2 10 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 4,118 -57.7% 139,118 4 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/4304/box-office-stolizoume-xristougenniatiko-dentro-parea-me-ton-grinch This weekend produced middling results. Total admissions reached 131,701. 'The Grinch' stole the weekend, although other films in the coming weeks are looking to steal Christmas as well. It had a decent opening for a story that is not very well known in Greece. Animated films with big multiples (6x or higher) usually open a bit closer to Christmas. One notable exception is 'Finding Nemo', which enjoyed a 7.5x multiple after opening on December 5, 2003. Given that the animated 'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse' opens next weekend, 'The Grinch' has a few things to be concerned about. However, a 5x mutliplier seems reasonable, sending it to a 160K-admission total – a solid result. 'Creed II' had the best hold of the Top 10 and has already matched its predecessor's total. Even if it is hit by the arrival of 'Aquaman' next weekend, it still looks poised to reach the 100K-admission milestone. 'Ralph 2' took a significant blow due to 'The Grinch' but should manage to hold well from now and into the lucrative Christmas break. 100K admissions remains a likely outcome, albeit a bit disappointing. 'Aegean S.O.S.' had a sharper drop than previous weekends but is still on its way to about 220K admissions. Japanese film 'Shoplifters' had an impressive 820-admission per-screen average. 'Fantastic Beasts 2's' total will probably be less than its predecessor and less than half of the lowest-grossing 'Potter' film, 'Half-Blood Prince' (312,800 admissions). This Thursday, 'Aquaman' looks to reign at the box office although I don't think it will do as well as 'Venom' or 'Suicide Squad', i.e. 60K+ admissions. My bet is that it will perform similarly to 'Wonder Woman' which scored a 38,618-admission opening.
  9. Weekend 29/11–02/12/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Creed II 30,216 – 30,216 1 2 Ralph Breaks the Internet 23,595 -12.9% 55,492 2 3 Αιγαίο SOS (Aegean S.O.S.) [GR] 20,114 -41.8% 171,617 3 4 The Possession of Hannah Grace 13,949 – 13,949 1 5 Robin Hood (2018) 11,640 – 11,640 1 6 Widows 11,572 -51.1% 50,646 2 7 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 9,729 -53.3% 128,939 3 8 Bohemian Rhapsody 5,371 -43.2% 129,595 5 9 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 5,331 -28.7% 98,296 5 10 The Happy Prince 5,130 – 5,130 1 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-29112018.html http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-creed-ii-gets-top-spot-easily/ This is the 8th weekend in a row that has sold fewer admissions than the same time last year (146,982 vs 148,789). However, it is the closest of the last 8 weekends to match last year's performance [sigh of relief...]. 'Creed II' has successfully built on its predecessor's positive audience appraisal and achieved a 46% increase over the original's 20,744-admission opening. That film's total reached 70,228 admissions, which 'Creed II' should easily match. If 'Creed II' matches the trajectory of its predecessor, it should manage to scrape past 100K admissions (an identical multiplier means about 102,300 admissions). 'Ralph 2' is also doing very well. The original's second weekend was at the height of the holiday period and saw a drop of 31%. Its total by that time was 52,655 admissions. 'Ralph 2' has successfully outrun its predecessor and should be able to continue doing so. Even if hit by the arrival of the 'Grinch', it should still manage to do well throughout the holiday period. 'Aegean S.O.S.' should easily reach the 200K-admission milestone. With 40-45% drops from now on, it should be able to reach 220–230K admissions. If it does better, it may even have a shot at taking this year's second place from 'The Nun' (239,595 admissions). As for other newcomers, the situation was unremarkable. 'Hannah Grace' passed unnoticed as did 'Robin Hood', which opened to less than 20% of the last 'Robin Hood', the one starring Russell Crowe, which opened to 60,430 admissions in 2010 and ended with 162,380 admissions. The highest per-screen average of the Top 10 was achieved by 'The Happy Prince' (428 admissions), which remains nevertheless an indifferent statistic. 'Fantastic Beasts 2' continued its precipitous fall. The gap between it and its predecessor has increased, with the sequel's total trailing the original by 13K admissions. The sequel's 3rd weekend was also lower by 1,800 admissions. In fact, 'Bohemian Rhapsody', which has been enjoying very impressive holds, may even achieve a higher total than 'Fatnastic Beasts 2'. It has further cemented its lead over the 'Nutcracker, which has nevertheless done very well too. The latter is heading for a total around 110K admissions, which is far better (all things considered) than North America's dismal $50M tally. Finally, 'Widows' had a big drop but has already achieved a decent total for a heist film. It has beaten other recent heist films, such as 'Den of Thieves', 'Baby Driver' and 'Logan Lucky'. It has a long way to go though before approaching 'Ocean's 8' (113K admissions), 'Now You See Me' (101K admissions) or 'Tower Heist' (89K admissions).
  10. UPDATED TOTALS: NA: $678.8M OS: $1,368.9M China: $377.6M OS - China: $991.3M Worldwide total: $2,047.7M https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=main&id=marvel0518.htm
  11. Indeed, 'Hotel Transylvania 3' has reached an impressive total with good legs. Its mutliple is the 6th biggest despite the fact that it ranks 17th on the all-time chart. Biggest animated films (since 2003) Ranking Title Total admissions Multiple 1 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 384,829 4.79 2 Ice Age: The Meltdown 346,500* 3.73 3 Finding Nemo 340,731 7.47 4 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 323,607 6.43 5 Ratatouille 312,019 4.46 6 Inside Out 310,104 4.94 7 Despicable Me 3 308,997 3.75 8 Ice Age: Continental Drift 305,445 4.50 9 Happy Feet 295,500 5.17 10 Finding Dory 295,338 3.27 11 Minions 290,513 3.17 12 The Smurfs 283,010 3.95 13 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 256,200 4.45 14 Frozen 249,028** 8.32 15 Tangled 232,381 3.01 16 Puss in Boots 231,102 12.29 17 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation 228,078 5.11 18 Despicable Me 2 216,137 4.73 19 Ice Age: Collision Course 214,994 3.56 20 Up 211,570 3.71 *My estimate. The total is almost certainly between 335,000 and 355,000 admissions **Other sources put it 234,000 admissions. Below there is a list of films that grossed more than 'Transylvania 3' since 2010, which is approximately when the crisis started. Surprisingly enough, 13 of the Top 20 were released after the crisis. This does not include any in the Top 5, all of which were released between 2003 and 2009. Biggest animated films (since 2010) Ranking Title Total admissions 1 Inside Out 310,104 2 Despicable Me 3 308,997 3 Ice Age: Continental Drift 305,445 4 Finding Dory 295,338 5 Minions 290,513 6 The Smurfs 283,010 7 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 256,200 8 Frozen 249,028 9 Tangled 232,381 10 Puss in Boots 231,102 11 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation 228,078 I will also remind that the 'Transylvania 3' did much better than other high-profile animated threequels, such as 'Toy Story 3' (202,242 admissions), 'Shrek the Third' (181,250 admissions) and 'Kung Fu Panda 3' (123,831 admissions).
  12. Weekend 22–25/11/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Αιγαίο SOS (Aegean S.O.S.) [GR] 34,577 -44.5% 130,552 2 2 Ralph Breaks the Internet 27,086 – 27,086 1 3 Widows 23,674 – 23,674 1 4 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 20,821 -61.3% 107,082 2 5 Bohemian Rhapsody 9,460 -37.3% 118,698 4 6 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 7,479 -55.8% 91,920 4 7 Dogman [Italian] 2,976 – 2,976 1 8 Zimna wojna (Cold War) [Polish–French–British] 2,076 -49.5% 41,330 5 9 A Wizard's Tale (aka Here Comes the Grump) 1,988 -66.5% 32,403 5 10 Girl [Belgian] 1,786 -50.7% 7,116 2 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/4281/box-office-aigaio-sos-kai-to-gelio-sunexizei-na-antixei-stis-ai8ouses The weekend saw a big drop from last week, as happened same time last year. Total admissions were at 139,562. Overall, November has disappointed significantly, as did October. Greek film 'Aegean S.O.S.' led the pack once again with a respectable drop which puts it on a comfortable path to the 200K-admission milestone. 'Wreck-It Ralph 2' managed a decent opening for a WDAS film – on par with 'Frozen' and 'Zootopia' and ahead of 'Big Hero 6' and 'Moana'. Its predecessor had opened to 18,690 admissions in late December 2012. Including Tuesday and Wednesday previews, that film had reached 29,865 admissions by its first Sunday. This puts it slightly ahead of the sequel at the same point in its run. However, 'Ralph 2' should be able to capitalise on the upcoming holiday period, as long as Universal's 'The Grinch' doesn't take away too much attention in 2 weeks time. The original's total should be an easy target for the sequel. There is some unclarity as to what the total actually is. Grand Magazine has charts going back to 2012 which show the film reached 81,500 admissions (http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/1656/elliniko-box-office). However, their article for this week says 88,000 admissions. The Lumière database says 101,676 admissions (http://lumiere.obs.coe.int/web/film_info/?id=40177). Free Cinema claims the original made roughly 80K admissions, which would be consistent with Grand Magazine's weekly charts. However, even the higher number is within the likely range for the sequel. I am expecting it to sell at least 100K admissions. Among other openers, 'Widows' performed decently for a crime thriller but what really matters is if it can hold on in the long run. Among holdovers, 'Fantastic Beasts 2' dropped more heavily than its predecessor and is trailing it by 9K admissions. The declining trend is unlikely to be overcome. The relative ranking of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and the 'Nutcracker' reversed once again. The Queens biopic has cemented its lead which is unlikely to reverse. It remains on course for about 150K admissions. The 'Nutcracker' will certainly reach the 100K-admission milestone but it was hit hard by the arrival of 'Ralph 2' and will probably not make it further than 110K admissions. Below the Top 10, both 'Smallfoot' and 'A Star Is Born' will miss 100K admissions. 'Hotel Transylvania 3' is at 228,078 admissions but will not overtake 'The Nun', which ended its run at 239,595 admissions. 'Venom' fell harder than expected and will finish at 207K admissions, which is still makes for a very susccessful run. The 11-month total of the year has fallen far behind the previous 3-year average and also behind 2012 by 5.4%. It is still 7% ahead 2013 and 2014 so it looks like the yearly total will reach about 9.5 million admissions, with the possibility of a 10-million-admission finish looking less and less likely...
  13. I don't think it's wrong. They have updated the article and they explain the methodolgy. They use historical rates. They look at the markets that FB2 opened in and they find the corresponding openings of FB in the same markets (regardless of whether they occurred on the same or different weekends) and they add them up. "The opening in 79 overseas markets is within the range that we were seeing ahead of the bow and surpasses the start of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them by 2.7% when using historical rates on the previous movie."
  14. Hi Ed Raven, Nice to see a new member join the forum. I am the thread manager for the Italian and the Greek thread. Omni is the main one who keeps us informed about the Italian box office with his most appreciated posts.
  15. Weekend 15–18/11/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Αιγαίο SOS (Aegean SOS) [GR] 62,290 – 62,290 1 2 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 53,837 – 60,072 1 3 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 16,929 -24.6% 81,886 3 4 Bohemian Rhapsody 15,084 -35.1% 101,361 3 5 The Girl in the Spider’s Web 6,867 -64.0% 38,522 2 6 A Wizard's Tale (aka Here Comes the Grump) 5,930 -8.9% 30,083 4 7 Zimna wojna (Cold War) [Polish–French–British] 4,114 -25.8% 37,825 5 8 Smallfoot 3,682 -11.2% 87,601 8 9 Girl [Belgian] 3,623 – 3,623 1 10 Las herederas [Paraguayan] 2,827 – 2,827 1 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-15112018.html [UPDATED:] Two high-profile titles competed last weekend for the top spot, one Greek and one Hollywood. The prior, a comedy, managed to prevail in a fairly close but decisive race. It has scored the best opening for a Greek comedy in the last 7 years, since 'The Island 2', which opened to about 86,000 admissions in December 2011. However, it would be more appropriate to compare 'Aegean SOS' to 'Loufa kai Parallagi: Sirens at Land' which opened in October 2011 to 68,098 admissions and finished with 154,911 admissions. That would be a rather disappointing total for 'Aegean SOS', representing a mere 2.5x mutliplier. It will almost definitely sell more than that amount. Don't expect it though to be the biggest Greek film of the year – that honor will probably go to 'Bachelor 3', which swarms theaters on Christmas day. On other hand, 'Fantastic Beasts 2' dropped a small 7.5% from its predecessor over the traditional 4-day weekend. This is smaller than the 16.4% drop in NA. The drop was offset by the Tuesday previews which pushed the film's opening frame past 60K admissions. The original ended its run at 161,466 admissions, a total that is being aimed for by this second instalment as well. Lower down, the tight race between 'Nutcracker' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' continues. Their relative ranking reverted for a second weekend, with the prior selling about 1,800 admissions more during the weekend. However, the latter has actually managed to sell 20,000 admissions more in total since it has been earning a lot more during weekdays. Thanks to this, it has crossed the 100K-admission milestone. Their final tallies remain unpredictable since we cannot know for sure if their exceptional holds will continue. If 'Bohemian Rhapsody' drops 35% every weekend from now on, it should reach 150K admissions. If the 'Nutcracker' drops 25% every weekend from now on, it should reach 140K admissions. Both numbers seem slightly too optimistic though. In other news, 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' plummeted and can officially be declared a dud. 'Smallfoot', on the contrary, is headed slowly and steadily towards the 100K-admission milestone. Thanks to two big openers and a long list of strong holds, this weekend sold 187,141 admissions, which is the third biggest weekend of the year (and the biggest outside early January). It remains nevertheless quieter than the same weekend last year. Check the 2018's Top 10 chart by clicking here.

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