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  1. Can this one beat Secret Life of Pets? ($875M) If it gets to $750 from existing markets it will need $125M from Japan. Is that doable?
  2. Romania Box Office

    Thanks for the update. It's been a long 10 months since we last heard about the Romanian box office. I hope we get news more often from now on. Is there a 2017 list with biggest films in gross, total admissions and opening weekends too. Thanks.
  3. Weekend 08–11/02/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Fifty Shades Freed 64,017 – 64,017 1 2 Phantom Thread 23,511 -41.5% 82,644 2 3 1968 [GR] 8,268 -57.9% 89,769 3 4 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 7,700 -40.2% 59,782 4 5 Early Man 6,829 -25.4% 17,211 2 6 Darkest Hour 6,254 -51.4% 97,091 4 7 Call Me by Your Name 6,012 – 6,012 1 8 Maze Runner: The Death Cure 4,784 -60.3% 58,218 3 9 The Limehouse Golem 4,490 – 4,490 1 10 Ferdinand 4,414 -24.2% 137,560 8 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-08022018.html 'Fifty Shades Freed' finished in first place, as expected, and is on a slower start than its predecessors, as expected. It is 27.6% lower than 'Fifty Shades Darker' (88,426 admissions) and 54.4% lower then 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (140,443 admissions). Compared to North America, the drop between the first and third entry is the same. Compared to the international market, the drop between the second and third entry is much bigger in Greece (28% vs 7%). If it follows the same trajectory as its immediate predecessor (which ended its run at 260K admissions), it will end up below 200K admissions. In the meantime, two other openers achieved very little. As for holdovers, the Oscar lot is putting on a great performance with 'Darkest Hour' and 'Phantom Thread' soon to join 'The Post' in crossing the 100K-admission milestone. 'Three Billboards' could potentially get there too if it holds well enough although it seems unlikely at the moment since it lost 11 of its 44 screens last weekend. Animated films held well, as usual, and 'Ferdinand' is getting closer and closer to 150K admissions. Greek documentary and historical drama '1968' crashed this weekend, as did 'Notias' ('Mythopathy') in its third weekend. A Mr Grey might have been the underlying cause of that. Finally, 'Maze Runner 3' crashed too and will undoubtedly end the franchise on a low note. Next week, 'The Black Panther' may liven up the market and Wednesday (Valnetine's Day) will also be very busy. It certainly has the potential to open around the 60K-admission level that 'Thor 3' and 'Doctor Strange' achieved. 'Deadpool' has done it before in the month of February (77,774 admissions). Although Marvel hasn't reached astonishing levels of success in Greece, its films are definitely becoming more popular, so all outcomes are possible.
  4. Weekend 01–04/02/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Phantom Thread 40,184 N/A 40,184 1 2 1968 [GR] 19,653 -40.5% 73,766 2 3 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 12,878 -20.5% 45,479 3 4 Darkest Hour 12,876 -42.6% 85,240 3 5 Maze Runner: The Death Cure 12,043 -44.6% 47,362 2 6 Early Man 9,158 N/A 9,158 1 7 Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House 6,987 N/A 6,987 1 8 The Post 6,918 -57.5% 142,694 4 9 Den of Thieves 6,496 -28.7% 43,819 3 10 Ferdinand 5,825 -37.1% 132,499 7 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-01022018.html Daniel Day-Lewis's visit to Athens for sure increased awareness about the weekend winner, 'Phantom Thread', although the actor is probably not very well known anyway. It opened to nearly double the tickets of his last film, 'Lincoln' (22.5K admissions), in early 2013. That film finished with 110.3K admissions. 'Nine', another Daniel-Day Lewis film, sold north of 80K admissions in total, while the most popular film starring this actor is probably 'Gangs of New York' (289.5K admissions), but this was probably due to Leonardo DiCaprio rather than anything else. Two other newcomers were unremarkable. '1968' will not get far past 100K admissions. On ther other hand, 'Three Billboards' has made amazing leaps from #9 to #5 to #3. After adding 23 screens last week, it added another 19 this week to reach a total of 44. 100K admissions is not out of the picture. This is also the case for 'Darkest Hour'. 'Maze Runner 3', on the other hand, has fallen behind both predecessors and is likely to finish at a lower level, far from any respectable total. 'Den of Thieves' and 'Ferdinand' also had good holds, with the latter still on course to top 150K admissions. Overall, business was slightly higher than last year, for a fourth weekend in a row. Despite massive protests (possibly even record numbers) against the government happening in Athens on Sunday, the % drops do not suggest that cinema business was affected in any significant way, except maybe animated films ('Ferdinand' had its greatest drop as yet). Next week sees the release of 'Fifty Shades Freed' which is looking to surpass its predecessor's 88.4K admissions and propel 2018 to a fifth consecutive weekend ahead of last year. This is however harder than it seems since 'Fifty Shades Darker' had bad audience ratings – nearly as bad as 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and still negative overall.
  5. If it was "fair", we ALL know that the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films should be the top 3. Then certain Pixar films should follow.
  6. I think it can still top HP8 it it has ~40% holds from now on.
  7. Weekend 25–28/01/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 1968 [GR] 33,033 N/A 33,033 1 2 Darkest Hour 22,433 -13.0% 61,940 2 3 Maze Runner: The Death Cure 21,757 N/A 21,757 1 4 The Post 16,283 -46.7% 128,449 3 5 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 16,195 +227.3% 24,022 2 6 Ferdinand 9,262 -8.1% 125,120 6 7 Den of Thieves 9,115 -25.2% 30,635 2 8 The Commuter 8,548 -48.1% 76,409 3 9 Coco 7,225 -3.1% 116,076 7 10 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 6,949 -51.0% 63,686 3 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-25012018.html http://cine.gr/article.asp?topic=Box Office&id=17769 http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-this-is-not-1968/ Just as the Greek films of the holiday period were beginning to quiet down, '1968' appeared on the horizon. It is the 4th film directed by Tasos Boulmetis, following 'The Dream Factory' (1990), 'A Touch of Spice' (2003) and 'Mythopathy' (2016). His one-film-per-decade record has been finally broken. His new film however opened to half of 'A Touch of Spice' (62.1K admissions) and lower than 'Mythopathy' (41.9K admissions). To discuss its chances of reaching the record-shattering 1.3 million-admission total of 'A Touch of Spice' would make no sense. On the other hand, 'Mythopathy' finished at 134.1K admissions with a 3.2x mutliplier. Beating that is doable if the film resonates wiith audiences. The other opener, 'Maze Runner 3', had a similarly mediocre result and is likely to end up as the lowest-grossing film of the franchise. The two-and-a-half year wait between its predecessor and this one did certainly no good to the franchise. Maze Runner Title Athens OW National OW Release date Total admissions The Maze Runner 11,800 19,641 Thu 18 Sep 14 91,570 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 15,159 31,132 Thu 24 Sep 15 82,810 Maze Runner: The Death Cure 10,429 21,757 Thu 25 Jan 18 – Among holdovers, 'Darkest Hour' had an impressive hold, presumably buoyed by the film's 6 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. This was also the case for 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri', which received 7 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, but which also expanded from 2 to 25 screens nationwide. 'The Post' has become the first film of 2018 to cross 100K admissions despite having a sharper drop than most other films this weekend. The best holds were achieved by 'Coco' and 'Ferdinand'. The prior is ahead of 'Moana' at the same point in its run and has a chance of reaching 150K admissions. 'Ferdinand' is the animated winner of the holidays and definitely reminds of surprise hit 'Sing' from 2016, even if it is likely to fall short of that film's total. As for other holdovers, 'Den of Thieves' achieved a solid hold, 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' has been far less successful than in NA and 'The Commuter', after 3 weekends, is close to becoming the biggest original Liam Neeson action film. It is unlikely to surpass the 'Taken' sequels. Liam Neeson action films Title Athens OW National OW Release date Total admissions Notes Taken 3 28,114 50,780 Thu 15 Jan 15 174,600 Taken 2 19,167 27,056 Thu 11 Oct 12 126,370 4,615 in previews The Grey 21,436 29,671 Thu 23 Feb 12 88,059 Unknown 19,329 25,260 Thu 24 Mar 11 87,958 A Walk Among the Tombstones 14,971 23,027 Thu 23 Feb 12 79,652 The Commuter 16,454 26,296 Thu 11 Jan 18 76,409 Run All Night 1,966 2,986 Sun 12 Apr 15 64,913 Opened on Easter Sunday Non-Stop 12,121 15,954 Thu 27 Feb 14 62,885 9,358 in previews Taken 11,331 12,453 Thu 18 Jun 09 ~28,000 Last time in top 10: 25,791 The weekend saw 175,813 admissions being sold in cinemas, which was only a tad higher than last year. Still better than selling less tickets. Next week sees the arrival of 'Phantom Thread' and the actor in the lead role, Daniel Day-Lewis, will be visiting Athens for the premiere, so it will be interesting to see if anyone notices.
  8. Haven't seen it. Don't plan to. I can go into the reasons but they're probably not relevant to this discussion or the forum's purpose.
  9. Weekend 18–21/01/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 The Post 30,572 -34.2% 99,226 2 2 Darkest Hour 25,785 N/A 25,785 1 3 The Commuter 16,468 -37.4% 58,547 2 4 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 14,177 -42.4% 51,679 2 5 Den of Thieves 12,187 N/A 12,187 1 6 Bachelor 2 [GR] 11,480 -37.4% 215,440 5 7 Ferdinand 10,080 -20.0% 114,314 5 8 Coco 7,453 -15.2% 108,195 6 9 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 4,948 N/A 4,948 1 10 Insidious: The Last Key 4,390 -69.9% 81,041 3 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-18012018.html The weekend box office was once again busier than last year. 'The Post' was the uncontested winner and has clearly beat all comps mentioned last weekend, leading them by more than 10K admissions through the same point in their run. The other two openers of last week also held quite well but there were no reshuffles in their rankings. As for openers, 'Darkest Hour' beat the pack with a solid opening. The worst was Chris Hemsworth-starring '12 Strong', which sold 3,935 admissions from 25 screens, in contrast to 'Three Billboards', which averaged 2.5K admissions from just 2 screens! Greek comedy 'Bachelor 2' crossed 200K admissions and is bound to top Greek historical drama 'Kazantzakis' (~230K admissions) and rank as the top Greek film of 2017. That says a lot about the historical drama genre which used to be unbeatable. 'Bachelor 2' echoes the success of sleeper-hit Greek comedy 'Perfect Strangers' from Christmas 2016 (200K admissions) and it is the biggest Greek comedy in 6 years, since 2011's 'The Island 2' (299K admissions). Maybe this should work as a reminder for the (remnants of the) Greek film industry that historical dramas (even poorly executed ones) are not the only things that Greek audiences crave for. I know... it seems unbelievable I managed to squeeze so many caustic comments into a single sentence. The two animated buddies of this past holiday period, 'Ferdinand' and 'Coco', continue their ascent, achieving the best holds of the Top 10. 'Insidious 4' had a sharp drop but its total is nearly double its nearest predecessor so no reason to complain.
  10. Box Office - From 01 Aug 2017 to 15 Jan 2018 Position Movie Nation Distributor Cash Out attendance 1 CATTIVISSIMO ME 3 (DESPICABLE ME 3) USA Universal Srl € 17.993.668 2,782,012 2 STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI - 3D (STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI) USA Walt Disney Smp Italy € 14.976.646 2,031,533 3 IT USA Warner Bros Italia Spa € 14.526.505 2,035,790 4 ASSASSINIO ON THE AUTHENTIC EXPRESS (MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS) USA 20th Century Fox Italia Spa € 14.361.758 2,110,816 5 WONDER USA 01 Distribution € 10.376.951 1,548,334 6 COCO USA Walt Disney Smp Italy € 9.284.938 1,419,031 7 THOR: RAGNAROK USA Walt Disney Smp Italy € 8.831.638 1,261,548 8 DUNKIRK GBR Warner Bros Italia Spa € 8.802.168 1,303,179 9 LIKE A TANGENTIAL CAT ITA Vision Distribution € 8.063.407 1,194,054 10 CARS 3 - 3D USA Walt Disney Smp Italy € 7.927.231 1,218,298
  11. Weekend 11–14/01/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 The Post 46,453 N/A 46,453 1 2 The Commuter 26,296 N/A 26,296 1 3 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 24,625 N/A 26,851 1 4 Bachelor 2 [GR] 18,348 -51.7% 193,584 4 5 Insidious: The Last Key 14,606 -58.2% 68,892 2 6 Ferdinand 12,596 -34.4% 102,977 4 7 Molly's Game 11,515 -38.8% 42,155 2 8 Coco 8,793 -40.7% 100,152 5 9 Wonder 3,781 -54.5% 28,637 3 10 Star Wars: The Last Jedi 3,513 -72.4% 294,733 5 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-11012018.html The second weekend of the year was slightly quieter than the first, but busier than the same time last year. 'The Post' was the clear winner, opening higher than most other films of the same genre starring Tom Hanks: 'Sully' (39,874 admissions), 'Captain Phillips' (37,992 admissions) and 'Bridge of Spies' (33,544 admissions). It also opened higher than other films starring Meryl Streep, such as 'The Iron Lady' (22,523 admissions) and 'Florence Foster Jenkins' (25,519 admissions), 'Hope Springs' (14,054 admissions) and 'It's Complicated' (30,530 admissions). 150K admissions should be the goal for this film. 'The Commuter' has performed on par with a similar Liam Neeson action film, 'Non-Stop' (25,312 admissions), and scored a middling opening among other recent Liam Neeson action films: 'Taken' (12,453 admissions), 'Taken 2' (31,671 admissions), 'The Grey' (29,671 admissions), 'Taken 3' (50,780 admissions). 'Jumanji' seems to be much less successful than in the US. There aren't many comps. 'Bachelor 2' had a sizeable drop, although this was expected due to the end of the holiday period. 'Insidious 4' had already surpassed the totals of all its predecessors before the weekend started and may well reach 100K admissions. 'Ferdinand' and 'Coco' both crossed 100K admissions and are aiming for totals up to 130–150K admissions. Finally, 'The Last Jedi' plummeted, recording the biggest drop in the Top 10. It will probably cross 300K admissions but it may not top 'Pirates 5' for the #2 spot of 2017. Next week sees the release of 'Darkest Hour', '12 Strong', 'Den of Thieves' among others.
  12. Weekend 04–07/01/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions Week 1 Bachelor 2 [GR] 38,000 +3.9% 154,090 3 2 Insidious: The Last Key 34,908 N/A 34,908 1 3 Ferdinand 19,190 +6.6% 88,530 3 4 Molly's Game 18,804 N/A 18,804 1 5 Coco 14,828 +10.6% 90,422 4 6 Star Wars: The Last Jedi 12,724 -48.7% 287,200 4 7 Wonder 8,305 +45.4% 21,965 3 8 Downsizing 8,097 N/A 8,097 1 9 The Greatest Showman 7,540 -18.8% 30,309 2 10 All the Money in the World 5,749 -33.9% 52,472 3 Source: http://www.grandmagazine.gr/ngine/article/3814/box-office-ena-bachelor-pou-den-teleionei-kai-merikes-pagideumenes-psuxes Welcome to the first weekend of 2018! We have a definite winner among Greek films for this holiday period and that is 'Bachelor 2'. It is difficult to predict where it will end up but anywhere above 250K admissions seems like a safe bet. Hey, it could even top 300K admissions and surprise us all. In the meantime, 'The Last Jedi' was the clear holiday winner, nearing 300K admissions, despite having another sharp drop. It seems poised to top 'Pirates 5' to rank as #2 for the year. Disney will certainly not be disappointed. However, 'Orient Express' is by far the best film of the year and will remain as such. Unthinkable! It has just crossed 350K admissions (350,868). In the meantime, 'Insidious 4' had a hewew-ge opening compared to the previous three films of the franchise, around 3 times its predecessors. It is days away from exceeding the total of the 1st and 3rd chapter and will top the total of the 2nd by next Sunday at latest. Insidious Title Athens OW National OW Release date Total admissions Insidious 7,114 8,982 Thu 12 May 11 37,122 Insidious Chapter 2 6,251 11,829 Thu 31 Oct 13 47,261 Insidious Chapter 3 6,142 10,791 Thu 25 Jun 15 38,158 Insidious: The Last Key 14,051 34,908 Thu 4 Jan 18 – 'Ferdinand' seems to have won over 'Coco' and will surpass it in total admissions soon. In terms of Blue Sky Studios films, 'Ferdinand' has topped 'Robots' (2005), 'Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!' (2008), 'Epic' (2013), 'The Peanuts Movie' (2015) and will soon top both 'Rio' films ('Rio': 100,255 admissions, 'Rio 2': 107,167 admissions). That leaves it to beat only four 'Ice Age' sequels (ha ha ha – or should I say ho ho ho – all of them have made more than 200K admissions), which is completely out of the question. In the meantime, 'Coco' is at the same point that 'Moana' was exactly one year ago: a 15K-admission weekend and a 90K-admission total. That film reached a 141K-admission total but had very strong holds on subsequent weekends. That is also likely for 'Coco' if only word-of-mouth materialises into ticket sales (and word-of-mouth is really really good). Even so, such a total will be on the low end for a Pixar film. Hopefully, this year will be a come-back for Pixar, with the help of 'Incredibles 2'. As for other openers, there was nothing notable to mention, and as for holdovers, 'Wonder' had the biggest increase of the weekend, although it is unlikely to build up to any respectable total. Check the first page for an updated yearly chart for 2017 and much more.
  13. Weekend 28–31/12/2018 Ranking Title Weekend admissions % change from last weekend Total admissions (up to Sunday) Monday admissions Week 1 Bachelor 2 [GR] 36,561 N/A 69,367 10,603 1 2 Star Wars: The Last Jedi 24,789 -41.2% 252,637 5,038 3 3 Ferdinand 18,010 +39.1% 49,968 3,455 2 4 Coco 13,401 +24.4% 62,188 2,264 3 5 The Greatest Showman 9,286 N/A 9,286 3,115 1 6 All the Money in the World 8,693 -19.4% 34,866 2,893 2 7 Τζαμάικα (Jamaica) [GR] 7,918 -24.4% 35,601 2,209 2 8 Wonder 5,712 N/A 5,712 2,115 1 9 Santa et Cie [French] 5,267 -19.0% 27,918 687 3 10 Paddington 2 4,795 -26.0% 65,647 686 5 Source: http://flix.gr/news/box-office-28122017.html http://cine.gr/article.asp?topic=Box Office http://freecinema.gr/greek-box-office-the-bachelor-2-gets-stronger/ 'Bachelor 2' had an impressive first weekend after opening on Christmas Day and achieving strong weekdays. It will beat its predecessor within the next few days and may even have chances to reach 200K admissions. 'The Last Jedi' had a harder drop than initially projected but it is still on course to cross 300K admissions. It is running 33% behind 'The Force Awakens'. 'Ferdinand' and 'Coco' had solid increases and the school holidays, which end on Sunday (they last two weeks), will definitely help them get closer to 100K admissions. Other movies have been very quiet. 'Jamaica' is getting nowhere near 100K admissions. 'Kazantzakis' had a big drop with the arrival of 'Bachelor 2' (more than 40%) and is now at 225.2K admissions. 2017 ended with a reported 10.08M admissions, which is slightly bigger than 2016 and 2015 and slighty smaller than 2012. The fact that the market is not on a downward trajectory is good but nothing to celebrate for. 'Murder on the Orient Express' seems to be the winner for the year, with close to no chances that 'The Last Jedi' will surpass it. It has sold 344,145 admissions so far.
  14. According to Deadline, 'The Last Jedi' dropped a further 34% this weekend, which puts it 3rd weekend at 27.8K admissions and its total around 256K admissions. Drops of 50% from now on would just about push it past 300K admissions, putting it in the same region as 'Furious 8', 'Despiable Me 3' and 'Pirates 5'. It seems very likely that 'Bachelor 2' won the weekend, although no numbers are out yet. http://deadline.com/2017/12/star-wars-the-last-jedi-billion-dollars-worldwide-coco-greatest-showman-weekend-international-box-office-1202233919/

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