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  1. Mortal Kombat Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report Final Count (Fri) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 36 125 3300 10968 30.09% Total Showings Added Today: 7 Total Seats Added Today: 650 Total Sellouts Added Today: 11 Total Seats Sold Today: 952 Comp 0.851x of Godzilla vs. Kong's Final Count (8.3M) Bah gawd! I feel like this might be an overperformance tho
  2. Outside of the stuff Maxus mentioned, the biggest problem is preservation for older, more obscure titles. Over the past year, I've been working on a Top 100 Warner Bros. Movies countdown for 2023, in honor of their 100th anniversary (Disney's getting the same treatment too in 2023! But they've largely done a better job at making their movies readily available, even with the whole Disney Vault nonsense). And I've been going through the list of Warner Bros. releases, so many of their older titles from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, etc. go through so many hurdles to get to and aren't available on any digital stores or streaming sites. In those cases, at best, you can find a Warner Archive DVD-R on Amazon. But in other cases, you have to find an old, pricey DVD or VHS tape, have to import something from another region, need to watch it on Dailymotion, Internet Archive, or other torrent sites, or you just can't watch the movie at all. Now granted, the movies that are given the cold shoulder in this way are largely forgotten because they are considered low quality or left little to no impact on its initial release. And in my case, even if all these movies that are hard to find were streaming on HBO Max or were available to rent on iTunes for $2, they probably wouldn't be on a lot of lists anyway. But that's still not a valid excuse. People deserve to have access to this kind of stuff legally, but Warner just doesn't care enough to restore their older movies or put them out on HBO Max or iTunes. So Warner Archive is the only thing that can drive that niche. And with them gone simply because of phasing to a new format, despite the fact that Blu/DVD collectors are still a solid demographic of people, that means a lot of history is lost, at least in legally viable terms. Honestly the past couple years I've really found myself more favorable towards piracy and torrents. I'd still personally wouldn't do it if I had a legal option, but piracy is really the only area where art and media history and preservation is valued and taken care of.
  3. it possible for Rudin to be removed from a project that was finished and already made? Is there precedence for this?
  4. Opening day. I would shoot myself if I ever did an opening weekend
  5. Mortal Kombat Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-2 and Counting (Fri) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 25 118 2348 10318 22.76% Total Showings Added Today: 1 Total Seats Added Today: 64 Total Sellouts Added Today: 8 Total Seats Sold Today: 508 Comp 0.807x of Godzilla vs. Kong T-2 Before Release (7.75M) Tomorrow will be crucial. GvK exploded on its final day, earning nearly 970 tickets in one day. Of course today was such a good day for MK that I guess it doesn't matter that much, so long as there's enough solid momentum
  6. Moderation I really hate it when you guys don’t listen to me. I said we were done with this whole debate over Simu’s looks, and I meant it. This is getting into silly, somewhat offensive territory and I am sick of this. If anybody brings up this idiotic argument or debate again, they will be threadbanned. No exceptions. Got it? Good. That is all
  7. Guys, I know Pokémon is still popular 😂 I just like to act like an old timer despite being the the ripe age of 23. You all know I like being an ass. Still, I do believe it was at its all-time peak in the late 90s, which obviously doesn’t mean people aren’t still into them
  8. Moderation We’re done. No more Captain Marvel talk, no more talk about Simu Liu’s attractiveness, etc.
  9. You kids have no idea how insane Pokemania was in the late 90s. Literally every kid was watching the anime or playing the trading card game or whatever. It was like the MCU or whatever on steroids mah boi
  10. Mortal Kombat Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-3 and Counting (Fri) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 17 117 1840 10254 17.94% Total Showings Added Today: 35 Total Seats Added Today: 2,962 Total Sellouts Added Today: 1 Total Seats Added Today: 327 Comp 0.704x of Godzilla vs. Kong T-3 Before Release (6.75M)
  11. Moderation Alright, I think we're done here. This whole debate on attractiveness with Simu Liu/Shang-Chi is already pretty silly stuff, but now it's going into majorly offensive territory. If you can't talk about anything else in regards to this movie, then don't talk about it at all.
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