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  1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-4 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 2 171 12,498 31,845 39.25% Total Seats Sold Today: 436 T-4 Comp 9.490x of It: Chapter Two 4 days before release (99.64M) 8.063x of Joker 4 days before release (107.24M) 8.388x of Frozen II 4 days before release (71.3M) T-4 Adjusted Comp 2.410x of Lion King 4 days before release (55.42M) Final Count Comp 6.571x of Once Upon’s final count (38.11M) 3.608x of It: Chapter Two (37.88M) 2.545x of Joker (33.85M) 17.931x of Maleficent (41.2M) 14.349x of Terminator (33.72M) 3.718x of Frozen II (31.61M) Final Count Adjusted Comp 1.136x of Lion King (26.14M) 5.394x of Hobbs & Shaw (31.28M)
  2. Quite surprised Gems and Bombshell are so high, but that’s far from a bad thing
  3. There's definitely no sellouts, but sales, at least for Thursday, are pretty decent. As always, it depends on how it picks up in the next couple days, but I think high teens are very, very likely.
  4. Isn't Black Adam currently slated for the same period (yeah I know, we'll probably have a Matrix/Wick thing on our hands)? Also, I think Sony has Hotel Transylvania 4 for that period too, which are both going for a similar audience. Sony's taking a weirdly long time with releasing Cinemascores these days. Charlie's Angels and Beautiful Day also didn't have it public at the same point in time.
  5. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-5 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 2 171 12,062 31,845 37.88% Total Seats Sold Today: 222 T-5 Comp 9.985x of It: Chapter Two 5 days before release (104.84M) 9.293x of Frozen II 5 days before release (78.99M) T-5 Adjusted Comp 2.537x of Lion King 5 days before release (58.35M) Final Count Comp 6.342x of Once Upon’s final count (36.78M) 3.482x of It: Chapter Two (36.56M) 2.457x of Joker (32.67M) 17.305x of Maleficent (39.8M) 13.848x of Terminator (32.54M) 3.589x of Frozen II (30.5M) Final Count Adjusted Comp 1.091x of Lion King (25.09M) 5.176x of Hobbs & Shaw (30.02M) This was a good day. People might be concerned at the decline, but the Saturday before release commonly sees a drop from yesterday, only for the ramp-up to begin, and there was a good increase in the T-X side with both It 2 and Frozen (even though obviously both movies aren't going to hit that high). As always, the last couple days make or break things, and none of my comps are that great as of now, but I think things are good.
  6. While I understand your frustrations with JediJake, and I definitely am not a fan of his alarmist attitude, at least to me, he doesn't seem to be doing anything wrong, or at least is worthy of a threadban. I understand you may not be happy with that answer, so the only offer I have left is for you to put him on your ignore list, including both posts and quotes, so you do not have to see such postings.
  7. Rogue One had 29M previews and went to 155M. That's 5.35x. And while I know it varies from district to district, my old school's district will have its last day on the 20th, so it's not like everybody's going to be out.
  8. That would mean its IM would be stronger than Rogue One. Sorry, don't see it.
  9. Three wide openers will take up a lot of screen real estate, even no1currs like Black Christmas and Richard Jewell
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