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  1. Despicable Me. That's why. Universal's not gonna hurt one of their own movies, especially a potential billion-dollar hit. If they put the movie out last week, then DM4 loses all its PLFs to Twisters and gets hit with a potentially bad second weekend drop. By having it on DM4's third weekend, DM4 gets a little more IMAX/Dolby play, resulting in the great second weekend hold it just had, and then will hold well yet again this week thanks to double features with Twisters, and therefore more cash money. From what I can gather, almost every market that got the movie last week got DM4 earlier than its domestic debut. Twisters' release date still isn't perfect, but last week isn't as ideal as it seems, at least for Uni's bigger picture.
  2. Quorum Updates Trap T-18: 27.73% Awareness, 50.65% Interest Piece by Piece T-88: 14.47% Awareness, 30.79% Interest Terrifier 3 T-88: 23.06% Awareness, 38.44% Interest Gladiator II T-130: 33.8% Awareness, 45.67% Interest Mickey 17 T-200: 8.29% Awareness, 31.95% Interest Twisters T-4: 61.24% Awareness, 57.5% Interest Final Awareness: 100% chance of 20M, 89% chance of 30M, 86% chance of 40M, 75% chance of 50M, 57% chance of 60M, 46% chance of 70M Tentpole Awareness: 100% chance of 30M, 91% chance of 40M, 82% chance of 50M, 73% chance of 60M, 45% chance of 70M, Final Interest: 78% chance of 20M, 61% chance of 30M, 48% chance of 40M, 35% chance of 50M, 23% chance of 60M, 17% chance of 70M Tentpole Interest: 100% chance of 20M, 93% chance of 40M, 71% chance of 50M, 57% chance of 60M, 36% chance of 70M Deadpool & Wolverine T-11: 71.28% Awareness, 68.55% Interest Final Awareness: 100% chance of 90M, 80% chance of 100M, 20% chance of 200M DC/MCU Awareness: 100% chance of 100M, 50% chance of 200M Final Interest: 78% chance of 100M, 11% chance of 200M DC/MCU Interest: 83% chance of 100M, 17% chance of 200M Alien: Romulus T-32: 30.49% Awareness, 43.81% Interest T-30 Awareness: 80% chance of 10M, 55% chance of 20M, 33% chance of 30M, 14% chance of 40M Horror Awareness: 82% chance of 10M, 54% chance of 20M, 36% chance of 30M, 18% chance of 40M T-30 Interest: 60% chance of 10M, 35% chance of 20M, 20% chance of 30M, 10% chance of 40M Horror Interest: 67% chance of 10M, 37% chance of 20M, 15% chance of 30M, 4% chance of 40M Blink Twice T-39: 20.66% Awareness, 42.82% Interest T-30 Awareness: 54% chance of 10M, 17% chance of 20M Low Awareness: 38% chance of 10M, 12% chance of 20M T-30 Interest: 60% chance of 10M, 35% chance of 20M Low Interest: 29% chance of 10M, 7% chance of 20M Beetlejuice Beetlejuice T-53: 60.98% Awareness, 64.66% Interest T-60 Awareness: 100% chance of 100M Tentpole Awareness: 100% chance of 100M T-60 Interest: 100% chance of 100M Tentpole Interest: 100% chance of 100M
  3. I mean I remember Amazon Studios went through some restructuring after a few flops IIRC. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t imagine some changes will happen in Apple’s movie/streaming division if things keep going poorly.
  4. Earned a B+ Cinemascore (same as Shazam 2, Love and Thunder, et al), though I know it has its fans like almost every other CBM has tbf
  5. I mean I guess, but I don't think it's fair to say competition doesn't matter. It definitely impacted the examples I listed, and, despite the rating, Twisters and Deadpool are still going for a similar action movie target audience. Though hey! You could be right that it is all lack of interest, since this is directly advertising to the people who don't go to the movies anymore. I predicted Indy to be a Top Gun-style breakout, and even thought Twisters could get the TGM audience at a smaller scale, and I've been let down twice. Lesson learned for next summer! Sorry Karate Kid, but I'm going to be bearish on you.
  6. Will say in hindsight that Twisters probably should have dropped August 2 if it wanted to break out bigly like a lot of us hoped it would. This is basically a redux of Dungeons and Dragons and Dead Reckoning where it had lousy luck opening against a colossal giant. But at least I can understand D&D and Mario having potentially different audiences, or Paramount not expecting Barbenheimer to be what it was. Universal had to have known Deadpool would at least open to the level of Guardians 3 in a worst-case scenario.
  7. I mean I grew up watching those cartoons and I still find them funnier than almost anything with the Minions, so…yeah. Believe me, I get the appeal. But if I don’t find their stuff funny, I’m not gonna lie and say I like them.
  8. Need a diagnostic from folks who know OS box office better than me.
  9. Just for funsies, here’s a look at all the re-releases from 2022 onwards and how their OWs have all stacked up so far. I’m ignoring Fathom Events or the Spider-Man re-releases, since those are one/two-day only events. If I missed any, and I’m sure I did, please let me know. 1. Avatar: 10.53M 2. The Phantom Menace: 8.72M 3. Titanic: 6.71M 4. Spider-Man: No Way Home: 5.4M 5. Return of the Jedi: 5.1M 6. The Nightmare Before Christmas: 4.29M 7. Jaws: 2.64M 8. Jurassic Park: 1.7M 9. Hocus Pocus: 1.61M 10. Alien: 1.55M 11. Shrek 2: 1.45M 12. The Lion King: 1.08M 13. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 1.07M 14. The Mummy: 1.03M 15. The Godfather: 0.96M 16. Turning Red: 0.58M 17. Luca: 0.56M 18. Oldboy: 0.49M 19. Soul: 0.43M 20. Amelie: 0.21M 21. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: 0.17M Stop Making Sense has very wonky box office with its re-release (says it opened at 856K, but also somehow made 1.48M in total that weekend? It’s weird), so I’m excluding that.
  10. None of the Despicable Me movies are all that, and they still make billions. You can have a bunch of Minions play Go Fish for 90 minutes and the masses will still turn up to it like robots.
  11. Still insane this is outopening all but one A24 movie. Hoping this will lead to Neon getting a better foothold in the indie scene. We can't just have A24/Searchlight doing all this.
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