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  1. Sorry for the delayed answer, but here in Philly, neither one's presales are amazing, at least for previews, but that's understandable since neither are designed to be presales monsters. However, Knives Out is only slightly less than double what Neighborhood has sold at this point (35 Neighbor, 66 Knives), and Knives is coming out a few days later.
  2. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-33 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 1 165 8,532 29,108 29.31% Total Seats Sold Today: 69 Comp 4.486x of Once Upon’s final count (26.02M) 2.463x of It: Chapter Two (25.86M) 1.738x of Joker (23.11M) Adjusted Comp 0.720x of Lion King (16.56M) 3.416x of Hobbs & Shaw (19.81M) Legit surprised at the slight increase here from yesterday's ticket sales (61 yesterday for those not tracking). I kinda figured with Mando and Fallen Order coming out on that day, there would be a bit of a decline. Hopefully this will lead to good things for the following month.
  3. Frozen II Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-5 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 71 1,298 16,112 8.06% Total Seats Sold Today: 76 Comp 7.333x of Maleficent 5 days before release (16.87M) Adjusted Comp 0.313x of Lion King (7.19M)
  4. To be fair, Affleck is in both the movies filmlover mentioned. It could just be a case of Affleck's hands being full, and he had to throw one of them away (of course, that doesn't mean it can't reappear again)
  5. Hello. We actually have a thread (made by me) related to your thread here if you're curious.
  6. BOX OFFICE FOR NOV. 15-17 THUMB RANK FILM DIS. SCREENS (CHG) FRIDAY(VS. PREV FRI) 3-DAY TOTAL WK 1 Ford V Ferrari Fox/Dis 3,528 $11M $30M $30M 1 2 Midway LG 3,242 $2.5M (-61%) $8.8M (-51%) $35.1M 2 3 Charlie’s Angels Sony 3,452 $3.1M $8.2M $8.2M 1 4 Playing With Fire Par 3,185 (+60) $1.9M (-47%) $7.5M (-41%) $24.4M 2 5 Last Christmas Uni 3,454 (+6) $2M (-51%) $6.6M (-42%) $22.4M 2 6 Doctor Sleep WB 3,855 $1.685M (-67%) $5.7M (-59%) $24.6M 2 7 Joker WB/VR/Bron 2,337 (-469) $1.475M (-42%) $5.2M (-44%) $322.1M 7 8 The Good Liar NL/WB/Bron 2,439 $1.63M $5M $5M 1 9 Maleficent 2 Dis 2,549 (-652) $1.17M (-41%) $4.8M (-42%) $105.6M 5 10 Harriet Focus 2,011 (-175) $1.25M (-37%) $4.5M (-38%) $31.7M 3
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