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  1. Godspeed Andy. Good luck with everything life throws at you.
  2. Sorry that I'm holding you accountable for your actions, but you are not in the right here. Your language in the beginning post of this whole ordeal was this: "And the movie makes sense you just weren't paying attention." I'm sure you did not intend it to be malicious, but this is extremely condescending. It posits this elitist idea that it objectively makes sense. Film isn't objective and it paints the idea that people who didn't like it or thought it was convoluted are dumb or that they have a problem. Again, maybe not your intention, but still incredibly rude stuff whether you like it or not. And while I did single you out, I also singled out Tree and Dudalb for escalating things and making things worse. I didn't specifically target you. Hell, I @ed both of them. They are both far from perfect and have been called out for their actions. None of you are being treated any differently, nor should you be given special treatment for your actions over this. I'm sure you won't agree with what I'm saying here, and I'm sure you will complain about how I'm a terrible moderator over all this. And that's fine. But just remember one thing: you aren't required to post here. If you're not a fan of a website and how it runs, you can go somewhere else that's less strict. We aren't the only forum talking about box office, Nolan, or movies. Just a thought.
  3. Okay. Moderation @Avatree @dudalb What mldardy was condescending and rude, and it's okay to argue against the man. But trying to be condescending and rude back does not make things better. Please be more respectful in the future.
  4. Tbf, Eisner is the one who gave us Bojack Horseman (no really). Where’s Katzenberg’s Bojack Horseman? Hell, where’s his Big Mouth?
  5. You could make an amazing documentary about the rise and fall of Jeffrey Katzenberg. From overseeing the Disney Renaissance and creating the first truly competitive feature animation rival to Disney, all the way to developing the biggest failure in the history of the streaming wars. All the while, being a petty doofus through his whole career
  6. This coming out in 2020 is still mind-boggling to me. It's not even a COVID thing, it's a "why was this made so late" kind of thing.
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