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  1. I dunno, I just think Koba memes are funny. Don't read too much into it mate.
  2. I mean we have talked about real world and political events here. And I see no reason to not do it if people act chill over it, especially major stuff like this.
  3. That's also a good point too. The Spielberg name probably also helped out its appeal OS a ton. His name sadly doesn't carry the same weight it used to, but I guess having one or two "Steven Spielberg Presents" in the ads for Twisters certainly wouldn't have hurt I suppose.
  4. Maybe it was the push for yeehaw cowboy shit and country music in the trailers and ads? Like you look at the trailer for the original Twister, and it's no different from the advertising for something like Independence Day. I can't imagine Luke Combs being that big in non-English territories.
  5. If it follows Incredibles 2's run at the same point in time, it gets to 650M. Not impossible to still beat Barbie IMO
  6. Twisters seems destined for around a 55% drop, people will argue over whether that’s good or bad, then it has legs for days from there on out. Longlegs will probably be sub-50, and I guess Inside Out and Despicable Me will still do their thing. Really, anything below the top 4 is what’s really going to suffer imo
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