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  1. The Suicide Squad Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-4 and Counting (Thu) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 36 606 8211 7.38% Total Seats Sold Today: 95 Comp 0.432x of F9 T-4 (3.07M) 0.180x of Black Widow T-4 (2.38M)
  2. Okay, it's quiet now, so I will reopen things. But before we get back to things, I'm going to lay out to people here what I want to see in this thread and talk to a few people here who are exacerbating things. While I understand the importance of talking about buzz and why a film went wrong, things are going way too far here. It's getting to the point where it's clogging up the actual numbers and diverting into a real Monday Morning Quarterback...before the weekend has even started. No matter what the evidence is right now, we can only do educated guesses on what The Su
  3. Moderation That tears it. You guys want to act like children? Then I'm treating you like children. I'm locking the thread up for a little bit so everybody can calm down and stop trying to get into each other's throats. I'll unlock this later.
  4. You've been under a rock, huh? In the past three years, dude and his website's been outed for general incompetence, mismanagement, poor treatment of its content creators, and even hiding a sexual predator under the rug. Even outside of that, his videos have been getting dunked on more and more lately for having either bad criticism or just being cheap and ugly with bad CGI or just the atrocities that are his clipless reviews (the reactions towards his review on Pink Floyd's The Wall is priceless)
  5. Oh there will be a meltdown. I know this forum inside and out and I know there will be meltdowns even in the 30-40 range. It's already happening now. This is already the big whooping boy for the forum as is, with people having their knives prepared for the slightest underperformance. You already have people fretting over the future of DC over this film's potential underperformance and how Warner/DC dropped the ball ever since BvS. You have the weirdo Snyder stans already set to do their usual schtick as they plead Zack to come back and complain about how DC will fall apart if he isn't involved
  6. The tea is that Free Guy is surprisingly good and better than the trailers indicate. I know early critic reviews are always glowing, but the review embargo drops a week before release, so this seems like the real dea
  7. The Suicide Squad Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-5 and Counting (Thu) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 36 511 8211 6.22% Total Seats Sold Today: 50 Comp 0.395x of F9 T-5 (2.8M) 0.167x of Black Widow T-6 (2.2M)
  8. Either way, I think I should also clarify that the concept of a forum whooping boy is garbage, especially in pandemic times when all movies are suffering and will continue to suffer even into 2022 and that this forum would be a lot better if people didn’t dogpile on movies as hard as they do.
  9. Because TSS is the forum’s new whipping boy for some reason. People will try and twist anything to put down whatever they decide to hate in these instances. Not sure why this is the one getting targeted tho
  10. Just last week I told people delays were happening, but people laughed it off and that I was being paranoid....whoops.
  11. The Suicide Squad Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-6 and Counting (Thu) Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 36 461 8211 5.61% Total Seats Sold Today: 46 Comp 0.404x of F9 T-6 (2.87M) 0.161x of Black Widow T-6 (2.12M)
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