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  1. That's why I didn't say flawlessly. I do agree that everything revolving around Severine was a complete disaster.
  2. Goldfinger's largely entertaining (Oddjob is my hero and the golf sequence is brilliant), but it also has probably the most sexist moment of the Connery era. The way Bond forces himself onto Pussy Galore (that name lmao) in that barn is just so repugnant and awful that it just completely took me out of the rest of the film.
  3. No Time to Die Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-18 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 68 431 14170 3.04% Total Seats Sold Today: 38 Comp 0.665x of F9 T-18 (4.72M) 0.274x of Black Widow T-18 (3.62M) 0.407x of Black Widow's Third Day of Presales (5.38M) 2.023x of The Suicide Squad T-18 (8.3M)
  4. Venom: Let There Be Carnage Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-11 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 89 776 19404 4.00% Total Seats Sold Today: 69 😱 Comp 0.897x of F9 T-11 (6.37M) 0.369x of Black Widow T-11 (4.87M) 2.595x of The Suicide Squad T-11 (10.64M) 0.734x of Shang-Chi T-11 (6.46M)
  5. Just wrapped up You Only Live Twice. These Connery movies are fun to watch and have good individual elements to them. But the one problem this stint has faced is James Bond himself. Connery's pretty solid in the role (though by YOLT, you can tell he was starting to check out), but Bond is such a flat, boring character that it's hard to get all that invested into these storylines. Honestly, Connery's Bond being such a bore only heightens the creepy, problematic horndog aspects on the character, which Craig's interpretation was largely, but not flawlessly, able to skirt away from.*
  6. I mean I'm combining those Wednesday shows to the Thursday total, as I'm assuming they will be rolled into the preview #
  7. Because Armie Hammer is a rapist piece of shit. That's why. I'm sure it'll be good, but the fact that Armie Hammer is a rapist piece of shit is going to hurt Nile. Also Gal Gadot's a Zionist and Letitia Wright's an antivaxxer, but they're sadly unscathed from all this.
  8. It's almost TV's time to shine with the most prestigious event for long-form television productions. And as the lines between movies and TV blur, there's a lot to get excited for. Will Papa Feige take home the gold? Will Queen Anya get her deserved trophy? Will the ruse of Ted Lasso being an actual show that exists continue? So many questions that will all be answered tonight, courtesy of the one and only Cedric the Entertainer. As always, follow some of the basic golden rules here. Be nice, be respectful towards your fellow BOT posters, don't be a dick. Have fun!
  9. I doubt Addams Family 2 would have done anything even if it was theaters only, no pandemic, etc. The last film was boring as sin and only had nostalgia as a hook, which doesn't work for a follow-up. Hotel Transylvania 4 however could have done solid business at like 135M or something.
  10. Wait I'm an idiot, I thought you said Oscar win, not nom. Carry on then!
  11. Would a 60M gross really do that much to stop Joaquamole Phoenix? Especially because he was in the most talked-about movie that fall?
  12. Eddie Murphy's reign in the 1980s, both in movies and television, was truly something incredible. There's a reason Coming 2 America did so well on Amazon and probably would have done solid business in theaters, despite being garbage. In terms of tickets sold domestically (67.1 million), it sold more than Dead Man's Chest, Incredibles 2, Finding Nemo, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast remakes, Rogue One, all the Lord of the Rings movies, etc. Mindboggling to think about really.
  13. @Legion of the Ten Crores These are all the movies that were #1 each weekend its month of release Furious 7 (2015) Meet the Parents (2000) The Sixth Sense (1999) The Fugitive (1993) Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Beverly Hills Cop (1984) (It also dominated the months of January and February 1985) You also have Avatar #1 through January 2010, Titanic #1 through January, February, and March 1998, Home Alone #1 through December 1990, plus January and February 1991, Rain Man January 1989, Good Morning Vietnam February 1988, Crocodile
  14. No Time to Die Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-19 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 68 393 14170 2.77% Total Seats Sold Today: 69 Comp 0.626x of F9 T-19 (4.44M) 0.261x of Black Widow T-19 (3.44M) 0.415x of Black Widow's Second Day of Presales (5.48M) 1.926x of The Suicide Squad T-19 (7.9M) 0.557x of Shang-Chi's Second Day of Presales (4.9M)
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