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  1. Ours is closer to 25%. If we do back of the envelope math for how our sales correlated to last weekend we would be on pace for almost 61MM. Which is beyond impossible, so I wouldn’t read too much into one off theatres. That being said it is doing gangbusters today. All our shows so far today have sold out or only missed the first two rows. I’m assuming the same for the rest of the day.
  2. I agree completely. As someone that mostly just reads, this site can be a bit of a circle jerk amongst the same 20 posters, it’s refreshing to see someone not sucking baumers dick. Lol. And yeah ear I would describe him as cocky, not really rude or an asshole. Baumer is an asshole, but I also kinda like his style too.
  3. Lol, I would have agreed before the world witnessed Jim sell out to pimp terminator genisys......man......
  4. ? Lol, hard to use the term obliterated when comparing a movie that made 950MM world wide to 3 movies that made close to 850MM worldwide. You could accurately say jumanji obliterated justice league....
  5. Yikes, he actually gave in and filmed the scene as execs requested. Embarrassing. Im actually really disappointed Jim did this, I thought he was tougher then that. Counter that with Joss Whedon refusing to film a scene where cap said avengers assemble because he always knew he wanted the hard cut before he said assemble. Pretty crazy that whedon has more backbone thqn cameron. Sad.
  6. That’s fair. However I think bp only has a chance of outcrossing domestically, and there are several clear reasons behind why that’s happened. Doesn’t have a shot we, IMO. But after this weekend, who knows. Lol.
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