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  1. Honestly was getting worried it wouldn’t pass G98. Probably can get to 385....
  2. I don’t know how accurate the numbers website is, but they have a pretty significant difference in worldwide box office total by about 10m. I would tend to go with bom, but found this interesting. They have it at 387 worldwide. https://m.the-numbers.com/movie/Godzilla-King-of-the-Monsters-(2019)#tab=box-office
  3. I think KotM will get there. Probably will make another 2m from Monday through Sunday.. will get that last 1.5 for sure. Actually think it can get to 111-112.
  4. So KotM is basically gone. Can it make another 2m total?
  5. Yup looks done in China now. Might get another 1-2m there since it’ll play the whole month. Actually starting to hold better in Japan now. Could get another 4m there(including this whole week). I agree though, looks like 380-385 total.
  6. Come on WB. Help KotM out with some double features with Annabelle. Gotta get the film to 110.
  7. Yup updated today. At 365. Another 10 domestic and 15 more OS(including China and Japan) would get it to 390. Spain doesn’t look to be breaking out. Maybe it it can get more domestically and maybe extend itself in China.... but 400 looks to be slightly out of reach for sure.
  8. Yeah kind of odd no international update. China itself added another 8m from last week. Japan another 3-4. would imagine should be around 365 WW.
  9. If it can have a mini box office run in Spain, it could sneak it’s way to 400m WW. Maybe it can get to 120 domestically with strong holds. 140 in China has a shot now with the month extension. Japan is fizzling... looking at like 26-29 maybe there. At 345 now +17 China +21 domestic +6 Japan = 389 If Spain can get 5-6m surely everywhere else can get that little bit more for 400
  10. Would be fantastic if KotM could sneak its way to 140m usd. Really the only good story out of its box office run... though domestic holds are strong right now. Would love 400m WW. Not sure if still possible though.
  11. From this same point Godzilla 2014 made 15 million more. I’m expecting better holds for KotM. Wanting 115-120 domestic total... 5.5 weekend upcoming.
  12. So Godzilla pulled in just under 1m on Monday. Seems pretty good. What can we expect the rest of this week and this weekend. I’m sure the plug will pretty much be pulled after this weekend. Still hoping it can get itself over 130m.
  13. Hopefully KotM squeezes itself to 30m. Will definitely need that extra 10 for any chance at 400m WW.
  14. It will. Still has Spain. A decent hold domestically... maybe 115-120 in the cards. Still chugging along in China. Japan is holding ok but definitely fizzling there. All other territories are basically non existent at this point ... might get 10m from them total(including Spain) thinking like 380-390.
  15. Is it staying flat a good sign? Need it to keep ticking in China for a shot at 400m worldwide
  16. So 17m more domestically(110) gets it to 356. Though it had a decent drop(in a good way) so maybe 115-120 in the cards.. 5-10m more in China gets it to 361-366 Fizzling in Japan... will give it 5 more there for 366-371. Unless there’s s breakout in Spain, 380-390 total worldwide. 400 would at least save some face... so a bit disappointing.
  17. 23-24 is a bit low for Japan. It can still leg it to 30m there. Yeah it needed another strong China hold for the weekend. Doesn’t seem like that’ll happen there. We’ll see what happens domestically this weekend.. probably another 15-25 domestically. Between 350-385 unfortunately it’s looking like.
  18. Godzilla is basically at 300 WW... 30 more domestic 30 more China 10 more Japan =370 Hopefully they can do a little more that would leave 30 more from other OS territories. I believe we still have a few more openers soon... Spain being the biggest potential. It really will come down to the wire with it getting to 400. Like I said.. maybe it does 35 more dom... 35 China and 12 more japan... those would add up big for a film crawling to 400 at the end.
  19. With these bad tracking numbers for these upcoming films maybe Godzilla can sneak in a good hold this weekend.
  20. I think it’ll stabilize more once we compare non imax days to non imax days.. so really not till maybe Thursday but hopefully for sure Friday.
  21. Gonna predict that it’ll have a great weekend hold domestically for 8-10 million. It lost its imax screens, so of course weekend 2 would drop hard. So week 3 compared to week 2 is what we need to look at domestically. China still looks good. Let’s get that 140... if it goes over that.. great! Still hoping for over 30 in Japan. 400 is definitely in the cards still.
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