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  1. Will be interesting to see what Godzilla vs Kong will do considering it’s been out for months in the states and the blu ray is already available.
  2. My personal opinion is they should have kept the no mask mandates original goal of around July 4th. This seems awfully early too me and now people that were hesitant but decided they’ll probably just get the shot WONT now. What percentage is the US at at fully vaccinated people?
  3. So GvK is 5m away from 100m. No way WB doesn’t fudge that to 100m. Most likely will put it as a double feature and do whatever to get it there. With still Japan to open to, 450 worldwide could happen.
  4. You kinda have to wonder how many kids had/have Covid but never showed symptoms and may be self vaccinated already. Early stages showed kids didn’t show symptoms or was very rare.
  5. Just putting this out there... GvK is a Legendary film more so than a WB. Not sure what the overall bad success for DC films has to do with GvK and MK anyway. Those two films did what they had to.. more so GvK.
  6. I think this kinda shows how big of a monster Godzilla vs Kong was/is. It would’ve been fun seeing how much it would make in normal times.
  7. I don’t think that’s good. Don’t think enough people want to get it.
  8. As someone that’s been a Godzilla but his whole life, the roar is perfectly fine.
  9. Where are we at percentage wise of fully vaccinated people here in the United States?
  10. Great idea to freak a bunch of people out for no reason at all. Good lord. Chances are astronomically low. btw got the J&j vaccine yesterday
  11. Looking like GvK should be around the 350m worldwide amount when those totals come in.
  12. I FINALLY get my vaccine tomorrow(Johnson & Johnson). I work at a grocery store and believe my state is extremely late getting these out to us. It’s all good and excited to get it over with.
  13. So we’re thinking something like 15m for GvK second weekend? That’s not too bad honestly. I guess the goal is to see if it can pass KotM domestically. Looks like it’s going to pass it globally with ease unless it just straight up dies out
  14. Forbes is saying this will be around 300m worldwide by Monday. Accurate? Seems really good if true. Legendary needs to figure a way to continue this series.
  15. Boy these 5 day estimates are pretty crazy for this environment! I love it! It’ll be interesting how the holds are from week to week. This is looking to beat KotM domestically
  16. Should try for 3 more. Kong 2, Godzilla 3 and Destroy All Monsters. Legendary has nothing else anyway
  17. I’m a Godzilla nut, but I think not having a big Hollywood film in months and months is probably helping with reviews and scores honestly
  18. Could this pull another 25-30m(usd) this weekend? Would actually be pretty decent.
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