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  1. It deserves that title just from this single turbine sequence (whole movie was great of course)
  2. I think it should manage to achieve that :-) It's quite shocking but pleases me because I think it's the best of the franchise
  3. HUGEEEEE! It will gross more than in every other market, I can't believe that Retribution only grossed 17 mln XD
  4. I couldn't be more happy now, didn't see that coming (I think no one did). If only US was that crazy for this.
  5. Moana did far better in other countries, let RE6 enjoy its success in China, it is nice popcorn flick
  6. Are those midnight numbers for Resident Evil ?
  7. Where I can find presale numbers ? On maoyan site ? I don't see them there...
  8. Isn't that quite big ? From this presale how much will it make? :-)
  9. I think it will out gross previous movie in franchise, which was released in 2012 , the market has grown much from that time. I hope that Assassin won't damage RE6 potential
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