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  1. Joker on youtube was pretty nuts. The 2nd trailer has more views than the first one. When's the last time that happened?
  2. Joker was huge on youtube too tho. Not just twitter. Both trailers have north of 80m views with the 2nd being at 90m+ and both over 1m likes. I don't see this reaching said numbers. It's 2nd trailer as per usual won't be as big
  3. This is actually real. The fuck was WB thinking lmaoo
  4. I hope we find out why this was initially pushed to 2020 in the first place. All that "Summer was great for the first one" sounds like PR to me
  5. The November pics are the back ups in case they push it back again
  6. Sell it to Netflix and cue the headlines: "Over 100m household saw Tenet in the first 3 days. In America alone"
  7. There's no "if" here. The same politicians pushing for re-openings acknowledge what a terrible idea it is This is gonna backfire
  8. Optimistic of them to assume things will get back to normal by then Not only is the current admin a dumpster fire but lots of people are going to be jobless
  9. Why WB chose Dune over this for Christmas baffles me to this day. Especially after Aquaman
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