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  1. Wait that supposed Amazon spinoff is legit and not some BS rumor? Is WB gonna start pumping out 4/5 DC movies a year?
  2. Crisis is just straight up fanservice and I love it Imagine if WB had the vision/ambition to replicate such a thing on the film side?
  3. Because we've known about her being public for a while now. It's a retcon. Patty and Gal basically said as much People say it's because they're not canon anymore but Shazam says otherwise
  4. I'm glad Patty hasn't changed the costume much if at all. It's her best costume is all mediums. So good
  5. Damn I was hoping for a Cheetah glimpse. Makes sense they would keep that for later tho
  6. Remember that Booster Gold movie that was supposedly happening? Well it's rumored to be a show on HBO max. I think a lot of the movies WB has announced the last few years will end up on HBO max as either a movie or show
  7. This is the 2nd time fans do something legit good and people still hate. Wild
  8. Lol first time hearing about this. Wouldn't surprise me tho. They were supposedly scared shitless of WW cutting off Steppenwolf's head It was a mistake but they still could've made it work had they delayed it and given Whedon and everybody else more time instead of rushing it out for bonus checks
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