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  1. A movie called 'Suicide Squad' featuring some of the same characters is currently on Netflix WB needs to rethink their titles
  2. They did something similar with BoP. They waited until 2/3 days before release to lift the embargo. A lof of people thought WB was trying to hide it
  3. Then it begs the question: why make another one with some of the same cast if the "stench" of the first one is that strong?
  4. Is a 5 year old movie really to blame though? Aquaman did just fine coming off JL only a year later
  5. They have though. Every statement I've seen from people involved are about how it's not connected to the first movie, how it's not a sequel etc
  6. Yea this is just bloggers and checkmarks trying to force a narrative to attack Snyder fans
  7. They still are. They're still talking about films being "individually executed" From the looks of it, they're gonna set up the multiverse with Flash and then give every director their own earth to do whatever they want. Which is dumb because they didn't need a multiverse for 'Joker' to be it's own thing but whatever
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