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  1. Yea this is just bloggers and checkmarks trying to force a narrative to attack Snyder fans
  2. Pretty sure 'It' did like 90m on Facebook alone back in 2017
  3. Plenty. She has little character arc to speak of despite 2 solo movies I agree with @excel1 here. It does still feel like she's barely starting out
  4. After the toxic reaction and the 'rape' narrative surrounding his return in WW84, I think WB would try to avoid that with a ten foot pole. Even if Patty likes working with Pine
  5. Just the impression I get after hearing her talk about getting "closure" in WW3
  6. With paydays like this it's crazy to me that Gal wants to move on from WW
  7. What kind of blackmail did Denis employ in order to get Legendary suits to give him money after the disaster that was BR49?
  8. This is one instance where giving a director free reign backfires Maybe now people will actually give credit to the rest of the creative team for the first one being so good
  9. If something as sacred as the Lion King can get remade then Casablanca can too
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