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  1. What kind of blackmail did Denis employ in order to get Legendary suits to give him money after the disaster that was BR49?
  2. This is one instance where giving a director free reign backfires Maybe now people will actually give credit to the rest of the creative team for the first one being so good
  3. If something as sacred as the Lion King can get remade then Casablanca can too
  4. Then you get someone else. Patty isn't the only one capable of making a good WW movie That spinoff is dead if she leaves though. She's been the one pushing for it WarnerMedia wants one. It's one of the reasons why Patty and Gal got paid so much
  5. It shouldn't be that hard to go to their social media pages to see that they dragged out Patty and Gal to promote this with everybody short of fortnite
  6. They know. They're just playing stupid. Watch them try to extrapolate the current non existent domestic market to say that WW84 was never gonna make 200m in a non corona world Nobody's gonna say no to a job. Especially when tens of millions and counting have lost theirs
  7. What consequences could they possibly face by angering creatives? 99% of them are replaceable. If they left they'd longer have to pay actors 10m+ to star in flops. I'd consider that a win
  8. Is there a specific time for when this drops on MAX? I'm assuming as soon as it hits midnight it'll be available
  9. I'm late as fuck but jeez did AT&T let it come down to the wire with Roku
  10. Pretty sure the "dceu" never had an intro. Matter of fact, I don't think "dceu" has ever been used outside of the internet movie bubble
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