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  1. I think Bale coming back would be a bigger deal than Keaton Both pale in comparison to Tobey though. Even his villains are massive. Just look at the reaction to Molina's Doc Ock
  2. They really made people sit and watch 4 hours of filler for a 2 and half minute trailer smh
  3. Uh oh. The double whammy of Venom's huge drop and Bond might make Chapek throw Eternals on PA
  4. How is 90m possible? People told me that because of the "bad stench" of the first one it wouldn't break 50m
  5. Maybe WB should've stayed the course and not rebooted Suicide Squad. Everything about it was a hit with audiences from it's costumes to it soundtrack
  6. It was always a sorry excuse. Especially after WW and Aquaman broke out following BvS and JL
  7. Isn't that just shy of WW84? Might be time to take this IP out back..
  8. The final fight in Revolutions is basically live action DBZ. Can't hate on it
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