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  1. Saw it finally. Great movie about my favorite comic character. That is all.
  2. The X-men series has had some great films (X2, DOFP). Dark Phoenix was just a misfire. And I think the main reason is the director. I understand that they had to redo the entire 3rd act due to the merger. That was stupid; Disney had more than enough money just to leave it be. That said, the script wasn't great, but the concept was good. But I have never seen a film neuter itself like this. It was bizarre. Kinberg found a way to drain the emotion out of every scene. People that claim the actors "phoned it in" are just wrong. The cast was great, even Turner (she looks like a movie star and she can act). What phoned it in was the movie through its director. When a scene called for real emotion, he muted it. What should have been anger became mild irritation. What should have been a climactic battle or a riveting scene was just ho hum. And then he kept cutting away from the speaker to show the person being spoken to. That was a really bad technique because it took away any drama from the dialogue. Look I understand that the cast could not work with Singer for multiple reasons and that they were loyal to Kinberg. But you do not entrust this type of film to an untried director with no hint of directorial talent. It was not a bad film or an embarrassing film. Just a film that was going to frustrate its audience by being incredibly bland and just there. Don't know how else to describe it. The end.
  3. That's what I noticed. It was strange. The script would get to the point where you were expecting a bigger reaction or confrontation, and then go flat, underselling it. For example, when Hank confronts Charles after a certain tragedy. It was all oddly muted. One thing I noticed was also how the film was directed. I lost count of the number of times during a conversation that the camera leaves the person speaking and showed the person listening instead. It drained the emotion.
  4. It's decent. Not a bad film at all. But it does not really go anywhere. It does not deliver any real suspense or drama. It just comes and goes. All the actors were good. But actors need a script, a screenplay and proper direction. The movie repeatedly presents scenes where there should be real conflict or real emotion, but backs away immediately. Even the well spoiled death scene is muted and undersold. The audience is left thinking the scene needed more, but that is all on the filmmaking not the acting. If a scene demands an angry confrontation or a big emotion response but the script and director want it to be more muted, more muted is what you are going to get. That is not the actors not caring but just poor filmmaking. The film wastes the cast.
  5. Right. From people trained to treat every average film from their pet universe or studio as great, I have no such delusions. The consensus I'm reading is that of an average film...with a RT in the 20s.
  6. The reviews read like this is an average film, but adding in the critic's preconceptions, anticipation of popular opinion, anticipation of their own consensus, bangwagonism and that all or nothing world of RTs and you get an average film with a horrible film score. It all reads like a ton of goalpost moving, that complaints that can be made against a number of comic book films are getting applied to this one. Guess I will find out.
  7. It was not a great film and was underwritten, but it worked as a sci-fi film. Certainly didn't deserve the critical freak-out.
  8. Joy, Mother!, Passengers and Red Sparrow were all good, interesting films with very strong performances. that make a good filmography. Can't always placate the critics and conform to their expectations, and the film critics and bloggers backlashed Jlaw for the crime of becoming too successful. The same old cycle. As to X-men, it's a good paycheck.
  9. Exactly. They were predisposed to grade the films as just harmless, mindless fun, like a comic book film. Most comic book films are extraordinarily average, a couple of really good ones, and that's it.
  10. If you are a film fan than Mother! was brilliant and Jlaw gave an all-decade performance. But what she does is not stagey but very internalized and natural, so if you are predisposed to overlook it you will because she does not give surface acting cues. Immense natural talent, maybe ironically too talented because not everyone appreciates acting without superficial tics. Back to Dark Phoenix, it is getting average reviews, a pretty decent popcorn film. But then you add the grading curve (both Antman films got RT scores in the 80s, lol) where critics are anticipating popular opinion and their own consensus and and it is getting the score of a bad film. Suddenly they realize it is just a dumb comic book film, and that is suddenly a sin. Again. I anticipate a decent film, nothing more or less.
  11. I just look forward to seeing it. As long as the film is competent, which describes virtually every comic book film; that's fine. The issue with this film is the childish fanboyism and cultism from certain quarters that desperately want this film to fail and have from day one. It skews everything. People were writing the obituaries months in advance.
  12. Someone said the fake love for BP was like people at a Stalin rally not daring to stop clapping least they be sent to a gulag.
  13. I'm looking forward to seeing this. Plus once it runs its course I will not have to read the incessant whining of MCU cultists accusing a film of apostasy or blasphemy or something.
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