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  1. Should I watch Spring (2014) or Reservoir Dogs (what ever year it came out)
  2. I think it sounds.... very interesting actually @Slambros
  3. was gonna make an emma stone joke but apparently her Aloha character was Chinese not Japanese
  4. Out Even if Soul did Inside Out numbers I don't have a whole lot of faith in Onward doing much over 200M
  5. This sounds so legitimately exciting
  6. I have not rhe slighest clue what my Y7 slate will look like
  7. Don't know if it ever got mentioned here but I liked the movie. Third act is kinda dumb and pointless. but everything before that is fun
  8. TBH I'm baffled that the movie is called Toy story 4 and not Forky
  9. I've been here from Forky from the start. he's kinda obviously the hook of the movie. I fuck with forky
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