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  1. Daniel Henney shows up Henney: Let's hear it for the ladies in the house. they've done lots of great work and kicked a lot of ass this year the nominees for Best Actress are Morena Baccarin, Voicemail Allison Brie, The Trapped Keeper Lupita Nyong'o, Children of Eden Yara Shahidi, Thirsty Tessa Thompson, Paradise Island and the winner is...
  3. Carrie Coon comes out Coon: let's hear it for all the sexy leading men on our screens! these dudes lit it up this year The nominees for Best Actor are Adam Driver, Plus One Jesse Eisenberg, The Trapped Keeper Ansel Elgort, The Last Policeman Tom Holland, The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain Quinn Lord, Borrasca and the winner is...
  4. Jon Hamm and Kate McKinnon come onto the stage Hamm: to be part of an ensemble is to be part of a family Mckinnon: to share the screen with the best and balance each other out in the best of ways Hamm: this year we had many good ensemble performances The nominees for Best Ensemble are Borrasca The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain Paradise Island Spark: A Hero's Promise Thirsty and the winner is
  5. Lulu Wang and Barry Jenkins walk on stage Wang: Creating stories from scratch is not an easy process Jenkins: it takes creativity and focus the nominees for Best Original Screenplay are Gateways Most Wanted Man in Great Britain Paradise Island Plus One Thirsty and the winner is...
  6. Suzane Collins and Francis Lawrence come out on stage Collins: as a writer it is intimidating to let someone adapt your work Lawrence: but with a sure hand a the work can be made to fit the big screen in a whole new way the nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay are Borrasca The Last Policeman Mass Effect Ascension Spark: A Hero's Promise Voicemail \and the winner is
  7. Christina Applegate appears Applegate: You don't need to be the lead of a movie to set the screen on fire and these men were absolutely dynamite this year The nominees for Best Supporting Actor Chadwick Boseman, Paradise Island Sam Heughan, The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain Grayson Russel, Borrasca Dan Stevens, Most Wanted Man in Great Britain Karl Urban, Borrasca and the winner is
  8. Jake Gyllenhaal comes on stage Gyllenhaal: supporting characters are necessary to make a complete film. these women stood out among the crowd the nominees for best supporting actress are Annalise Basso, Borrasca Kaitlyn Dever, The Last Policeman Madison Iseman, Thirsty Michelle Pfeiffer, Spark: A Hero's Promise Florence Pugh, The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain and the winner is
  9. Andrew Stanton and Jenifer Yuh Nelson appear on stage Stanton: animation is a wondrful medium that as always allowed me the ability to tell stories most important to me Yuh Nelson: it gives freedom in different ways than live action but it's still a process to put together and a result of love and labor the nominees for Best animated Features are De Blob Duck Hunt Gateways Pikmin Super Mario Brothers
  10. Tom Hanks comes out Hanks: documentaries can often tell facinating stories just like narrative cinema the nominees for Best Documentary Feature are Con Gone Wrong The Girlfriend Hoax Yolanda's Dream for Yogurt and the winner is
  11. Sandra Bullock and Ashton Kutcher walk on stage Bullock: image is as important a part of film as any Kutcher: i sure do like pretty movies the nominees for Best Cinematography are Borrasca Children of Eden The Last Policeman Paradise Island Spark: A Hero's Promise and the winner is
  12. Ryan Gosling and Kumail Nanjiani walk on stage Nanjiani: did you hear I'm ripped now Gosling: no I did not Najiani: damn Gosling: Editing is a tiring process that requires lots of skill Nanjiani: the ability to take footage and craft it into it's final form is no easy task the nominees for best film editing are BORRASCA THE LAST POLICEMAN MASS EFFECT ASCENSION THE MOST WANTED MAN IN GREAT BRITAIN PARADISE ISLAND and the winner is...
  13. Daniel Craig and Ben Foster come out Craig: the power of a voice is something Foster: the ability to lead with just your voice is a true power the nominees Best Lead Voice Performance are Jay Baruchel, Super Mario Brothers Olivia Cooke, Spark: A Hero's Promise Natalia Dyer, XJ-9: Rebirth McKenna Grace, Gateways Oscar Isaac, Super Mario Brothers and the winner is...
  14. Anna Kendrick walks out Kendrick: doing animation can be a lot of fun. I know i sure had fun with it. the medium lends itslef to a wide range of interesting performances the nominees for Supporting Voice actor are Donald Glover, Gateways Anthony Gonzalez, Spark: A Hero's Promise Zoe Kravitz, Super Mario Brothers John Mulaney, Baseball Boy: The Base Thief Zoe Saldana, Fiesta Loca and the winner is
  15. Harry Styles and Ariana Grande come on stage Harry: everyone likes songs Ariana: yep Harry: eveyone likes movies Ariana:mmmmhmmm Harry: put em together and it just Makes sense The nominees are A Light that Leads You Home Home Infinite Fire Opening of the Heart Without Father and the winner is
  16. Chloe x Halle literally set the stage on fire as they perform "Infinite Fire" form Spark: A Hero's Promise
  17. Kenneth Branagh and Yorgos Lanthimos walk on stage Kenneth: Production Design really helps to put the viewer in the world of the film Yorgos: it is hard work and the people who do it should be commended The nominees for Best Production Design are: Children of Eden Mass Effect: Ascension The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain Neon Psalms Spark: A Hero's Promise and the winner is
  18. hasn't the policy been if they have the same number of points they share the win
  19. Auli'i Cravalho comes up on stage and does resounding vocal performance of "Opening of the Heart" from Gateways
  20. Lady Gaga and George Cloony come on stage Gaga: ain't nothing like makeup to make you feel pretty Cloony: god damn I love getting my hair done Gaga: these films really excelled in their use of hair and makeup to bring to life the characters in the film The nominees for Best Makeup and Hairstyling are FACEPAINT FIESTA LOCA MASS EFFECT ASCENSION SHIVERIN' GULCH SPARK: A HERO'S PROMISE and the winner is...
  21. Saoirse Ronan and Timothee Chalamet walk on stage wearing snazzy ass outfits Saorise: you look nice Timmy Timmy: No, you look nice Saoirse *Both Blush* Saorise: anyways we're to notice excellent costuming in film, even if none could look as sexy as Timmy Timothee: Or as stunning as Saorise The nominees for Best Costume Design are THE ANCIENT MAGUS BRIDE AND THE KING OF CATS CHILDREN OF EDEN FIESTA LOCA THE MOST WANTED MAN IN GREAT BRITAIN SPARK: A HERO'S PROMISE and the winner is
  22. Lewis Capaldi comes on stage with his guitar and does an acoustic rendition of his song "A Light That Leads You Home" from Paradise Island
  23. Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams come on stage Rian : sound is an aspect of film that often goes unnoticed JJ: yep Rian: Great sound work deserves to be acknowledged and we're gonna do just that tonight The nominees for best SOund mixing are: CHILDREN OF EDEN GATEWAYS MASS EFFECT ASCENSION SPARK: A HERO'S PROMISE U.S.S SEAWOLF and the winner is: the nominees for best sound editing are BORRASCA GATEWAYS MASS EFFECT SPARK: A HERO'S PROMISE XJ-9:REBIRTH and the winner is:
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