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  1. SOLO WW UNDER 700/BP DOM - 41% "IN" Score

    IN, because I want to.
  2. Monday's Numbers: updated - $4.62M (Final)

    Surely Mr. Cameron has made more than 7 movies?
  3. No way, will make at least 1.3B.
  4. Deadpool 2 WW > Solo WW

    IN. Superheroes are the new Star Wars.
  5. Hmm, where is the "lol, no" option?
  6. I'll take you at your word, never got around to seeing it myself. Will probably not watch the sequel either unless I happen to catch the original on television first. Would personally have assumed it would do about as well as Alice2 compared to Alice1, as it's rare to see someone talking Avatar in the places I frequent. Oh well, will be interesting to follow its box-office when it hits at least!
  7. What's the draw for A2 now that 3D has become common and mundane? Does Cameron have some new breakthrough/gimmick lined up?
  8. The link said the film needs $800M to break even. NOT that it cost $800M and so needs much more to break even.
  9. Tuesday #s Pets be about 15.1M | FD 3.6M

    Is that written down in the rules?

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