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  1. Won't be seeing any more movies this year, so sadly missing Black Widow. Will be waiting for Disney+ to reach my country at some point.
  2. Has anything been revealed giving a reason to care about this movie yet? Personally not that interested in a prequel about a now dead character, would seem better for the MCU to look forward and not backwards.
  3. Pretty good and satisfying ending to the new trilogy, gave me the "right" Star Wars feeling several times, so that's a thumbs up. Will probably not be interested in further movies with (yet) new characters, but shall not completely rule it out.
  4. Probably not, with human nature being what it is. Only thing that would help is some real moderation, I think it's far too lax on this site compared to most forums I've used. Permabans and IP-bans exist for a reason.
  5. I am sorry. For me it lives at least until this movie is seen and rated, after that it's probably done for me too. I doubt I will have any interest in Disney original Star Wars characters in upcoming trilogies and series. But who knows, maybe they will surprise me.
  6. Why even bother to bump this trainwreck anymore? Not that hearing the latest developments is not amusing mind you.
  7. It was basically a re-thread of the first one, so obviously not as fresh and new. Still an enjoyable movie.
  8. Didn't plan to see this movie, but got dragged along anyway. About as tiresome as expected. Quite boggles the mind that it's so popular.
  9. So, I too saw the dectruction of BOM and came here to complain. Is the consensus then that you should use the-numbers now instead? Is there anything you still need to consult the new abomination for?
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