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  1. Yeah, with streaming you can watch much, much more for $20 compared to DVD/BD.
  2. Looks promising. If it turns out as good as Skull Island, I might subscribe to HBO.
  3. Sure, but one month of Disney+ should be a fair bit cheaper than a cinema ticket. (Assuming you wait until it's generally available and not as a premium movie.)
  4. Huh. Is Gibson still up for this? And does anyone want to see him anymore?
  5. If they want more subscribers, why limit the service to US territories?
  6. 73,7 * 7$ = 516m, and that's before taking off all the costs. Running infrastructure for the service is far from free, not to mention production of new items. Also assumes everyone uses the monthly subscription and not the cheaper yearly one.
  7. Looking forward to watching this on Disney+. (Don't think I will return to theaters until Summer 2022 at the earliest)
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