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  1. Will not be able to get past the stink left by JL. OUT
  2. Avatar was a (purportedly) good movie with the right gimmick at the right time. It will be beaten sometime, but not by Avatar 2 and certainly not by this one.
  3. Thomas Beck

    Wednesday's Numbers

    Couldn't they do that directly then instead of bothering with a re-expansion as well?
  4. How does a studio expand the theater count anyway? Do they pay theater owners extra to add showings?
  5. Great increase for Black Panther.
  6. Thomas Beck

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    Black Panther still chugging along! Probably only 2-3 weeks tracking left now?
  7. No need to actually watch them, just have to check if it was directed by Cameron or not.

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