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  1. I am hoping for an increase but at the absolute lower end I could probably accept over 600.
  2. Thomas Beck

    Wednesday's Numbers

    Couldn't they do that directly then instead of bothering with a re-expansion as well?
  3. How does a studio expand the theater count anyway? Do they pay theater owners extra to add showings?
  4. Great increase for Black Panther.
  5. Thomas Beck

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    Black Panther still chugging along! Probably only 2-3 weeks tracking left now?
  6. No need to actually watch them, just have to check if it was directed by Cameron or not.
  7. What hook? They released a few dinosaurs into the "wild" that will realistically die of starvation or be killed relatively quickly.
  8. Kid stuff? I don't remember anything like that from the previous movie. Was it related to the two kids in that? (That were thankfully omitted from this one!)
  9. That not everyone seems to be eagerly awaiting a sequel, but is open to the possibility of it being good.
  10. Only visit well-moderated sub-reddits like /r/AskHistorians/. Better to just ignore the rest.

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