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  1. Honestly, the original Dark Phoenix storyline is a bit overrated and pretty much a product of its time. It has already been done better in other media, like e.g. Dark Willow in Buffy. Not much left here to mine for the MCU.
  2. What's the use of following Endgame anymore? It already got the record and will not have a chance to stay ahead if Avatar gets a re-release.
  3. Of course, both domestic and world-wide, this will be the 3rd movie of the year after Endgame and Frozen II.
  4. Thanos comes from an offshoot of the Eternals based on Titan. All of the well-known Eternals (that will be used in the movie) are Earth-based and have really no connection to Thanos. So no need to mention him.
  5. And remember to share some of that sweet box office with Uncle Tony now!
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