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  1. Game of Thrones picks up 10 Creative Arts Emmys. Gonna be fun watching the meltdowns when that mostly unloved final season inevitably takes home the top prize next Sunday.
  2. Didn't 1917 begin shooting in like May? I doubt they would've fast-tracked it like that if they weren't confident in it being a winner on some level.
  3. Netflix really doesn't have much patience for anything that doesn't immediately have major buzz these days (I suspect most of their buzzy new shows will come from those super expensive Ryan Murphy and Shonda Rhimes deals about to see results, the former beginning in less than two weeks with much-buzzed-about The Politician). Besides, they seem more focused on the movie side at the moment.
  4. I'd say I'm impressed the Disney conspiracy theorists haven't been out in full force claiming that they bought out this award (it's their movie now, after all) but I guess complaining about how woke Twitter/SJWs are out to ruin everything or whatever has replaced that as the in thing these days.
  5. Jojo lives! Definitely what it needed to emerge a strong contender again, even if it's currently difficult to see where its above-the-line support could come from. ScarJo was the winner of TIFF this year. Waves appears dead now. The Farewell is looking to be A24's best bet. Just Mercy also seems to have taken a bit of a hit compared to before the festival as well.
  6. Would love to be proven wrong but having a hard time seeing this do much better than First Man did last year. Seems to be flying under the radar, unfortunately.
  7. Relatively strong hold for IT Chapter Two and a terrific opening for Hustlers (The Goldfinch...well, not so much, to put it nicely). The fall movie season is already off to a great start following an uneven summer and will hopefully continue throughout the holidays, especially considering how much product that's actually appealing is opening between now and the end of the year.
  8. Can't say I'm surprised. More people have time for a nearly three hour long movie on Saturday (and Sunday for that matter).
  9. Spacey was in only one of those movies. And Kidman's presence sure dragged down Aquaman and The Upside within the past year (oh wait...).
  10. I saw Hustlers last night and Lopez is definitely a co-lead performance but I can buy them pushing her into Supporting considering the whole movie is told through the eyes of Wu's main character.
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