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  1. That's one person. Doesn't speak for everyone. FWIW it's selling well for the night shows as well throughout the weekend around here and I think it's safe to say it wouldn't be filling up during hours in which kids aren't out in full force (like they will be for the matinee/evening shows this weekend) if its appeal didn't crossover to adults as well. It's no different than Pixar's sequels.
  2. Nine (which also had Judi Dench in it) flopped massively over the holidays a decade ago this year. This movie seems to oddly have a ton in common with that one in that it should also be a "can't miss" project on paper (Broadway smash, director who previously enjoyed major success in the Broadway-to-film arena, all-star cast that's a mix of award-worthy actors plus a pop star or two), although I doubt it posts numbers that low and misses $20M like that did.
  3. But what about all the Star Wars shows that are gonna have to be cancelled to accommodate the real event of Christmas: CATS! A storm is coming.
  4. Tbh I don't think anyone could've expected the previous Jumanji would go on to make $400M+ even after its 6-day Christmas opening. This just might be a franchise where people just don't rush out on opening weekend.
  5. It would probably need to drop 65%+ in its second weekend for that to happen. Even with Star Wars arriving, I highly doubt that happens. Besides, it's not like January provides a ton of competition looking at the release schedule. What's supposed to be the big movies that month? Dolittle? Bad Boys 3? It's gonna be a really slow month (which will allow holiday holdovers to flourish).
  6. We shall see. This always felt like another IT Chapter Two where it was always gonna see a noticeable drop-off from the previous movie considering what an utterly massive overperformer it was but will make a ton of money regardless.
  7. Given the way the holidays work it could open to $40M+ and still finish with $250-300M. That December 20-January 5 section is gonna be very good to it.
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