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  1. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Ghosted looks like something that's not long for this world. Meanwhile, early reviews indicate the Will & Grace reboot is not only not a disaster but actually pretty good. Consider me happily surprised. I've kinda missed those characters (especially Karen) despite the suckiness of the finale (which it appears they are ignoring).
  2. Tron: Legacy made over $170M and the original Tron was a flop when it came out three decades before (like the original Blade Runner, no less). Duplicating those numbers doesn't seem like a difficult task.
  3. Definitely starting to feel this is headed for an opening similar to Gravity and The Martian (critically-acclaimed sci-fi films that opened in early October in recent years), now it just needs the reviews to seal the deal. I'm not worried about the long running time being a detriment, with so many movies making so little that theaters are eager to ditch them they'll probably book this on multiple screens just to meet possible high demand.
  4. lol half the trailer is spent recapping the first two due to how long it's been since the previous one.
  5. I doubt there would be much interest even if they did. Maybe if they had gotten Julia Roberts to appear.
  6. Flatliners feels like a movie in search of an audience and in the end will find none.
  7. Best Animated Feature - 2017

    Pretty much this. I think if The Simpsons Movie missed despite being both a critical and box office smash, there's really no hope for My Little Pony getting a nomination.
  8. Variety says it'll expand to 75 theaters next weekend before going "wide" on October 6.
  9. $25K from 21 theaters is really good though, and the opening weekend numbers are much higher than what Gifted (another Fox Searchlight title from earlier this year that was more of a mainstream play than an arthouse one) did in 2.5x as many theaters before it went wide. Losing 75% of the PTA would be about a $7-8M weekend, which would be great (and higher than what Flatliners will make in almost twice as many theaters all likelihood).
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if it went even higher to 1,300-400. Theaters have a lot of barely selling movies they're probably eager to get rid of right now.
  11. Battle of the Sexes will be expanding to 1,200 theaters next weekend. http://variety.com/2017/film/news/box-office-kingsman-it-lego-ninjago-friend-request-1202569299/
  12. And will likely continue with American Made and Blade Runner the next two weeks. Happy Death Day might buck the trend, though.
  13. Pretty good opening for Kingsman, not good at all for Ninjago. IT held on pretty well. Thinking $350M+ is in the cards now. American Assassin got boned with Kingsman arriving. mother!'s drop is bad of course but it could've been worse. Home Again has low-key done well. Friend Request got declined, unsurprisingly. Okay-ish start for Stronger but I doubt it expands from here. Also an alright expansion for Brad's Status. Great starts for Battle of the Sexes and Victoria & Abdul. A $25K PTA for the former from 21 theaters makes me think it'll do very well in wide release next week.

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