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  1. B+ Emma. The Invisible Man The Way Back B Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) Onward B- Bad Boys for Life C+ The Gentlemen C- Spenser Confidential
  2. The Last Duel is still set to take the Revenant/Hidden Figures/Post approach of limited Christmas/wide early January though that's probably gonna end up a 2021 release at this point.
  3. Even more surreal in retrospect is that two of the over half-dozen trailers before the movie when seeing it on opening weekend were for movies that are now skipping theaters and going to streaming (Trolls World Tour and the just-banished-to-D+ Artemis Fowl). I just remembered that New Mutants was supposed to finally open this weekend. If theaters reopen by the middle of June (like AMC and now clearly the studios are hoping with all the new release dates set) maybe that'll be one of the sacrificial lambs during those first few weeks when theaters will still be doing social distancing before Tenet (assuming it sticks with that July 17 release date) kicks off Hollywood's abridged summer movie season this year.
  4. Production on all the shows shut down the same time the movies did so it would be safe to bet that WandaVision and Falcon & the Winter Soldier will end up getting pushed back from their planned release dates as well.
  5. Know it's reasonable to question "what is normal these days" but gotta admit it's pretty surreal to open up Disney+ and see the new Pixar joint on there less than a month after seeing it the weekend it opened, even if four weeks ago might as well be four years with everything that's happened since. Disney should be offering a lifetime free pass for the parks to all the families who managed to see Onward in theaters just for being the lucky ones, since it's almost certain to hold the title of lowest-grossing Pixar movie until the end of time.
  6. So now we have Trolls, The Lovebirds, and Artemis Fowl as theatrical releases that are now streaming releases due to COVID-19. Probably not the last ones either. Things like Antebellum or Run Sweetheart Run seem like likely contenders to join them.
  7. They're probably hoping that people will be eager to go out again after a couple of months of cabin fever. I doubt they'll start the promotion up again before June to see if things are better by then.
  8. Maybe but Adrian Lyne's last movie (Unfaithful from almost 20 years ago) was also a summer release and ended up doing pretty well as a counterprogramming attempt against a bunch of summer spectacles (finishing with a total was almost 4x its opening and adjusts to over $80M today) so it wouldn't be much of a surprise if they moved it there, especially since most of November/December movies are gonna end up moving to 2021 in all likelihood anyway.
  9. This doesn't seem like a sign of confidence given that the two week rule means theaters can ditch it on Christmas Day if it flops.
  10. Worst comes to worst they'll just delay them again. They'll wait until June before making that decision though.
  11. FWIW they also didn't give a bunch of 20th Century movies that were delayed (New Mutants, Antlers, The Woman in the Window, David Copperfield) new dates either. Guess they just wanted to get a bunch of their bigger titles that they were already promoting (minus the still-not-yet-delayed Soul) and the MCU movies out of the way first. I'm guessing The Woman in the Window will take the November 13 date from the Ben Affleck/Ana de Armas movie and that moves to summer 2021 as counterprogramming.
  12. They clearly needed something for summer next year besides Cruella and none of their movies that were about to go into production when everything shut down (Shrunk, Peter Pan & Wendy, The Little Mermaid) were gonna be ready so might as well.
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