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  1. Susan Rovner Talks Peacock Plans, Post-Kardashians E! and Future of “Broken” Golden Globes – The Hollywood Reporter
  2. I feel like Paramount is just hoping that everyone who wanted to see A Quiet Place 2 still does and will accept whatever it makes. After all, it was less than 10 days from opening and had spent pretty much the entire marketing budget when the world went into lockdown mode.
  3. I imagine everyone who saw this in early March last year before its release later that month was pulled is still under embargo.
  4. Ah, the dreaded first weekend of the year spot usually reserved for junky horror flicks. Good sign for quality there.
  5. Spiral should make similar numbers to what Jigsaw made in 2017 ($16-17M) but otherwise it's gonna be nothing but dumped flops between now and Memorial Day.
  6. Wrath of Man's sales have been pitiful around here. It looks like something that would've been released in a typical dump spot like Super Bowl weekend and quickly vanished without a trace in normal times. An opening weekend of about half of what The Gentlemen did seems about right.
  7. Sorry Steven, a fan of many of your movies but no. The main takeaway from the ceremony (other than never, ever changing the traditional order of the categories based on who you think will win) is that Soderbergh should never be asked to produce a live event again.
  8. Reports when the announcement that they would be doing simultaneous releases indicated that Disney was pressuring theaters into showing Cruella along with Black Widow so good news for the former being a fully wide release at the end of the month. Also good news for Raya that it will now get the chance to play everywhere, even if it's too little too late (the free release on D+ is a month away).
  9. Disney World has so much exciting stuff planned over the next year to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
  10. Raya's reviews dropped four days before its simultaneous launch so most likely a similar embargo with this.
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