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  1. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    I hope you didn't watch it with your mother! Or Get Out for that matter lol.
  2. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Please, he would've seen it 30 times instead of four.
  3. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Only movies I've seen in theaters more than once in the past few years are Dunkirk, La La Land, The Force Awakens, The Lego Movie, and Gravity.
  4. Don't worry, we'll give it the love it was wrongfully snubbed of. Oh wait...
  5. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    I know. It should be illegal to post gifs of a female having so much fun that much.
  6. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Han must be so triggered right now.
  7. It was actually one of the better movies in the "found footage" genre. No easy feat considering how littered with bad movies that particular genre is (or was, since it's now passé).
  8. That's not how box office works. Had it opened in limited release, the toxic WOM would've spread quicker and killed any chances of it even reaching a $5M total.
  9. Unfriended had like $30M+ trailer views and ended up not making a dent at the box office. Granted, the trailer for it was clickbait of the highest order.
  10. Paramount tried the best they could to sell a hard-to-sell movie to the public with mother! and make as much money off of it as they possibly could. Audiences just violently rejected it. End of.
  11. You're aware half or more of those are generated by feeds that automatically play when you scroll past, right?
  12. For every IT, you have a no1curr like Unfriended. It's never been a reliable way of gauging potential.
  13. That movie was a total freak of nature that extended back to when that clown hysteria was happening the previous fall (which a lot of people actually thought that was a marketing ploy for the movie), so no.
  14. Trailer views will always be a useless way of measuring box office potential.
  15. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Clearly Black Panther needed a chase scene in a U-Haul like in Roman J. Israel, Esq.

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