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  1. I predict this will go about as well as those attempts to "remake" The Last Jedi (aka not at all). The only way we'll ever get an alternate version of this season is if (key word being "if") Martin ever publishes the last two books and they're drastically different from the series.
  2. For real. There's bound to be a snub in the Limited Series this year with how packed it is.
  3. I contemplated watching Ozark back when it premiered but dunno, never got around to it. Get the feeling I'm not missing much. And I would just advise against checking out season 5 of Arrested Development at all, the first half was so painful that I'll never get around to watching the second.
  4. It still surprises me that they're not dropping it this month anyway when Millie Bobby Brown is already doing the press rounds for Godzilla.
  5. Yeah, everybody, even the most pessimistic, thought the GOT final season would be a total slam dunk until the reality kicked in. Although who knows, maybe if it had competition it still would've won. The Emmys are lazy like that.
  6. Those won't be in contention since they land past the deadline (June 1).
  7. Curious to see if this still wins the Drama Emmy this year since the backlash has become too big to ignore. Though it really doesn't have much in the way of competition so it wouldn't surprise me if they went "here's your last reward, now be gone" anyway.
  8. Antonio Banderas nabbing a later career Oscar nom is something I can get behind. Should help that he has some industry goodwill right now with his Emmy and SAG noms for Genius: Picasso.
  9. Don't tempt the Star Wars fanatics. They be like: But yeah, ready for the drama of tonight cause I already knew there was no pleasing everyone given the nature of this show to begin with even before the season aired.
  10. Time flies. We're now 10 days away from Up's 10th anniversary too.
  11. Do the mods plan on moving the GOT thread here to let the inevitable chaos of tomorrow night unfold lol?
  12. I'm just saying, this movie is definitely gonna go down as of the bigger overpredictions. Perhaps even bigger than Mary Poppins Returns (at least one person thought it would impact Endgame without irony but then said person stans anything WB in the first place).
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