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  1. I'm so (not) looking forward to these arguments dominating every weekend thread for the next 19 months.
  2. I have Adrift doing $12M next weekend which will probably lead to about $35-40M total at best. Hoping for more but unfortunately doesn't appear likely.
  3. They go after any movie that seems "progressive," Star Wars is hardly the first movie to be the victim of this. Hell, they probably went after The Shape of Water as well for making the heroes of the movie a mute woman, a gay man, and a black woman while making the hard-working straight white man the villain.
  4. Not enough to undo the damage with the previous three Star Wars movies being about either Daisy Ridley or Felicity Jones I'm afraid. I think we all know (at least I hope so) that there's a difference between "I don't like the new Star Wars because they're mediocre" and "I don't like the new Star Wars movies cause women, blacks and other minorities ruin everything."
  5. Another one of these stupid phrases made in an attempt to boycott Star Wars no longer being a "straight white male" franchise or whatever. Because we all know that straight white males are the real oppressed group despite Hollywood catering to them since the invention of the industry. The Internet makes me so embarrassed sometimes.
  6. This is gonna get pushed back. Maybe to September to see if they can ride some of the goodwill of Anne Hathaway's supposedly scene-stealing performance in Ocean's 8.
  7. When BOT hears that a too-big-to-fail blockbuster in fact failed:
  8. Imagine if Ansolo had ended up in this (since he was apparently one of the top contenders for the role until they decided to go with Alden). BOT would be in ashes right now.
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure where the Justice League comparisons are coming from. That movie was supposed to be arguably the most important film of the DCEU and whiffed it. The news of a young Han Solo origin film was greeted with a reaction of "...but why?" from the moment it was announced and it stuck all the way to the end.
  10. Adrift: $12M Action Point: $6M Upgrade: $4M
  11. The movies they've been putting on this weekend would have underperformed/flopped anywhere.
  12. Disney will likely mostly market it to small children (look at that cute baby elephant!) and families so yeah, it'll likely make a killing.
  13. Disney's kept the ride around since the parks opened so yes, it's still considered a big part of Disney history.
  14. Too early to say aside from "not as big as Beauty and the Beast '17 or The Lion King opening two months after it."

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