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  1. Ratings are going to be in the dumps for all awards shows this year. There will be no red carpets, no star-filled gatherings, there's zero movies that have truly tapped into the zeitgeist. All they can do is salvage the ceremony as much as they can and hope that by the time 2022 gets here things will be mostly back to normal.
  2. Furthermore, recent Guadagnino lead Jack Dylan Grazer from We Are Who We Are (and who played the young Timmy in Beautiful Boy) is the voice of one of the leads. Guadagnino Power at work! This looks great btw.
  3. So much for this being the year without movies heh.
  4. Guessing they renegotiated the licensing terms on some of these. A Quiet Place was likely the easiest one for the "45 day" deal since all of its marketing money for its original March release date last year went down the drain.
  5. I'm surprised it's this getting the "Paramount+ after 45 days" treatment and not Top Gun 2 when the latter is currently set to open over 4 months before this (and has already released a bunch of promotional material, unlike this). Cruise must have one heck of a contract for that movie.
  6. Last minute addition to the release schedule.
  7. More presenters announced: Anthony Anderson Kevin Bacon Sterling K. Brown Michael Douglas Tiffany Haddish Bryce Dallas Howard Kate Hudson Christopher Meloni Rosie Perez Margot Robbie Kyra Sedgwick Christian Slater Kenan Thompson Susan Kelechi Watson Catherine Zeta-Jones Golden Globes 2021: 4th slate of ceremony presenters announced - GoldDerby
  8. Report came out yesterday that trailer views for it in its first day were much higher than they were for similar titles like Aladdin and Maleficent 2 heh. In a normal world it would be tempting to warn everyone about underestimating the combined power of King Mickey and Queen Stone at their own peril.
  9. Cruella is currently set for Memorial Day weekend and is clearly getting some sort of theatrical release even if it's a hybrid one, so they won't move it to there. Ideally A Quiet Place 2 would be the perfect movie to test the waters since it's not super expensive and was less than 10 days from opening when the world fell apart, but I doubt they'll movie it back in that April spot. Maybe it'll be Free Guy assuming it sticks with its current mid-May date.
  10. Nobody just moved up a week (although that also gets it out of the way from going up against Godzilla vs. Kong) so I wonder if we're about to see a wave of titles move up their dates with the news (albeit ones that wouldn't result in packed auditoriums meaning nothing like Black Widow). Peter Rabbit 2 seems like a good candidate to return back to that Easter weekend since it was weeks from opening when everything shut down last year.
  11. Fixed that for ya. I think that's the only movie set to come out the next two months that isn't doing a hybrid release lol.
  12. BTW even if theaters in those states are set to reopen in late March/early April that still won't be enough for Disney/Universal to avoid blinking back again due to marketing hurdles, even if it's a slight delay. Still thinking Black Widow goes to early July and causing Top Gun 2 and Minions 2 to head off to the holiday spots currently taken by Mission: Impossible 7 and Sing 2 (while those head off to next summer) as the first movie since the pandemic started (not counting Tenet's efforts in trying to start-up the marketplace again to no avail) to receive a major-ish marketing push.
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