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  1. I dunno, the other day it became official that the final cut has been delivered and will definitely be R. Plus I imagine Elton would take issue if they tried to sanitize it considering the whole project was made with his blessing. This was never making Bohemian Rhapsody money anyway.
  2. Without any footage to go on I think the advantage this has over Blade Runner 2049 in terms of financial success is that it's basically gonna be sold as an original thing, whereas that movie was clearly a sequel to a movie that was always a cult hit at best after flopping upon release (which was back when the sequel's star was still in diapers). WB giving this the weekend before Thanksgiving launch certainly seems like a big sign of confidence, especially when the only major competition is currently The Eternals (which will be big but whether it'll be another Captain Marvel or another Doctor Strange remains to be seen) and a currently under wraps animated Disney movie (there's also a Dwayne Johnson action movie that month but as Baywatch and Skyscraper just showed, he's not infallible).
  3. Did they not bother to release the numbers for the Cruel Intentions re-release or did literally no one show up (I'd believe it lol)?
  4. If this really is 3 hours long then RIP other movies that weekend (not that they were going to be selling anything to begin with). Movie would be taking up all 20 screens at my theater after 4:00.
  5. filmlover

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    BTW the trailer for Ma killed before my showing of Us over the weekend. Octavia is coming for that surprise worldwide hit next! "Don't make me drink alone. Don't make me drink allloooonnnnneeeee!"
  6. filmlover

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I guess but it's already more than tripled the overseas gross of Hidden Figures (and surpassed that movie's total worldwide by a lot despite its U.S. total being half) just two years prior. Those China numbers are truly unexplainable lol.
  7. Yeah, I definitely got the impression that she repressed it and it all eventually came back to her.
  8. filmlover

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    They need to fix the Best Actor category the most. DDL, Leo (that year's line-up was especially pathetic in retrospect. Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl?!), and Casey Affleck aside, it's been a really weak roster of winners this decade.
  9. I highly doubt there is anyone on the fence as to whether or not they would want to see a live-action Dora the Explorer movie who isn't already a fan of the property tbh. This could get a 90%+ RT score and I would still have zero desire to see it.
  10. filmlover

    Most Anticipated May Movie

    1. Booksmart 2. Rocketman 3. Long Shot 4. Ma 5. Aladdin/Godzilla
  11. filmlover

    Most Anticipated May Movie

    Figured might as well. Ad Astra is not in the poll because it's obviously not coming out in May.
  12. filmlover

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Green Book's overseas performance (it'll be crossing $300M worldwide soon) has to be much more baffling than its Oscar glory and that's saying something.
  13. Tele thinking a live-action Dora the Explorer movie looks good feels like one of the Biblical signs of the Apocalypse. (haven't watched the trailer because this movie definitely isn't for me at all so I have no stake in this fight)
  14. Moss said during the scene on the beach that she had work done on her face, so I saw her doppelganger cutting herself as an act of reflecting her insecurity about her looks. Also agreed on Heidecker. The moment before they were killed where she was all "there's someone out there I'm scared please check" and he was like "I'm...busy (resting in my chair)" was also accurate.

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