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  1. I saw an ad for Tenet tonight that said "Only In Theaters August 12." Gotta admire their confidence, at least.
  2. Don't know if they'll try to compete for Oscars but this is sure to happen. Already mentioned in the other thread that it was confirmed there's an original cast recording of The Book of Mormon (which, like Hamilton, is another super popular musical that jumpstarted a bunch of movie/TV careers) shot back in 2011 that will surely spark a bidding war to release it. If there is a recording of the original Broadway run from 2003 maybe there's a shot of Wicked being released, especially now that the movie adaptation seems to have been put on the backburner again.
  3. But let's reopen the schools next month anyway! DeShitis is an embarrassment to this state.
  4. Such is the power of Hamilton. After finally watching it via this filmed recording, it's understandable. LMM has apparently also said that he's not keen on an actual movie adaptation, so this might very well be it as far as this property ever having a shot at Oscar love is concerned. After watching it it's easy to see where those concerns come from, not sure how they would be able to pull this off (not to mention there's probably trepidation going around about which plays can translate to the screen and which ones can't in a post-Cats world).
  5. Oh well, guess it'll clean up at the Emmys then.
  6. lol would anyone expect anything but a sensationalistic approach from a Ryan Murphy production?
  7. A Hamilton A- Da 5 Bloods B+ Emma. The Invisible Man The Way Back B Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) The High Note The King of Staten Island Onward B- Bad Boys for Life C+ The Gentlemen The Lovebirds C Extraction Scoob! C- Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga D+ Spenser Confidential D Artemis Fowl
  8. I didn't see it. Although it's looking like it might go down as one of the 10 biggest movies of the year thanks to opening at the beginning of the year before the pandemic wiped everything out. Congrats to KStew for finally scoring a win (of sorts)!
  9. Whenever Disney cut back on the Touchstone label it was around the same time they renamed Pleasure Island to Disney Springs and closed all of the night clubs so it seems safe to assume they were just going through a complete image restructuring at the time (too bad it took about another decade for them to finally ban smoking from the parks). They also made that deal with DreamWorks for live-action movies as a replacement, but it ended up being a not very successful one, as four Best Picture nominees clearly weren't enough to make up for all the bombs they produced otherwise (they almost released Ghost in the Shell until the deal expired and it switched studios, and I imagine they were happy to have dodged that bullet). They also had no problem cutting their ties with Jerry Bruckheimer following a series of pricey flops as well. The Fox deal has so far produced duds that were leftovers from the previous studio regime but Ford v Ferrari ended up being a big win for them so looking at their upcoming slate they'll likely continue producing movies with a focus on quality over quantity (few tears will be shed if the Underwaters and the Stubers of the world disappear). Although who knows if anything other than tentpoles will be produced by any studio in the post-COVID era for a while.
  10. I expect by the middle of the week they'll announce the opening is delayed. No use when Disneyland is still closed for the foreseeable future and the cases rising to absurd heights here.
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