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  1. Disney's also bringing a special sneak peek to Disneyland and Hollywood Studios and on Disney Cruise Line starting February 7.
  2. Sundance happening right now and early reactions are coming in for Brenda Chapman's live-action directorial debut Come Away, a Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland origin story with Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo. Exactly how many Peter Pan projects are there in the pipeline right now? We got this and Benh Zeitlin's Wendy both premiering there and I think Peacock/NBC/whoever announced they've got a series in development too. And of course Disney's now getting ready to film their live-action remake (David Lowery's Peter & Wendy) in a few months for a likely release next year. Seems like everyone's catching the Neverland bug these days.
  3. Holdovers are looking to benefit from nothing of note opening this weekend despite last weekend being an extended holiday frame. Imagine it'll be the same next weekend despite the Super Bowl on Sunday.
  4. Yeah, I believe so, right as Kate Hudson ditches her big outdoor wedding to be with Liv Tyler. Odd movie but also boring.
  5. Been a while since I saw it but the last scene in Dr. T & the Women (which I remember being an extremely boring movie otherwise) is a graphic depiction of an actual birth (with a close-up shot of the baby coming out and everything). In retrospect it's probably understandable why audiences in 2000 gave it an F on the way out lol. Lost Souls was one of those terrible movies Winona Ryder found herself in while her star was fading even before her scandal. Lucky Numbers: between that and Battlefield Earth, let's just say it wasn't a good year for John Travolta.
  6. Horror is having a rough moment at this time but that's more due to the titles themselves being unappealing, especially the January dumps that were left for dead. The Invisible Man and A Quiet Place Part II coming up over the next two months look infinitely better than any of these movies and the money they make will reflect that.
  7. March 2021 does seem dead at the moment and this sounds like the kind of project that would work better in that month than around the holidays so this is a good move.
  8. How dare you diminish the accomplishments of the first tree to ever get nominated for any Oscar (let alone two), Panda!
  9. Next she's gonna watch 1917 and proclaim that "the guy who played Elton John in Rocketman (Taron George MacKay or Dean-Charles Chapman apparently, take your pick) was much better here." @DAJK
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