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  1. Looks like Netflix is sorta testing the theatrical waters wherever they are open because Christmas Chronicles 2 is opening at some Cinemark locations today while Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and The Prom are up on their website under the "Coming Soon" section. Maybe this will be the start of a deal once the dust settles. The Christmas Chronicles 2 Movie Tickets & Showtimes | Cinemark Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (cinemark.com) The Prom Movie Tickets & Showtimes | Cinemark
  2. I imagine before they take Thanksgiving weekend off Universal/Focus will announce that News of the World and Promising Young Woman will bypass their Christmas Day theatrical releases completely and will be put out on PVOD so they can still qualify for awards.
  3. A- Da 5 Bloods Hamilton B+ The Boys in the Band Emma. Enola Holmes The Invisible Man The Outpost Palm Springs The Trial of the Chicago 7 The Way Back B Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Greyhound The King of Staten Island Mulan The Old Guard Onward Run Tenet B- Bad Boys for Life Bill & Ted Face the Music The High Note The Hunt I'm Thinking of Ending Things C+ An American Pickle The Gentlemen The Lovebirds C Extraction Scoob! The Witches C- Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Project Power D+ Spenser Confidential D Artemis Fowl
  4. The original Top Gun is seen as pure 80s cheese these days but there's enough interest in a 30+ years later sequel to ensure that it's in no way doing just $50M total (especially if it ends up good, which it might given the cast and crew involved) unless moviegoing is still still struggling by then. A total in the $125-145M range sounds about right.
  5. The Universal movies (The Croods 2, All My Life, News of the World, Promising Young Woman) coming up will probably keep box office reporting alive as long as 1,000+ theaters are still open unless they just close completely close up across the country again and all of said movies will just pivot to PVOD. The Croods 2 won't even make 1/10th of the first movie's $180M+ total at this point. Depressing times.
  6. 1 (1) Freaky Universal $1,220,000 -66% 2,057 -415 $593 $5,592,295 2 2 (3) The War with Grandpa 101 Studios $733,067 -44% 1,688 -457 $434 $16,183,368 7 3 (2) Let Him Go Focus Fea… $710,000 -59% 1,907 -551 $372 $7,929,300 3 4 (4) Come Play Focus Fea… $550,000 -49% 1,364 -602 $403 $8,054,665 4 5 (-) The Santa Clause Walt Disney $461,000 1,581 $292 $145,294,357 1,359 6 N Vanguard Gravitas … $400,000 1,375 $291 $400,000 1 - N Buddy Games Paramount… $140,000 401 $349 $140,000 1 - (7) Guardians of the Galaxy Walt Disney $136,000 -67% 815 -745 $167 $333,714,112 330 The Numbers - Weekend Box Office Chart for November 20, 2020 (the-numbers.com)
  7. Not when they've already lost a ton of money for multiple marketing campaigns (first from earlier this year, second from later in the year when WB was optimistic about the box office chances for this and Tenet, the actual release of the latter ending up a costly mistake) that ended up going down the drain as well. It's too bad they didn't decide to wait any longer for this to have a chance at making theatrical money, but it's easy to see why they gave up.
  8. This decision has zero to do with the quality of the movie, it's entirely because it has turned into a write-off at this point (same problem that befell Tenet by the time it opened as well). The marketing blitz began earlier this year before the pandemic with billboards and everything while various merchandise/licensing tie-ins have been released throughout the year as the release date continued to be pushed back (COVID has completely messed up licensing deals in general). It's all lost money at this point, so might as well just take the L and call it a day.
  9. FWIW it's been discussed elsewhere but the likely reason why Jungle Cruise hasn't gone to D+ is because it would require completely renegotiating Dwayne Johnson's deal for the movie to make that happen (meaning they would have to pay him two full salaries). Was perhaps telling why they had no problem moving it back an entire year during the release date shuffle earlier this year while the other 2020 Disney branded titles were moved around (before eventually abandoning theatrical releases).
  10. Sounds about right. Might even go sub-$25M total quite easily if most of the country has closed back up by the time Christmas Day gets here.
  11. Yeah, they can't make people avoid gathering with their families in their homes for the holidays. They just need to hope that everyone will use good judgement (which unfortunately a lot of people won't because "it's a free country" blah blah blah).
  12. Even if this were a normal release opening on Christmas Day like it was a few days ago, it wouldn't make Birds of Prey numbers given the current circumstances (which are only looking to get much worse in the weeks ahead with two major holidays coming up and a lot of families unlikely to listen to the warnings). There's also the issue that theaters need customers to show up, and that's not happening right now as daily case numbers (and even deaths) approach scary new heights each day. Studios also can't sell movies either when the current situation means they don't how many theaters across the country will be open in the weeks ahead (and only 3 states being unlikely to close again isn't enough for them to put a $200M tentpole out there unless they're also making it available for home viewing).
  13. All depends on movie reception now. If reviews are similar or not far off from the first one, they'll just assume this would've been a massive hit and go forward with another while writing its run off as one of COVID's growing number of movie victims (had they gone forward with the theatrical only release on Christmas as planned it would've bombed even harder than Tenet did back when things were semi-optimistic). A Wonder Woman 3 is another 3-4 years away regardless.
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