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  1. I think Gravity wasn't seen in IMAX when it opened the festival five years ago as well and that didn't stop it from receiving total raves. If the movie is of quality, the formatting won't matter.
  2. At least we'll always have Kitschface's nothing role in that Wolverine movie everybody wishes to forget.
  3. filmlover

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    The movie industry in general is in a much different place now than it was 10 years ago (when it was still recovering from the aftermath of the WGA strike), though unquestionably in a better one in a few areas. Recently I was reading an interview on Vulture with Evan Rachel Wood and Julie Taymor reflecting on Across the Universe done to coincide with its return to theaters for a few days at the end of this month and the reason Revolution Studios quarreled with Taymor on the film (and what ultimately led to the film being dumped after she won final cut approval, which happened after her name had already been unfairly smeared by the press) is that not only it was deemed "too long" (at nearly 2:15 - this from an industry that thought that same year a nearly three-hour long Pirates of the Caribbean film was A-OK), but they wanted to reduce all of the non-white characters in the film to virtually no screentime at all. And this was just 11 years ago. That shit would never fly in today's environment.
  4. This was going to flop horribly had it stayed in that August 3 spot so this move is certainly a better one. Movie's not gonna light the world on fire either way but it should do respectable business.
  5. filmlover

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I do kinda miss the days when comic book movies told pretty self-contained stories and didn't have to worry about where they fit in a much larger universe. The Dark Knight trilogy probably wouldn't get the greenlight in today's climate unless they had a proposition of like 15 movies to go along with them.
  6. filmlover

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    @Pandamia! @That One Guy you'll both be happy to know that I just bought 4 tickets for Mamma Mia on Saturday and have done my part. You're welcome.
  7. Box Office weekend forecast: Mamma Mia: $38M Equalizer: $28.5M https://pro.boxoffice.com/weekend-forecast-equalizer-2-mamma-mia-go/
  8. This getting an R rating would honestly make it a more interesting project.
  9. I've actually been seeing plenty of TV spots for this. Probably won't do as well as Sorry to Bother You did but hoping for the best both this weekend and next when it goes "wide."
  10. Last few films to open there this decade: Black Swan The Ides of March The Reluctant Fundamentalist Gravity Birdman Everest La La Land Downsizing Reluctant Fundamentalist and Downsizing aside, that would certainly bode well.
  11. lol yep, this is being dumped alright.
  12. It is, but with zero promotion. The original movie's run is about to look like Black Panther in comparison.
  13. The Post is definitely a movie that feels like it would've killed at the box office had it been released about 15-20 years ago.
  14. Now a wide release on September 14. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/schedule/?view=changes&p=.htm

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