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  1. This actually looks much better than I expected it to. Would be nice to see Lopez in a well-reviewed movie again.
  2. Nothing will EVER beat @Plain Old Tele's Blackhat $100M+ in China club in famously bad BOT clubs no matter how hard they try.
  3. @captainwondyful he's coming for that Netflix smash. Watch out, Adam Sandler.
  4. All Ad Astra needs is Oracle Taika's approval and it's good to go. Fact.
  5. Not really for Ad Astra? It's opening in the same spot that Pitt's Moneyball did in 2011 and would likely be opening the first weekend of October like Gravity/The Martian/Blade Runner 2049 did if Joker hadn't already claimed that date.
  6. I checked in the thread for the new Bond movie the other day to see what the responses were to that rumor that is obvious clickbait without even a frame of footage or a title yet. Only took a quick glimpse but can't say what I saw wasn't unexpected.
  7. We've been discussing it in the Classic Convo thread. Pretty sure the mods will be re-opening it soon but will have the ban hammers ready for those seeking to cause trouble and nothing more.
  8. Or circle any movie that gives a minority the spotlight, really. Sometimes I think some people come here thinking this is the Fox News forum or something.
  9. Unsurprising after that person on some other website first disclosed the Halle Bailey news and said he was Eric. @DeeCee @grim22 time to reopen the thread (with rules for those who can't help being trolls).
  10. Something tells me that Bingo card (please share it once the weekend thread opens lmao) will be completely filled out by the end weekend.
  11. Honestly might be in everyone's best interest if Detective Pikachu's pre-release predictions were completely forgotten lol.
  12. I'd almost say it's too bad HBO didn't premiere Big Little Lies before the deadline after the switch from Limited to Drama was made to take advantage of the GOT backlash but after the recent Andrea Arnold drama that's come to light that was probably for the best. As it is I'm not expecting it to get much more than a handful of nominations considering it'll be almost a year since it ended the next time the deadline comes around, the buzz/reception isn't nearly as high as it was for the first season, and other and newer shows will have completely overshadowed it by then.
  13. Also all the love for When They See Us (8 acting noms, and likely would've been a 9th for Felicity Huffman if not for...well, ya know) reminds me I still have to watch it. That'll be next once I'm done with Russian Doll.
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