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  1. Honestly some of the reactions to this make it sound like it answers the question of "what would The Avengers have been like had there been no Phase 1 and that movie had to cram everyone's origin story into one 2.5 hour film?" 10 new major characters or more becomes a lot of mouths that need to be fed.
  2. Peter Farrelly will be ruling the Oscar race again next year with the Zac Efron/Russell Crowe/Bill Murray movie that will do for beer brands what Green Book did for KFC.
  3. Looking around it does appear that Dune is holding onto most PLF screens this weekend with the notable exception of AMC Dolby (which Soho is taking over completely and is crushing its regular showtimes in ticket sales). The only PLF screens My Hero Academia is getting are at theaters that have more than one giant screen, though one has to imagine it's in areas where it would do the best anyway.
  4. Icons Villeneuve and Chalamet: The True Saviors of Cinema.
  5. I've seen a flurry of ads for it these past few weeks across TV. If it underperforms, it certainly won't be due to lack of marketing.
  6. @Eric Atreides you'll also be pleased to know that while I was waiting in line for the IMAX to start letting people in this girl a couple of spots in front of me was talking out loud about about how much she was excited to see this just for Timothee. Between that and both this and The French Dispatch conquering the box office on the same weekend you have officially won!
  7. I also saw this in true IMAX over the weekend and can't recall the last movie that was a total Big Screen Experience that deserved the overhype as much as this one does. Honestly feel sad for anyone who even thinks about first experiencing this on an iPhone screen.
  8. Also FYI we all know the actor who will really be making The Big Comeback this decade is going to be Brendan Fraser (already has collaborations with Scorsese, Soderbergh, Aronofsky + the villain in Batgirl) and anyone who says otherwise gets an automatic "I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it."
  9. It's because your argument makes absolutely no sense. How is someone who headlined a $150M+ blockbuster followed by a movie that nearly made $100M right after it (even if the latter's large budget made it unprofitable) within the last five years with multiple memorable heartthrob types of roles throughout his career (The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love, previously mentioned La La Land) and is widely considered one of the best actors today not a name that would get audiences excited but someone whose career was fading into obscurity 15 years ago following a short period where he was lucky to land s
  10. Normally my reaction would be "you have an Oscar, why are you wasting your time with a gig like this Brie?" but then I remembered...King Mickey to everyone in Hollywood:
  11. Just looked up that Baumbach was actually co-writer for Madagascar 3 (along with Fantastic Mr. Fox alongside Wes), so he's not a novice to kid cinema either.
  12. Gerwig's previous movie was the PG-rated Little Women. Clearly she is fully capable of working in the family-friendly arena.
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