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  1. This always looked like it was a better fit for January than it was for prime summer or fall dates so this new date suits it well. Expect they'll eventually move it up a week for the 4-day holiday weekend.
  2. At this point everyone is taking the "better safe than sorry" approach and hoping that things will have greatly improved by the fall (and can move up if it happens sooner). After this and the Sony delays yesterday Universal will likely announce new dates for Fast 9 and Minions today. Expect Paramount to announce a new date for A Quiet Place as well.
  3. Unless it pivots to a simultaneous home release, Top Gun 2 will likely end up moving to Mission: Impossible's November 19 date (while that heads off 2022) so there likely won't be any spy franchise overlap.
  4. Same date as Morbius so wonder where that's moving to now. That and Venom 2 are the only movies that weren't pushed back in the Sony delay onslaught just now I think.
  5. Moves to April 2. ‘No Time To Die’ Moves To October; Universal To Open ‘Nobody’ Over Easter – Deadline
  6. Well, the spring box office is pretty much gone two years in a row now outside of movies that will be doing simultaneous releases. I'm guessing Wright was adamant this get a theatrical release first over a "theaters for a few weeks followed by PVOD" run.
  7. And now April is starting to fall apart. It probably won't be until early March until we start seeing May release date delays depending on how things look by then.
  8. This feud will last about as long as Soderbergh's "retirement" did if not less. He'll be back with them after making his next movie elsewhere (hopefully his next movie will also see him returning to making something like Memento or The Prestige again).
  9. Pretty sure it was confirmed all studios will be sitting out on the Super Bowl this year (among other big name companies like Coke and Pepsi that are also not participating).
  10. 80s franchise revivals have had it rough at the box office recently (Ghostbusters '16, Terminator sequels with Arnold) and the overseas prospects for this were probably always 50/50 (especially with no Cruise promo tours in the current global situation) so of all the delayed tentpoles that haven't already changed their release plans this one makes the most sense if they go that route and want to give Paramount+ something major out the gate.
  11. Not as crazy about this as a lot of people are, as some of the tone shifts are a bit jarring at times, but this is definitely a well-made thriller that is very timely and offers a fresh take on the revenge tale. This is easily the best role Carey Mulligan has played since her breakout in An Education, as she makes Cassandra a force of nature you don't want to be caught in the crosshairs of. She's surrounded by an excellent ensemble cast in which even the small roles are played by notable actors, with Bo "Eighth Grade" Burnham being the standout. An intriguing feature debut from Emerald Fennell that makes one look forward to her future movies. B+
  12. Really good, and would've been a great experience on the big screen. Paul Greengrass tones done his more hyperactive techniques here (which makes sense since Bourne-style shaky-cam wouldn't fit with an old-fashioned Western), and in the process has created a compelling entry that stands out in the genre thanks to a beating heart at its core. There's really no actor who can play a warm father figure better than Tom Hanks, and he once again brings layers of humanity to a by-the-numbers part and develops a strong bond with young Helena Zengel. I hope Greengrass and Hanks continue to collaborate after Captain Phillips and now this. B+
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